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  • Robin Hill in the Isle of Wight is the home of rides, gardens and peacocks.
  • Go high into the air with the Jungle Height exhibition, zoom down fast on The Toboggan Run, and discover even more adventure.
  • See incredible wildlife at one of the falconry shows, or in the Robin Hill gardens or woodland.
  • Enjoy an event at the adventure park, no matter what time of year.
  • Enjoy some delicious food, whether it's in the heights of the park, or down on the floor.

Robin Hill, also known as Robin Hill Adventure Park & Gardens or Robin Hill Country Park, is an 88-acre theme park in Downend, just outside of Newport, Isle of Wight. Opened in 1971, this adventure park is the home of rides, falconry, exhibitions, and wildlife. With something for everybody, and owned by the same family as Blackgang Chine, this country park is a great day out for families. If you enjoy the fun of Robin Hill, you might also enjoy one of the best Isle of Wight beaches, Sandown Beach.

The Robin Hill Adventure Park Jungle Heights section allows children to play high in the sky. The Chase is two dual nets, up to 34 feet off the ground. Move through them through a six-storey net tower, climbing high into the woodland trees. Want something more challenging? Try The Cube, a maze in the sky. With nine rooms separated by net tunnels and bouncy rope bridges, you'll have to figure out how to get to the next section, The Big Bounce. The Big Bounce is a 10-metre trampoline surrounded by net walls that are three metres. It's suitable for ages four and up to play in, and there's even a café up there.

The six Robin Hill Adventure Park Fun Rides and Slides are hard to choose between. The Big Red Tractor Train will take you around the park, stopping at three stops throughout the day, so you can get on and off where you want. Cows Express is one of the more unique rides, as you try and spot the cows that have taken over the railway. It's aimed at younger children but is great for the whole family. The Toboggan Run is one of the most famous rides at the park. It's an exciting quarter of a mile ride, and 3 to seven-year-olds can ride with an adult. Colossus Swinging Galleon, one of the most well-known attractions at the park, is not one for the faint of heart; as you swing high backwards and forwards. The 4D Motion Cinema at the park will take you into the best 4-D HD simulator movies, so put your glasses on and go on a wild ride. This cinema will take you into the movie. Hill Billy and Snake Slides will have you hurtling down right next to the Toboggan Run, with four slides at once letting you race against your family.

Robin Hill interior, with bridges and parks, and a number of families investigating all the areas.

The Robin Hill Adventure Play section is full of exciting things to do. The Canopy Skywalk will take you to a dizzying 100 metres in the air. See the woodland floor down beneath your feet. The Canopy links with Squirrel Run, a mesh tunnel for your bravest little ones to venture through to get to Squirrel Tower, an eight-metre high rope tower to climb up and down, like the red squirrels that live on Robin Hill and the Isle of Wight. For more fun play, you'll love African Adventure, a brilliant adventure playground. Find high-rise towers, giraffe swings, a zip wire, some great slides and even more adventure play equipment at the park. Suspension Bridges to cross the troll ponds, or to feed the ducks, will get you very close to the world record tree sculpture in the woodland. Go into the Giant Maze and try not to get lost. The youngest children in the family might enjoy Duck Down Play Village or the Tots Play & Activity Course at the park.

At The Robin Hill Falconry, meet Charlie the Falconer. See big owls, Harris hawks and more fly over your head at the park. All of these birds have great personalities that you can meet during the falconry shows - spot Pip the Barn owl, Diesel the Turkey vulture, Fergus the Ferruginous buzzard and even more. Although not native to the Isle of Wight, the falconry shows will introduce you to a variety of different animals.

The Robin Hill Gardens are full of wildlife and woodland. These gardens have grown at Robin Hill for hundreds of years, so you'll be walking in history. Find planted clearings, specimen trees, streams, ponds and sculptures. See Giant Redwoods and Eucalyptus plants, not typical for English gardens, as well as bluebells, rhododendrons, and more beautiful flowers. Much work has gone into the gardens after they were left for many years. Spot the free-roaming peacocks and the red squirrels as they run around Robin Hill.

Events at Robin Hill are ongoing all year, so it feels like an adventure all year round! The Sky High Night Glow has hot air balloons fly through the sky every year in an amazing spectacle. There are also Halloween, Christmas and Easter events, so there's always something going on.

Feeling hungry? There are plenty of places to eat and drink. The African BBQ is near African Adventure and serves tasty BBQ food. There's also African Trailer with tasty sweet treats. Oasis Café in the Lower Valley, and Ice 2 next door with delicious Isle of Wight ice cream, serves tasty snacks and hot drinks. Rio's is up in the air of the park, offering plenty of snacks like churros, chocolates, and pick n' mix. The Heartwood Bar & Brasserie has a changing theme depending on the year; so you can relax in the Woodland Ponds.

What to know before you go

  • The Robin Hill opening times are 10am to 5pm, but are subject to change.
  • Most of the park is wheelchair-accessible, but manual wheelchairs might need strong helpers for the gravel and grass-based sections and gradients.
  • Toboggan Run, Colossus, and Jungle Heights do not have wheelchair access.
  • For children with acess needs, Accessibility Sessions are available to allow everyone to get a great experience at Robin Hill.
  • Certain parts of the park may result in guests getting wet, like Splash Attack, the bridges in the Lower Valley ponds and the Parting.
  • Toilets and accessible toilets are available.
  • Baby changing amenities are available.

Getting there

  • To get to Robin Hill by car, the postcode for the car parking is PO30 2NU, and parking is free.
  • There are several Isle of Wight bus routes to Robin Hill. From Ventnor, it's the Number 3 and Number 8. From Ryde, you'll need the Number 9 and Number 8. From Newport, you'll need the Number 8.
  • The closest Isle of Wight Train Station is Lake, but you'll need the Number 8 to get to Robin Hill.

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