Get Tickets To Apsley House: The Home Of The Duke Of Wellington!

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Get Tickets To Apsley House: The Home Of The Duke Of Wellington!
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London is vast and the London Pass allows you to see many of the attractions in the city. Apsley House is one of those famous attractions that should be on the must-see list for all travellers and residents of London. Discover the striking interiors of this beautiful Georgian building. Apsley House was home to the first Duke of Wellington and since the victory at Waterloo in the early 1800s, the building hasn't changed much. See some brilliant art collections in London featuring artists like Rubens and Velazquez. In addition to paintings, there're stunning sets of porcelain and silver on display. Book your Apsley House tickets now.

About Apsley House

What is Apsley House?

This London townhouse of the Duke of Wellington is located in the southeast area of Hyde Park in Hyde Park Corner. Apsley House was completed in 1778 and this Georgian building was home to the first Duke of Wellington.

The building was designed and constructed by Robert Adam. As it was constructed for the first Baron Apsley, the house was named Apsley House. The house was later occupied by the Duke of Wellington and the interior decoration chosen by the first Duke remains in Apsley House today.

Apsley House was never meant to be a full-year residence in England for the Duke of Wellington. When he served as the Prime Minister, he had to be in London from February to July, so Apsley House was aptly placed for him to travel to and from Parliament. Visit to see this gorgeous Georgian house for yourself.

What can I learn at Apsley House?

The first Duke of Wellington apparently didn't have a lot of love for the large artistic collection that can be seen in the home today, which were predominantly gifted to the Duke as a token of thanks for his military achievements and wins in battle. Because of this, there are a lot of impressive and well-preserved paintings, furniture, silver, and porcelain collection kept at the house for visitors to enjoy. You will find paintings from Goya, Van Dyck, Velazquez, and Pieter Bruegel in Apsley House. Apart from these, you will also find a statue of Napoleon I of France (sculpted by Antonio Canova), some magnificent Portuguese silver work, and a set of porcelain that once belonged to Louis XVIII. You can also see the State Dining Room on this tour. The house is now looked after and run by English Heritage which is a registered charity.

Check out Wellington's collections here and the Waterloo Gallery where Wellington celebrated the yearly Waterloo Banquets.

You must also check out the museum located inside the Wellington Arch. Visit this site in London, England for some historic places inside the castle.

What age is Apsley House suitable for?

There's no age restriction mentioned for the tour. Children must be accompanied by adults with a valid ticket.

How long does it take to visit Apsley House?

It will require around an hour to explore this attraction in London.

What's the best time to visit?

You can visit anytime during the year.

Directions, Venue Info, And Attendee FAQs

Where is Apsley House located?

The address of Apsley House is 149 Piccadilly, Hyde Park Corner, London W1J 7NT, United Kingdom.

How do I get to the Apsley House?

If you are travelling by car, take the A4 road to reach Apsley House in the shortest possible time.

The nearest tube station is at Hyde Park Corner. It's just a minute's walk to Apsley House.

Victoria Station is the nearest train station, which is 10-15 minutes away.

Check your ticket before commencing your travel to Apsley House.

Where can I park near Apsley House?

No parking is available on the site of Apsley House. You can park your vehicles at Park Lane which is charges a fee and a few minutes away.

Where are the toilet facilities at Apsley House?

Male and female toilets are available on the site. There are no accessible toilets.

Is Apsley House accessible?

Handrails and an accessible lift are available on site. However, access is limited and visitors are advised to bring a companion along if they require support.

Where can I eat nearby?

Some popular recommendations in the area are The Lodge Cafe, Celeste, The Oval Restaurant, and Wellington Lounge. Get your ticket for the landmark today.

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