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This famous site where many films and TV programmes have been filmed is loved by all tourists. Book Eltham Palace tickets.

Explore Eltham Palace In Greenwich! Buy Your Tickets Now

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Once a childhood home of Henry VIII and a favoured medieval palace, Eltham Palace is quite popular among visitors and both Eltham Palace and its gardens have been turned into a striking Art déco mansion Stephen and Virginia Courtauld have transformed this medieval Eltham Palace into something that tourists love and can learn a lot from. Filled with state-of-the-art technology from the '30s, Eltham Palace gives you a glimpse of the modern home of the two millionaires and their extravagant lifestyle. The garden area takes up a whopping 19 ac (7.7 ha) and has won numerous awards for its stunning landscaping. They are the perfect blend of medieval time and the '30s. The oldest working bridge over the picturesque moat in London is located here. Explore this unique Art déco mansion set in the medieval time and feel the rush of modern life mixed with that of a time long ago. Check out the medieval Great Hall, the fragrant rose garden, and the peaceful rock garden in the striking and captivating grounds of Eltham Palace. Book your Eltham Palace tickets and check out this amazing mix of historical features located in London.

About Eltham Palace

What is Eltham Palace?

This large house found in Eltham in south London is one to watch out for. Eltham Palace and its stunning gardens are located within the Royal Borough of Greenwich. Eltham Palace consists of a medieval Great Hall that was once occupied by a person with royal heritage. Today, the Great Hall has a distinct look and feel owing to its Art déco extension that was added during the '30s. It's roof is considered to be the third-largest in England and even the house's Art déco interior is considered as a wonder of modern design. Eltham House is now managed by English Heritage and is owned by the Crown Estate. English Heritage took the responsibility for the site in 1995, however, the organisation first started looking after the Great Hall in 1984.

Anthony Bek, the Bishop of Durham, gave the original palace to Edward II in 1305. It was then used as a royal palace from the 14th century to the 16th century. The house was the favourite palace of Henry IV, and even Tudor courts used Eltham Palace and its gardens for their celebrations. However, as the Greenwich Palace was built, Eltham Palace became less visited, but still a favourite for many. The house also hosted the only Byzantine emperor to visit England, Manuel II Palaiologos from December 1400 to mid-February 1401.

Henry VIII grew up in the palace with his two sisters and elder brother. When he became king, he extended Eltham Palace with a new tiltyard for jousting and some new rooms, and a new chapel. It was in 1936 when the present Eltham Palace was built.

The present house on the site was constructed in the '30s and takes the Great Hall under its construction. The hall has the third-largest hammer-beam roof in the country. You will also find the bridge made in the 15th century still crossing the moat into Eltham Palace and the garden grounds. It was in 1933 that Stephen Courtauld and Virginia Courtauld took possession of the palace site on a 99-year lease and employed Seely & Paget to restore the hall and attach a stylish and modern home to the palace. They designed the house taking ideas from the work of Christopher Wren at Hampton Court Palace and Trinity College, Cambridge. They used Art déco style for the interiors while Swedish designer Rolf Engströmer created the entrance hall. Italian designer Piero Malacrida de Saint-August designed the drawing-room, dining room, and Virginia Courtauld's circular bedroom and adjoining bathroom. All other bedrooms were designed by Seely & Paget. The Courtaulds even upgraded the gardens and the rest of the grounds.

There have been numerous films and TV programmes shot at Eltham Palace and gardens, including Netflix's 'The Crown'.

What can I learn at Eltham Palace?

Eltham Palace and gardens was a medieval palace at first and then became a Tudor royal residence. It was later acquired by millionaires Stephen and Virginia and turned into a stylish house with '30s design and medieval structure. They stayed at Eltham for most of the Second World War and went to the basement during air raids, as they had constructed a comfortable bomb shelter there. The year 1944 saw the family move to Scotland and then to Southern Rhodesia. They gave the house to the Royal Army Educational Corps in 1945.

You can see history and the present come together in London at Eltham Palace and gardens. Check the large ceiling of the Great Hall, walk the childhood gardens of Prince Henry, sit in the cafe on-site, and bask under the sun on the outdoor playground. See how each owner has put their unique touches on the grounds of Eltham Palace.

There's coffee on-site and even a gift shop at the end if you're interested in purchasing a souvenir. Check the light display loved by both children and adults and walk around the gardens.

What age is Eltham Palace suitable for?

People of all ages can explore this attraction in London. Children must be accompanied by adults with valid tickets.

Contact the visitor centre for more information about your visit.

How long does it take to visit Eltham Palace?

Plan for around two to three hours to fully explore the palace and its grounds.

What's the best time to visit?

You can visit this attraction in London at anytime of year.

Directions, Venue Info, And Attendee FAQs

Where is Eltham Palace?

Eltham Palace is located in Court Yard, Eltham, England, SE9 5QE.

How do I get to Eltham Palace?

If you are travelling from London by car, take the A102 or Court Rd to reach the destination.

Mottingham is the nearest train station, which is only a few minutes from the location in London.

The Eltham Station is also close to the destination.

There are also buses that run from London regularly.

Where can I park near Eltham Palace?

Parking is free for English Heritage members on-site at Eltham Palace. You can also park your vehicle just off Court Road.

Where are the toilet facilities at Eltham Palace?

You will find male and female toilets right near the main entrance of the house.

There is also an accessible toilet near the Great Hall, however, it may not be available between March 22 and April 10 due to temporary improvement works. It's recommended to double-check with the visitor centre before arriving.

Is Eltham Palace accessible?

There are lifts and ramps throughout the house to make the palace fully accessible for visitors.

Where can I eat nearby?

There is a lovely cafe near the new visitor centre of Eltham Palace and gardens.

You can also try other restaurants in the area like The Lale Restaurant, Legends American Grill & Bar, and Coco's Cafe.

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