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Tiger walking in Blackpool Zoo.
North West England
United Kingdom
North West England
United Kingdom

Blackpool Zoo

Please be aware of government guidelines before setting off.

Government Guidelines
  • Find out what it takes to be a zookeeper with the Junior Keeper Experience.
  • Catch a ride on the miniature train track to see all the animals on the go.
  • Learn how to feed giraffes by hand.
  • Check out the multiple play areas, where kids can play to their heart's content.

Mini animal lovers and grown-ups alike are sure to have a fantastic day exploring the lives of animals from around the world, at Blackpool Zoo.

For a fantastic day out that will inspire and excite the whole family, take a trip to see the Blackpool Zoo animals, and explore the many other attractions available at the Zoo. This zoo near Blackpool city centre has a focus on conservation and education and is the perfect place for kids to learn. The Zoo works with many organisations, including The Gorilla Organisation and the Wild Cats Conservation Alliance, to help maintain the lives of some of the world's most vulnerable creatures. This means that by visiting the Zoo, you are helping to conserve some of the planet's most essential wildlife.

From tigers to gorillas, there are lots of different animals to see at the Zoo. Meet the Blackpool Zoo elephants at the Elephant Base Camp area, where you can meet Kate, an elephant who has lived at the Zoo since 1972, as well as five other elephants named Emmett, Esha, Noorjahan, Minbu and Tara. Here you can see one of the zoo's conservation plans in action, called Project Elephant. Giraffe Heights, the Big Cat Zone and the Active Oceans areas are also not to be missed, where you can meet tigers, seals, and giraffes, as well as many more creatures. One of the most exciting features of Blackpool Zoo is the fact that visitors can take part in multiple different Animal Experiences for a small extra charge. These experiences include meeting smaller animals such as lemurs, tortoises and aardvarks, as well as big creatures like giraffes, elephants and sea lions!

There are many things for children to do at Blackpool Zoo. The three-floor, indoor soft play centre Playbarn is one of the top attractions, with slides, ball pools and much more for kids to explore. Suitable for kids of all ages, the Playbarn is also available for indoor kids parties, with food and drink, and party bags included! For more to do with the kids once you've toured the zoo, head to the Children's Barn, where kids can meet lots of farmyard animals such as pigs, sheep and donkeys, with a chance to cuddle some of them at various point throughout the day. There's also a small play area at the Farm, with climbing frames and seats for the grown-ups. And, for some prehistoric fun, check out the scary Blackpool Zoo Dinosaurs on the Dinosaur Safari. Here you can see six realistic dinosaur statues with sounds and actions, including a baby Stegosaurus and three Troodon. For a mini-tour around the Zoo, make sure to hop on board the miniature train, which runs past the zebra, wolf and ostrich enclosures, and runs from the Children's Farm all the way to the Darwin Centre. There is also a large Play Area at the Zoo, Orang-U-Tangle at the Orangutan Outlook. Here, kids can climb, swing and play right next to the ape enclosures. Plus, don't forget to pop into the Blackpool Zoo gift shop where you can find a cuddly version of your new animal pals to take home as a souvenir.

With so much to see, you can easily spend the whole day exploring the wonders of Blackpool Zoo. However, depending on how much time you'd like to spend looking at each area, we recommend putting aside at least three hours to take in the full experience.

If you start to get peckish on your trip to Blackpool Zoo, there are several places to get something to eat. As well as the many kiosks around the Zoo where you can grab an ice cream, the large Lake View Café is located in the middle of the Zoo. Here you can find hot meals, salads and snacks for all the family, as well as Starbucks and other drinks at the Conservatory. There are also lots of places around Blackpool Zoo if you want to bring a picnic with you. Alternatively, head towards Blackpool seafront to continue your day out, where you can find lots of traditional fish and chip shops, as well as all the famous Blackpool attractions such as Blackpool Tower and Blackpool Pleasure Beach. There are plenty of hotels near Blackpool Zoo at many different price points. You can find most of these along the seafront area too.

Once you've checked out everything there is to do at Blackpool Zoo, why not schedule a visit to the iconic Blackpool Tower on your trip? Or, head to the nearby town of Chorley to experience some local history at the grand Astley Hall and surrounding Park.

What to know before you go

  • Blackpool Zoo opening times are from 10am-4:45pm daily.
  • Tickets at Blackpool Zoo vary depending on age and whether the ticket was bought online, starting at £15.50 for children. Family tickets are also available. Discounts are available for Blackpool Borough Council taxpayers, who can buy tickets online using the first three letters of their FY1 – FY5 postcode.
  • Baby changing facilities are available in every toilet block, as are accessible toilets.
  • All areas of the Zoo are accessible by ramps or are on a flat surface, making Blackpool Zoo suitable for both wheelchair users and buggies. Wheelchairs are available to hire from the Zoo for a small deposit.
  • All areas of Blackpool Zoo are breastfeeding friendly, although if you would like a more private area, this can be arranged with staff.

Getting there

  • Blackpool Zoo is easy to get to by car. Take the M6, and then the M55. From Junction 4 follow the brown 'elephant' signs until you get to the Zoo.
  • Blackpool Zoo parking is available on site and costs £3 for the whole day. There are accessible parking spots.
  • If travelling by bus, there are plenty of buses to Blackpool Zoo. You can take the number 20 service running regularly to and from Blackpool Town Centre.
  • The nearest station is Blackpool North Station, which is a short walk from the town centre. From there you can take a bus or taxi straight to the Zoo. Alternatively, you can travel to Blackpool South Station, which is 3 miles from the Zoo.
  • There are several cycle routes nearby the Zoo if you choose to travel by bike.

Please follow the latest government guidelines if travelling by public transport.

Government Guidelines


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