Landscape shot of Claremont Landscape Gardens lake and grounds.
South East England
United Kingdom
South East England
United Kingdom

Claremont Landscape Garden

Please be aware of government guidelines before setting off.

Government Guidelines
  • Enjoy the Capability Brown and Charles Bridgeman designed Claremont Gardens as you explore the stunning parkland and grounds of this 300 year old beauty.
  • There are fun garden trails and den building sessions that your little ones can get involved in, plus a bowling alley and toys and games in the Thatched Cottage.
  • Be sure to look out for great activities during school holidays that Claremont Landscape Gardens offers.
  • Conveniently located in the heart of Surrey, there’s lots on offer nearby.

Claremont Landscape Gardens is a great family day out, a grade I listed garden that has a fascinating history dating back to the 18th Century, steeped in a rich and vibrant past. This National Trust Surrey venue has lots on offer for families, who can enjoy this green heavenly garden that’s located right in the heart of Surrey. Connect with the outdoors here, and revel in the stunning gardens for a great family day out.

You will discover so much here as there are plenty of unique features dotted around the place. Perform in the large turf amphitheatre like a great thespian! Or run around the serpentine lake and grotto, then taking the time to relax by Camellia Terrace and Belvedere Tower. Your little ones will have a blast in the play areas, and let their imaginations run wild in the Thatched Cottage, which is brimming with fun Victorian toys, games, costume clothes to try on and more.

Claremont House and Claremont Park will create unforgettable memories for you and your family, especially with their Summer Adventure, where your little ones will be able to follow exciting trails around the area, have fun doing tasks and challenges all in this stunning location. Why not roll down some glorious hills, build some dens and then climb to the top of hills to see your fabulous creations? Cloud watch to see what you can make out! The kidswill be entertained for days and want to come back next summer.

Check out the play area at Claremont where children can immerse themselves in a wonderful world of play, exploration and interaction. The thrilling play area is safe, fun and has interactive activities on offer, home to a playhouse, thrilling slide and more. They can clamber up some ladders and a climbing wall, feeling like they are at the top of the world. The play area is basically inspired by the eighteenth-century landscape garden but through  a modern take. So, there is a fun Island Pavilion and Belvedere Tower to explore, your little ones will feel like they’re in the past while having a great time! Located right next to the Grab and Go Hut, the play area is conveniently located, so the grown ups can relax with a coffee, while the children let off some steam. Plus, the tea room is right next door, too, so take a break, stroll around the delightful lake and have fun playing some more games in the Thatched Cottage.

Don’t miss out on the fun you can have at the bowling alley, which always provides a great time, reconstructed and inspired from the Duke when he would play with his friends. Have a blast like the Duke did in the past, along with his royal friends who would have stayed at Claremont. So get bowling and have a blast. 

Travel back in time and experience the Thatched Cottage, which is open most days, where you can marvel at the fabulous collection of Georgian and Victorian items, especially the themed costumes which is great fun to really immerse yourself in the past of Claremont. Let your imagination run wild once you're dressed up, transported to another time enjoying playtime in the past with games, toys, and more for you to borrow. It’s an absolute hoot. Don’t miss out on the Christmas themed events they hold at the cottage!

For little inspectors out there, why not try out the MiniBeast Bingo? After collecting a worksheet, go on a fun journey around the grounds to explore, play and lookout for all of the tiniest creatures that live in Claremont. This is great fun and good for those learning about minibeasts to really challenge your knowledge. 

Make sure to check out the Amphitheatre at Claremont, a gracefully carved 3 acres of stunning rolling hills, surrounded by trees with the woodland behind it. This makes for a great little photoshoot of the kids, they’ll love running up and down the breezy concave hills. 

As a National Trust site, Claremont Landscape Gardens has lots of collections of art and objects on offer for you to see, so check out the collections for your daily dose of culture! 

When you’re done, check out some of these brilliant parks in Surrey to complete your day out. 

What to know before you go

  • When you’re feeling peckish, there is The Gardener's Bothy Cafe at Claremont. From light lunches, to delicious meals and of course some refreshing drinks, all your hunger needs will be satiated. Check out the kid-friendly meals like Mac and Cheese, plus soup, baked potato and more. If you want to enjoy the weather while eating, check out The Cube, which is on the outdoor terrace. Nearby, there are pubs and restaurants serving food, too. 
  • There is a shop on site at the Claremont Landscape Gardens, too, selling everything from plants, clothes, interior homeware, garden decor, shoes and wellies, while supporting bespoke designers and artists from the area and beyond.
  • There are toilets, accessible toilets near the kiosk and baby changing facilities on site. 
  • Dogs are not allowed in the garden between April and October
  • Pushchairs are allowed although bikes and scooters are not allowed into the gardens, 
  • Wheelchairs are available for visitors who need them,
  • Three blue-badge parking spaces with level access, which is situated 10 metres from the kiosk.

Getting there

  • If travelling by train, Claremont Landscape Garden is around 2 miles from Esher station, and this is easily reached using the 715 bus route. 
  • If travelling via bus, use the 715 bus route, 
  • If travelling via car, Claremont Landscape Garden is on the east side of the A307 Portsmouth Road. There are brown tourist signs you can follow.
  • Free parking. 
  • You can even cycle to Claremont Landscape Gardens, too, they are on the east side of the A307 Portsmouth Road and Bicycles are not permitted in the garden, however they do provide storage racks next to the kiosk for you to use.

Please follow the latest government guidelines if travelling by public transport.

Government Guidelines


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