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  • Leave the city air behind and immerse yourself in the sights, sounds and smells of rural life on this cute little area of greenery and fluffy animals. 
  • From Stinker the skunk, Shadow the bunny rabbit, and Edward the pig, there are so many animals you can meet that make this a great family day out, especially in central London.
  • The stable houses a range of horses suitable for all abilities and ages and a fantastic place for those looking to experience their first, or twentieth ride! 
  • Children can enjoy nature craft activities in this gorgeous outdoor space, and there’s an on-site café serving delicious treats for the whole family.

One of the oldest, most central farms in London, Vauxhall City Farm is located within earshot of the Big Ben. As an independent charity, their mission is to add value and care to the community while empowering them to experience nature in ways that can enhance their health and well-being. Through the setting of an urban farm, Vauxhall City Farm supplies the community with a wide range of educational, enjoyable and therapeutic support programmes and activities.

This community farm has programmes that help promote emotional, social and physical health; they support children and disadvantaged people in their aspirations and confidence through developing skills. These activities can foster environmental awareness and action to increase community collaboration and cohesion. This way, the farm benefits the community while creating an enjoyable experience, perfect for families. 

Animal farms are a great way to introduce kids to animal care, with a range of animals from farm cats, alpacas, pigs, ponies, ducks, goats, rabbits, chickens and cows and more! This is not only educational but also provides hours of entertainment. And they get to meet these fluffy buddies! Here's a list of funny farm jokes, sure to make your children laugh on their day out at the farm.

Don’t miss out on horse riding lessons that the farm provides; this is a fantastic experience, especially for central London. Vauxhall City Farm fosters development for visitors with disabilities at this open farm, as riding can provide therapeutic benefits enabling riders to achieve their personal goals and have fun.

Be sure to attend some of the exciting workshops that the farm offers where you can meet the animals, learn about wool, get down and dirty in their eco-garden, and learn about the science of milk! If your kids enjoy their day out at Vauxhall City Farm, we think they will love Aldenham Country Park.

What to know before you go

  • The farm is fully wheelchair accessible and is barely an acre in size (about 3/4 of an acre), so there is not very far to walk between the animals. The visitor areas of the farm are mostly concrete and rarely do they get muddy. But, during heavy rainfall some areas get large puddles, so wellington boots are recommended in bad and rainy weather.
  • For places to eat and drink, there is a café onsite, called The Old Dairy, serving hot and cold food and beverages all seven days of the week.
  • It’s important to note that food from outside the farm is not allowed, because they are a charity, they rely on the money made from the café. But if you do fancy a picnic, the Pleasure Garden situated across the road is lovely! 
  • To avoid the risk of contamination, food and drink must stay within the café area and gardens area. It must not be taken into the animal area - they have their own delicious food. In case you forget, there is clear signage displayed everywhere on the farm. 
  • There are two unisex toilets, one accessible, with baby changing facilities on the farm and three unisex toilets, one accessible, with baby changing in the café. By the meeting rooms, there are four gendered toilets, these toilets aren’t accessible and have no baby changing facilities, but are only a short walk away from the toilets in the café. 
  • There is a designated area for your buggy to be parked, and then you can enjoy your visit to the farm and café, buggy free. This way, the paths for the farm remain clear so that everyone can easily move through the farm and better enjoy the visit. 
  • All double and triple buggies are required to be put in the buggy park area. Single buggies are required to be parked in the buggy park area only if the farm is busy, which is typically on weekends and school holidays. 
  • On your arrival, use the entrance by the duck pond, which is a bit further down on Tyers Street. This is signposted to the left of the designated area and the café building. 
  • There are two rooms available for hire, which can be used for workshops, presentations, meetings, product launches and much more. Contact Vauxhall City Farm or speak to a staff member to find out more.

Getting there

  • As Vauxhall City Farm is in central London, it is a short distance from Vauxhall Underground (Victoria line), train and bus stations, and is a 10-minute walk from Oval Underground station (Northern line). The farm is just south of the Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens.
  • If walking from Vauxhall Station, then walk through the tunnel under the railway arches. After getting to the other side of the tunnel, then cross the road in front of the Royal Vauxhall Tavern and walk directly across the grass. The riding arena should be visible from there, and the farm is straight ahead.
  • Are you coming by car? There is on-street, metered parking situated outside the farm. Because of the farm’s central location, they are within the congestion charge zone. Both the congestion zone charges and metered parking do not apply on the weekends, however.

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