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Originally Published on Oct 07, 2021
A Rhino in a lake at the Wild Asia Safari Exhibit.
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  • West Midland Safari Park is a wildlife park in the West Midlands, close to Worcestershire.
  • Go through the safari, meeting animals from all over the world.
  • Walk through exciting places, whether you want to discover an African village or meet dinosaurs.
  • Pick one of the brilliant rides to play on, whether you want to swing into the sky or go at fast speeds.

West Midland Safari Park is a Safari Park near Birmingham with so much to do. This Kidderminster safari park is in the West Midlands, as you can tell by its name, and is the home of animals, rides, dinosaurs and more. You can also see the beautiful silhouette of Spring Grove House. While you're in the West Midlands, you might enjoy Worcester Cathedral or Hanbury Hall.

Enjoy the Safari Adventure at the Safari Drive-Through. Go through the African Plains, meeting the giraffes and rhinos. In the Wild Asia exhibit, see the beautiful Indian rhino, and dainty blackbuck. The carnivores of the world are in the Carnivores section; meet tigers, cheetahs, lions and the African painted dogs. Elephant Valley is the home of the African elephant herd at West Midland Safari Park.

Discover the Adventure Theme Park, with an incredible amount of rides. Go on the Congo Carousel or go deep into Dr Umboto’s Catacombs. The Desert Convoy can take you on an amazing journey. Swing on the Pirate Ship and feel like part of the stampede on Rhino Rollercoaster. Fly high on Black Fly and dive deep in Shark Island. All this and plenty more is inside the park.

Go into the Land of the Living Dinosaurs. Travel through the Permian period, with the mammal-like reptiles. The Triassic Period has the first true dinosaur, the eoraptor. The Jurassic Age is the age of the reptiles with the stegosaurus and mamenchisaurus. The Cretaceous Period has the most recognisable dinosaurs, with the T-Rex, velociraptor, triceratops and spinosaurus. Have a search for fossils of your own in the dino dig.

Go back to the Ice Age and travel through this prehistoric journey. Enter the Oligocene Epoch with early herbivores like chalicotherium, moeritherium and embolotherium. Travel through the Pleistocene Epoch, meeting the sabre-tooth tiger. The Holocene Epoch has the fabulous woolly mammoth.

Down the Discovery Trail, you might find Penguin Cove. Meet the Wild Humboldt penguins and see if you can spot some feeding time. The Sea Lion Theatre is where the sea lions show off their amazing skills. Lorikeet Landing will have beautiful rainbow birds flying through the air. Reptile World is home to tree frogs, iguanas and boa constrictors. Meet the creepy crawlies, the pretty fish in the aquarium, and the twilight cave, with bats and the douroucouli.

Go across the world to the African Village with even more animals to see. Meet the meerkats at meerkat manor, watching them socialise, play, and forage around for treats. Lemur Woods has three types of lemurs inside; ring-tailed lemurs, small white-fronted brown lemurs, & fluffy red-bellied lemurs. Goat Walk has Somali sheep, pygmy goats and Cameroon sheep which you can feed. You can also learn more about traditional African utensils and living space inside the African hut. Hippo Lakes is the home of the pod of wallowing hippos, the largest pod of hippos in the UK. Feed them and discover their different personalities.

Go into the Boj Giggly Park, a multi-sensory part of the park designed for younger visitors. Boj's Burrow is full of winding burrows to wriggle through. Denzil's Music Mayhem will let you become a rock star. Mia's Ladybird Spot has dens, spotting activities, bridges and more. Rupa's Superfit Challenge will have you sprinting, climbing and jumping. Gavin's Giggly Playground will encourage giggles with swings, slides and seesaws.

Events happen at West Midland Safari Park throughout the year. You might find the Spooky Spectacular; go down the Scratchcard Trail and solve the mystery of the Pumpkin Thief. The Firework Festival has incredible and pretty colours flashing through the sky. You might be able to go on the Santa Safari, where you can meet Santa and pick a present. How about having breakfast with Santa too? You could also enjoy one of the VIP Experiences. Go on a VIP tour of the park, go through the Lion House and feed lemurs, giraffes, cheetahs, penguins, lions and tigers. You can also enjoy being a Keeper for the Day with rhinos, lemurs and meerkats, and sea lions and penguins. All this plus much more is available at West Midland Safari Park.

Kidadl recommends making a day of your visit to West Midland Safari Par and staying overnight. There are plenty of places to stay within four miles of West Midland Safari Park. The Mercure Hotel is in a 19th-century heritage building and is surrounded by picturesque countryside. Ling Safari lets you camp with a safari twist in Worcestershire. Wharton Park Golf Club and Country Park are on the edge of Bewdley, by the Wyre Forest. Hopleys Family Camping is a beautiful campsite in the heart of the Severn Valley.

What to know before you go

  • The West Midland Safari Park opening times are subject to change so check before you go.
  • The only hill to climb/descend is between the Discovery Trail and the Adventure Theme Park; Lemur Woods is built in a hill. Both should be wheelchair accessible. The rest of the park is fully accessible for wheelchairs.
  • The park is buggy friendly.
  • All toilets are accessible.
  • Baby changing facilities are available.

Getting there

  • West Midland Safari Park is on the A456 between Kidderminster and Bewdley. 
  • The closest train station is Bewdley Station. It's a 12-minute drive or take the Number 125 or Number 2. It's also a 44-minute walk.

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