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  • Sundown Adventureland is a theme park full of charm and fun for kids.
  • Go on one of the exciting reads themed around pirates, cowboys, farms and more magical worlds.
  • Visit one of the huge play areas that are found throughout the park.
  • See one of the exciting attractions whether you want to explore witches or visit the singing pet shop.
  • Get a bite to eat or something to share with friends at one of the cafes or the gift shop.

First opened in 1968, Sundown Adventureland is a fantastic theme park located in Retford, Nottinghamshire. A magical adventureland, it has everything children need to play. With rides, attractions, and play areas, there's so much to see you'll need the whole day to enjoy it all. It's also specially catered to kids, so it is one of the best places to go as a family. If you enjoy nearby Rushcliffe Country Park or Wollaton Hall, you'll love Sundown Adventureland for a unique Sundown Adventure. 

There are plenty of rides to enjoy at Sundown Adventureland. Giddy Piggies Ride is fabulous fun and will have the whole family laughing as you soar around inside a pig. The Jolly Pirate Boat Ride might get you a little wet as you splash around the river bends. Teach the kids to drive early at the Monkey Mayhem Driving School. Drive jungle-themed mini 4x4s as you learn your way among the brilliant jungle roads. Olkie Yolkie Ride will give you an experience you've likely never had before: riding around in an egg! Be careful not to get too scrambled as you spin. Robin Hood's Merry Adventure will transport you back in time; keep an eye out for the evil Sherrif of Nottingham. You can even visit the home of Robin Hood after your Sundown Adventureland visit, as Sherwood Forest is just down the near road. The Rocky Mountain Railroad will take you through rivers and up and down mountains. This is an action-packed ride that kids and adults alike will fall in love with. Santa's Sleigh Ride makes every day Christmas at the theme park. Join Santa Claus and his elves, and keep an eye out for the reindeer on your trip. The Sundown Adventureland Tractor Ride is great for families of four as you all jump into this travelling tractor. Winding through the countryside area at Sundown, you'll spot cows, sheep, ducks and even a pop-up mole, as well as a whole village of fun. The Wild Ostrich Safari Road will take you all the way to Savannah. Ride on an ostrich as you see and hear the animals that live in Africa.

Time to play? There are plenty of play areas to run around. The Angry Birds Activity Park is a soft play area and the first Angry Birds Park in the UK. Bounce, swing, climb, and jump throughout the Angry Birds World and see what characters you recognise from the popular franchise. Will you be able to stop the pigs? If you feel like spending the day at the beach, visit Captain Sandy’s Play Cove. The beach and sandy play area is the largest in the Sundown theme park, so it's a great place to visit. Dig, build castles, and climb Sandy's house before sliding down the slide. Is the weather not great for your visit? Go inside to the Crash Landings Play Area and Cafe. While the parents grab a coffee, kids can look out for monkeys and snakes as they whiz around the jungle-themed fun. There's also the Rodeo Corral Indoor Play Area and Cafe, which will have you transported to the Sundown rainforest. The Fort Apache Play Area will make you feel like you've stepped into an Old American Wild West Cavalry Post. Defend against the incomers and see if you can make it through the assault course to get to the rest of the Wild West Town. For younger guests, there's the Noah’s Ark Under 5’s Play Area, or, for more fun in the sea, go to the Pirate Adventure Outdoor Play Area or Smugglers Cove Outdoor Adventure Play Area. You'll be able to play at one of these brilliant theme park areas for hours on end.

Crash Landings Play Area.

One of the best parts of Sundown Adventureland is the attractions. Buck & Duke’s Sing-A-Long Show will transport you away from the theme park to America. You'll meet Buck, a one-man band & his best pal Duke a singing dog as they get the rest of the animals to join the sing-a-long. Will you join in too? Lollipoppet Castle is for kids with a sweet tooth. Inspired by liquorice, this is one of the best attractions to see at Sundown Adventureland. Smell the liquorice and sweets, see the ice cream cones and sweet roofs, but beware of the Dreaded Dragon, who is near and ready to protect the castle. You've never been to a market like the Sundown Market. With buttons around to communicate with the animals, you'll want to spend hours with your new animal friends. This is also one of the first bits you'll go to at the theme park, so remember to see everything. Monkey Mischief is a monkey-themed exhibit that will have you going bananas. Be careful of the crocodiles, though! Enjoy the Singing Pet Shop at Sundown Pets Corner. Hear the cats, dogs, rabbits and frogs, and many more animals, come to life to serenade you. Shotgun City is the height of the Wild West in the theme park; you could spend hours exploring. Have a go at the shooting gallery, enjoy the soft play, and speed around on the ride. Storybook Village at Sundown Adventureland will take you inside the book to a magic place of fairytales. Sunnydown Farm is just like a real farm but with a Sundown Adventureland twist - all of the animals will start singing to you when you get near to them. Toy Town is a tiny town at Sundown, full of tiny shops for kids to visit. Witches Cauldron lets Halloween be every day. The Yellow Brick Road will lead you all the way to the Wizard. Sundown Adventureland is a land of adventure!

Feeling peckish at Sundown Park? Crash Landings has the biggest cafe, serving hot and cold drinks and light snacks. Rodeo Corral is quieter than Crash Landings and has food you'll love right near to Cowboy Street, so the kids can keep playing. The Pumpkin Cafe is by Market Square in a Tudor style house serving cakes, sandwiches, and hot food to share with the family. There are many picnic areas around Sundown Adventureland, so if the weather is nice, feel free to bring your own food to share around. Just don't feed any of the animatronic animals! If you want to take something home to share the fun with your friends, the Sundown Adventureland Gift Shop has souvenirs at all prices to take home.

What to know before you go

  • Sundown Adventureland opening times are 10am to 4.30pm. However, Sundown opening times are subject to change, so always check before you go.
  • The park, attractions, and rides are all wheelchair accessible. On rides, a carer is required to move guests from their wheelchairs into the ride and assist them if there are any issues.
  • Baby changing facilities are found at the park entrance.
  • Accessible toilets are located at the park entrance, Rodeo Corral café and Crash Landings café.
  • Each ride has a buggy park for guests who have buggies.
  • Only assistance and guide dogs are allowed on the property.

Getting there

  • Sundown Adventureland is on Treswell Road, Rampton, Retford, six miles from the A1 Markham Moor and 3 miles from Dunham on the A57.
  • A free car park is available on Treswell Road, Rampton at Sundown Adventureland.
  • The closest bus stop is Cottam Lane which is a 14-minute walk away. The stop is serviced by the 190.
  • The closest train station is Retford Station, a 14-minute drive away. The 190 from Retford to Cottam Lane is 50 minutes.

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