Expansive tennis courts at Bucks Indoor Tennis Centre.
South East England
United Kingdom
South East England
United Kingdom

Bucks Indoor Tennis Centre

Please be aware of government guidelines before setting off.

Government Guidelines
  • Bucks Indoor Tennis Centre is a huge sports centre in High Wycombe with four indoor tennis courts offering coaching programmes, competitions and play sessions for all ages and abilities.
  • Whether you’re a complete tennis novice or already a bit of a pro with a racket, Bucks Indoor Tennis Centre will have a course to suit your sporting desires.
  • With Tots Tennis for under 5s, Mini Tennis for primary school kids, Junior Tennis for teens and even Adult Tennis if the parents want to get involved too, there’s something every member of the family can get stuck into at this wonderful High Wycombe tennis centre.
  • Don’t miss Bucks Indoor Tennis Centre’s many wonderful holiday activities and birthday party packages also on offer in their extensive sports studios.

Managed by Virtus Leisure Management, Bucks Indoor Tennis Centre provides the best coaching, fitness and competition sessions for people of all ages in High Wycombe. Their four huge tennis courts are completely covered for year-round training whatever the weather, with acrylic flooring and a great viewing platform for any non-players to watch the action from.

Bucks Indoor Tennis Centre has an ethos of innovation, inclusivity and excellence, striving to share the joys of tennis with everyone no matter their skill level or age. The centre offers comprehensive tennis programmes for both members and non members tailored to every age range, from toddlers all the way up to grandparents. Your little Andy Murrays in the making will be sure to find something to suit them at Bucks Indoor Tennis Court, whether you’re looking for casual coaching and play sessions, elite competition prep or want to improve your sports fitness.

A girl looking through a tennis racket at Bucks Indoor Tennis Centre.

From as early as three years old, your child can begin their bat and ball journey with Bucks’ Tots Tennis sessions. Perfectly tailored to ages 3 - 5 and led by a team of engaging and entertaining coaches, these classes offer short activities that are full of fun and help little ones develop the basics of tennis movement, racket and ball skills. Bucks’ Tots sessions encourage toddlers to build their confidence through independent and group learning, making loads of new friendships as they go. Mini Tennis sessions for children aged five to ten are split into three coloured age brackets; Red sessions for 5 - 8 year olds use smaller courts, soft sponge ball and shorter rackets, Orange sessions for 8 - 9 year olds progress up to a ¾ sized court with lower and slower balls, and Green sessions for 9 - 11 year olds help tweens adapt their skills to the full sized court. For teens, Bucks’ Junior groups are the perfect balance of fun and technical coaching with plenty of drills, matchplay and sociable training. Parents can even get involved too with pay-as-you-go adult sessions to suit every timetable, whether you’re a complete beginner or established elite.

Bucks Indoor Tennis Centre also offers awesome birthday party packages, where two-hour celebrations are split between sports games on the courts and party time in the studio for some well-deserved cake! During the school breaks, Bucks’ high energy holiday activities are a great way for kids to blow off some excess steam either by trying their hand at something new or showing off their existing racket skills. Bucks Indoor Tennis Centre is a wonderfully inclusive place where the whole family can experience the excitement of tennis. Either take to the court yourself or kick back and watch the sport unfold with great courtside viewing platforms, as well as a delicious cafe on-site serving hot drinks and snacks and even free WiFi throughout the centre.

For more family fun nearby, why not check out Rush UK Trampoline Park or soak up the scenery of the National Trust’s West Wycombe Park?

What to know before you go

  • Tennis courts and sessions must be pre-booked. You can pay per session or in larger batches.
  • Bucks’ coaching sessions run all year round, seven days a week and a range of times are on offer including after school classes, evenings, weekends and holidays.
  • The centre is open from 8am to 10pm on weekdays, 8am to 6pm on Saturdays and 8am to 8pm on Sundays.
  • Classes are for children aged 3 and upwards.
  • Sessions take place in groups of no more than 10 people.
  • There are spectator areas in the centre at court height and on a raised platform.
  • There is a café on site serving a range of snacks and hot and cold drinks. Nearby you can also find The Squirrel pub, a Frankie & Benny’s and TGI Fridays - High Wycombe.
  • Bucks Indoor Tennis Centre is accessible for wheelchair users.
  • Free WiFi is available throughout the venue.
  • All staff are DBS checked and there are first aiders on- site.

Getting there

  • Bucks Indoor Tennis Centre is located just southwest of High Wycombe town centre.  
  • If you are travelling by car, the centre is just off of the A4010 and Cressex Road and there is a free car park on site.
  • The nearest train station is High Wycombe, which is a 10-minute drive or taxi ride from the venue.
  • Buses 32, S32, 643 and 655 stop nearby on Cressex Road.

Please follow the latest government guidelines if travelling by public transport.

Government Guidelines


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