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Originally Published on Oct 07, 2021
Aerial view of Thames Valley Adventure Playground, with play area and trees in sight.
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  • Thames Valley Adventure Playground is the perfect destination for families with children of varying special needs to have fun in the safest way.
  • Enjoy spending time playing on the accessible indoor and outdoor play areas.
  • Join one of the fantastic group sessions to meet new friends and learn new skills.
  • Take part in some of the amazing family events that are scheduled here throughout the year. 

Thames Valley Adventure Playground provides an amazing service to those with special needs, along with their families and carers. Every day out here brings new opportunities for fun and socialising in a calm and relaxed way. With fantastic facilities like the accessible outdoor play area, the indoor soft play adventure zone and the Gold Annexe where visitors can have a quiet space, there are so many things to do that suit people of all ages. The adventure park also offers group sessions and workshops which allow the children to make new friends and have fun in a lovely, accepting environment.

First opening in 1982, the Thames Valley Adventure Playground had a mission to provide a safe space for those with special needs to come and enjoy themselves in a park without judgment or fear. It began as a simple toy library and grew in popularity every year since. Now a fully operational park with multiple play areas and a strong community, the Adventure Playground now attracts around 15,000 visitors a year. The goals of creating a comfortable environment for special needs kids to grow and become confident still stands to this day as the park continues to find new ways to improve their service for all. 

The Thames Valley park outdoor play area is a wonderful place to bring your child for a day filled with fun. Here you can find facilities like the sensory tunnel, sand pits, the maze and most famous of all the accessible zip line. Fitted with a seated harness and speed control, this zip line allows anyone to experience the thrill of feeling airborne while riding down the wire. It's an amazing experience that you just won’t find anywhere else.

Thames Valley Adventure Playground is also home to an indoor soft play area. Visitors of all ages will love experimenting with the building blocks, puzzles, toy cars and more. There is a wide range of sensory toys here that can cater to people with all kinds of needs. This is the most accessible soft play in Maidenhead and will leave your youngster wanting to come back again and again!

Another special area of the Adventure Playground is the Gold Annexe. This area is dedicated to creativity and letting your inner artist shine. Here visitors can partake in dressing-up games, arts and crafts and make use of the calm zone for a cool down session. All with a gorgeous view of the nearby lake, there is so much to do in this section of the playground to keep busy.

Thames Valley Adventure playground offers group sessions and community events for friends of the park too. These groups include the Toddler Sessions for children under five, the Fun Club for visitors aged 15 years and up, as well as the Parent and Carer activities, which builds a local support group. Each of these groups have weekly activities to help integrate the children and adults in a loving, accepting community where they can feel free to express themselves and have fun. 

As well as the weekly group sessions the Thames Valley Adventure Park also holds a number of fun family events throughout the year. From seasonal celebrations like Halloween Crafts and Christmas Festivities to regular bake sales and other fundraising events. These activities are wonderful for the children and other users of the park to have fun as well as raising money and awareness for this amazing establishment that so many people benefit from.

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What to know before you go

  • Thames Valley Adventure Park is open Monday to Saturday. Times vary each day as there are different kinds of play sessions happening throughout the week.
  • The playground hosts different kinds of play days throughout the week that are suitable for different ages. Please check before going to the park to make sure you pick a day that is suitable for your family.
  • Advanced booking is necessary to enjoy a day out at the playground. The park is dedicated to people with special needs, but any siblings are invited to join in the fun too.
  • The park has limited space, so any friends without special needs are unfortunately not permitted to come along except on Saturdays, which are Playdays for All.
  • There are no cafés on site however there is a vending machine located in Jock’s Cabin from which visitors can purchase tea or coffee.
  • There are designated eating areas both indoors and outdoors for families to enjoy a packed lunch.
  • There are toilets, including wheelchair-accessible toilets, and baby-changing facilities available on site.

Getting there

  • Thames Valley Adventure Playground is located in Maidenhead.
  • The closest station is Taplow Station, a short walk away from the playground.
  • There are regularly scheduled bus services from Slough and Maidenhead which both have stops right outside the playground.
  • There is a car park right outside the entrance of the playground which is suitable for wheelchair users and those with mobility issues.

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