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Coal Drops Yard

Please be aware of government guidelines before setting off.

Government Guidelines
  • Once a Victorian coal depot, but now an ultra-trendy shopping district in Kings Cross St Pancras Coal Drops Yard makes a great visit, whether you're just popping by or making a day of it. 
  • For food and drink front there are edgy new eateries and concept bars, with loads popping up all the time, offering you something different every time.
  • Be sure to pop over to Granary Square - a tranquil and relaxing setting with beautiful fountains, where the kids can have fun.
  • Check out the multitude of workshops, events, exhibitions and pop-ups that take place regularly, making Coal Drops Yard a fantastic day out. 

Coal Drops Yard has parks and open spaces that surround it, making it great as an all-round family experience. You could join in and do an open-air fitness class or stroll by the canal for an evening. If you're a culture vulture, then there's a whole host of fun activities and things to do and see, from breath-taking installations, large sculptures and outdoor photography exhibitions, to the diverse site-wide works of the new street artist in residence, Andy Leek.

If you're looking for things to do in Kings Cross, there are a variety of shops from familiar beauties like Cos and Aesop, to boutique clothing, to home-ware (where you can get great Christmas lights!) and interior design and plenty of food, drink and snacks. Keep up to date with Coal Drops Yard restaurants to be the first to try them out.

Be sure to check out the Story Garden offering a green paradise in the heart of London, with a small oak forest, an orchard of tranquillity, plus lots of beds for the local community to grow food together, like herbs, vegetables and flowers. This place is designed to educate and inspire, and there's an emphasis on sustainability. By looking after the natural environment, and understanding food and where it comes from, kids can learn so much. There is a fully-equipped kitchen to cook tasty meals (for groups), using the ingredients from the garden. The Story Garden hosts several special events, workshops and projects throughout the year that families can enjoy.

As this is based so centrally, and in the heart of Kings Cross, there are a variety of fun activities for you to do with the whole family. From the pools at Granary Square to Play KX, Harry Potter's platform and family-friendly restaurants, you'll be entertained for hours, and definitely come back to visit. 

If you're tech-savvy, tech-intrigued family, then you'll love the new Samsung KX, which is a shop and Information centre, full of available and upcoming high tech products. This is really interesting and informative as you can get animated to use all these new products and devices. 

Don't miss out on The Cissy Wears flagship store which is at Coal Drops Yard and contains a unique mix of fashion and accessories for baby, parents and the home. Here you can pick up a beautiful baby-grow, plus some beautiful earrings all in the same place. There's lighting, excellent gift ideas, home-ware, and plenty of eco-friendly products too, from toys to organic clothes, greeting cards and beauty products.

With four ping pong tables, you can play table tennis in The Crossing, which is the public area of the Granary Building. Plus, if you still have the energy to burn, try out the Handyside Gardens Play Park, just off Granary Square. This includes a full play area, which is complete with swings, stuff to climb, a sandpit and even a slide. Or if you're looking for adventure a little further afield, the British Museum is a must.

What to know before you go

  • Coal Drops Yard is open from 10am – 10pm.
  • There is plenty of trendy and unique food at Coal Drops Yard, offering a range of food and drink, from tapas to burgers, pizza, dessert food and more.
  • There are toilets with a family room situated on Lower Stable Street (south) and in the Western Coal Drop (north) in the stairwell by Form and Thread.
  • There is lift access and a ramp leading to Coal Drops Yard at yard level from Granary Square, located next to the canal-side steps. You can find lift access to the Viaduct Level above, which is between Form and Thread and Vermuteria.
  • The area is pushchair and buggy friendly. 

Getting there

  • Coal Drops Yard is just a short distance and few minutes' walk from King's Cross and St Pancras Rail and Tube Stations. This can be accessed via the Northern Line, Victoria line, Piccadilly line, Circle, Hammersmith, City and Metropolitan lines. You will be able to access King's Cross Station via King's Cross Square and King's Boulevard. Ensure you follow signs for Regent's Canal, cross the bridge over the canal, and Coal Drops Yard is just off Granary Square.
  • If you're travelling by bus, you can get to Coal Drops Yard via King's Cross Station or York Way via 17 63 91 259 390 476 N63 N91 routes at bus stop G. From King's Cross Station.
  • You can use the following routes, 30 73 205 214 N73 N205 at bus stop E, 46 63 N63 at bus stop D and 30 73 91 205 390 N73 N91 N205 at bus stop R.
  • Coal Drops Yard has over 200 parking bays and five charging points in Handyside Car Park for visitors, this is situated in the Tapestry building. There are disabled parking bays at The Plimsoll Building and at Handyside Street, too. You are encouraged to use public transport.
  • There are over 100 public bike spaces that are available on the site, plus additional areas are being added.
  • There are on-street bike parking bays, and you can find a bike interchange at Evans Cycles, which is situated between the stations, and here you will be able to park securely.
  • There are Santander and Brompton cycle docks available for hire. Plus, mobile bike hire services from Lime and Jump are also available.
  • Check out Dr Bike, a free maintenance service situated nearby in Pancras Square.

Please follow the latest government guidelines if travelling by public transport.

Government Guidelines


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