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Splash Zone slides at Gulliver's Land.
Age: 2-13
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  • Travel around six zones of fun to inspire the imagination: be a cowboy, adventurer, royalty and more.
  • Stay the night in an exciting themed lodge.
  • Pay a little more, and experience life up high with SFEAR; get wet in the Splash Zone, and feel the excitement with the Blast Arena.

Gulliver’s Land Theme Park Resort is a theme park in Newlands, Milton Keynes. Gulliver’s have been running attractions for 40 years, and have other attractions like Gulliver’s World in Cheshire, Gulliver’s Kingdom in Derbyshire, and Gulliver’s Valley in South Yorkshire. Also in Milton Keynes is Gulliver’s Dinosaur and Farm Park. If you love fellow child-focused Paultons Park, you’ll have a blast at Gulliver’s Land. While other theme parks like Chessington are geared towards older children, this family-friendly park is easily one of the best things to do in Milton Keynes if you've got younger kids.

There are six zones within the park, as well as three extra experiences which cost extra. Gulliver’s Land rides are varied, with 24 brilliant rides and 14 attractions to choose from. Gulliver’s Land events take place throughout the year, such as Grandparents’ Weekend, where two grandparents get in free with one full paying person, and Christmas at Gulliver’s, where you can enjoy Santa, snow and festive fun.

On Main Street you can find the theatre and carousel. In Adventure Land, discover the Adventure Land maze, the Jungle Shoot, Monkey Climb and Forest Ball Crawl and feel like you've stepped right into a jungle. You can also find rides like the Tree Top Swings and The Jungle River. Go back in time in Lilliput Land, and enjoy the Magical Castle, and Princess Play Area before you walk through the Enchanted Forest or fight the dragon in the Dragon Siege. Feel like an adult in Gully Town as you visit Leonard’s Supermarket and Gilly’s Parlour. Become a cowboy in Western World and ride the Pony Express and Runaway Train. Finally, if your child likes cars and trucks, JCB Zone is for them, with rides and attractions like The Crazy Mouse and Driving Zone.

Gigantosaurus at Gulliver's Land, towering above the bushes.

Gulliver’s Splash Zone is £8 per child for two hours of aquatic action in their heated indoor area. With Splash Tots for preschoolers and sprays, streams and slides, this is great fun if you’ve brought your swimming costume with you. Want to try Lazer Tag, Bazooka Archery or have fun in a NERF Target Range? It’s £7 for an hour in the Blast Arena, and is great for ages six and up as you go through all three areas. Too low on the ground? If you’re 1.2m or taller, have fun in The SFEAR, an indoor dome high in the air for £12. Try scramble nets, bridges and tightropes with professionals all around.

On Main Street you can find two eateries. The Main Street Restaurant serves sit-down meals like pizza, and there is also a Costa Coffee. Lilliput Land Castle has three eateries. Gully’s Grill serves burgers, nuggets and sides, along with hot and cold drinks, Lilliput Fryer serves classic fish and chip shop food, and Ellie’s Jacket Potatoes serves fluffy potatoes with a variety of toppings. Something for every hungry tummy!

Feel like staying over? Pick one of 18 themed places to stay in the Adventurers Village; do you want to be in a Woodland Lodge, a Wild West Cabin, or a JCB Construction Cabin? Only want one night? Enjoy a funtime sleepover, with entrance to the park included in the price for the next day. Stay and Play is two nights and more, and allows for extended access to the park. Prefer to bring your own tent? Gulliver’s Meadow Campsite has everything you need to relax before your next day of fun. There are also hotels near Gulliver’s Land in Milton Keynes if you don't feel like you need a themed experience.

Your ‘Family Days Out’ list has a new addition with Gulliver’s Land Theme Park Resort!

What to know before you go

  • Gulliver’s Land typically opens 10am - 5.30pm but this changes depending on the month, so check online before you go.
  • Some rides have height restrictions, so check guidance before you get in the queue.
  • Accessible toilets are located across the park.
  • There are toilet blocks with baby-changing facilities in each area.
  • Wheelchairs can be hired for £20, with special wheelchairs available for the Splash Zone.
  • Accessible accommodations are made clear when booking.
  • There are buggy bays by many of the rides.
  • There are five eateries within the park, and each has baby food-warming facilities. There is also a breastfeeding room.

Getting there

  • Gulliver’s Land Milton Keynes' postcode is MK15 0DT.
  • By car, take the M1 exit at Junction 14 and follow the brown signs. From Milton Keynes, follow the signs for Willen Lake and then look out for signs.
  • Direct trains to Milton Keynes run from London Euston.
  • By bus, catch the 300 from Milton Keynes town centre or station to Woolstone roundabout, and then walk for five minutes.
  • Parking is free. Accessible parking is available.

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