Colourful blue and yellow beach huts lined up on the grass at Bognor Regis Beach.
West Sussex
South East England
United Kingdom
West Sussex
South East England
United Kingdom

Bognor Regis Beach

Please be aware of government guidelines before setting off.

Government Guidelines
  • Gaze out to sea and take in incredible panoramic views on offer at the Grade II listed Bognor Regis pier.
  • Head to Bognor Regis West Beach to relax and walk along the seashore.
  • Enjoy some takeaway fish 'n' chips from one of the many kiosks along the promenade.
  • Hop on the Promenade Railway to see Bognor Regis from a whole new perspective.

With a promenade that stretches almost three miles from Aldwick to Felpham, there are lots of fantastic attractions, activities and things to do on your trip to Bognor Regis Beach. Whether you have kids who are dying for a dip in the water or are ready to take in some traditional fish 'n' chips, Bognor Regis has the whole seaside experience ready to go. Located just a short walk from Bognor Regis town centre, to get to the beach from the train station, stroll through the centre of the town for ten minutes and you'll find yourself at the seaside. From here, you can explore the famous Bognor Regis seafront, and take in the parks and gardens, as well as popular attractions.

In Bognor Regis, East Beach is the most central of the beaches along the seafront and is filled with fantastic things to do all year round. Here you'll find lots of food kiosks (jellied eel, anyone?), as well as deck chair hire and shower stands if you fancy a dip. One of the top attractions in this area is the Bognor Regis pier, which has been around since 1865! Over the last 150 years, it has been appreciated by visitors and Bognor Regis residents alike and is home to a bar, night club and amusement arcade. For those who enjoy some good old arcade games on their trip to the seaside, the pier is the place to go. Catch the match at the upstairs sports bar, or try your hand at some classic video games. The pier is also well known for great panoramic views across the sea and the landscape, so don't miss a wander around here.

While there are a few Bognor Regis beaches to choose from, the main two are on the west and east sides of the pier. Bognor Regis West Beach is, as the name suggests, to the west of the pier, and is a popular place for a walk, or to unpack a picnic and enjoy on the sand. Slightly less busy than Bognor Regis East Beach, the West Beach is the place to go to unwind. If you don't mind travelling a little further afield, Aldwick Beach is a peaceful spot to get some peace and quiet. Alternatively, head to Felpham Beach, which is complete with beach huts, putting greens and even tennis!

As well as the beach being worth a visit, you'll also find many family-friendly attractions waiting for you at Bognor Regis, that make it one of the most popular seaside resorts in West Sussex. From the classic holiday resort Butlins, which is located right next to the seafront, to the Promenade train that will take you down the prom for some great views of the ocean, there's something for families with kids of all ages. Kids, in particular, will love the 'Beach on the Beach' attraction, a huge sandpit with deck chairs and sand toys, that is perfect for getting that beach experience when the tide happens to be in.

Hotham Park is just a few minutes walk from the seafront, and here you can find everything from a boating lake to a miniature railway. If you've taken in enough sea air to keep you going, we definitely recommend stopping at the park before you return home for some family fun that the kids will never forget. Sports lovers will be pleased to hear the park also has an 18-hole golf course, and kids will have a ball at the children's play area. Head to the tropical gardens to see some rare specimens from all over the world, or relax with a picnic on the grass. Marine Park Gardens is also worth a visit, which is located in Aldwick and contains many beautiful flowerbeds, and even a fountain.

As far as food and drink is concerned, the Bognor Regis beaches are packed with kiosks that offer hot takeaway options, as well as ice cream, snacks and drinks. You'll also be able to find plenty of great picnic spots along the seafront. Alternatively, if you would like more of a sit-down meal, you'll find plenty of local cafes and restaurants in Bognor Regis. From Chez Moi for some luxurious French cuisine to a hearty pub lunch at The Beresford, there is something to suit every taste.

If you had a fantastic day out at Bognor Regis beach and are keen to continue the West Sussex adventure, why not delve into a little local history and check out the stunning genuine Roman mosaics at Bignor Roman Villa and Museum in Pulborough? Or, for those who love travel, check out the Bluebell Railway to experience the West Sussex countryside as people would have done back in the 19th century.

What to know before you go

  • There are toilets available on the beach, some with baby changing facilities and accessible toilets. At Hotham Park, there are accessible toilets but no baby changing facilities.
  • There are lifeguards on East Beach from 10am-6pm daily from May-September. The pier is open from 10am-8pm daily.
  • Please note that the beach has different tides, so take care when enjoying the beach. Make sure to swim near the shore and never use inflatable devices or lilos.

Getting there

  • To get to Bognor Regis beach by car, take the A259 through Bognor Regis, then the B2166 which will take you to the shore. There are multiple pay and display car park options along the promenade.
  • Bognor Regis Station, is the nearest train station, just a short 10-minute walk away. Alternatively, there are taxis available from the station that will take you to the beach.
  • There are regular Stagecoach bus services that will take you from the seafront to the surrounding areas of Bognor Regis, Guildford, Portsmouth and Brighton.

Please follow the latest government guidelines if travelling by public transport.

Government Guidelines


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