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Discover Children's Story Centre

Please be aware of government guidelines before setting off.

Government Guidelines
  • Visit the Children's Story Centre to immerse yourself in a world of creativity, learning and, of course, all the best stories.
  • Meet your favourite authors, from Judith Kerr, to illustrators at event sessions where they give talks, workshops and more.
  • Don't miss out on the interactive sessions that foster a real sense of creativity, encouraging your children to become the best storytellers out there, with accessible sessions for those with SEN needs, among guided sessions for those with disabilities.
  • Check out the Story Garden for the most magical of experiences.

Storytellers and story-listeners alike, get down to Discover Children's Story Centre for your chance to play, learn and create the most wonderful stories together with your family and friends. This is a place in east London where stories are brought to life and creativity is fostered. This is actually the first Story Centre to exist in the UK, so it's great fun that you can't have anywhere else. Whether you're just passionate about stories, or have a love for the creativity of language and the transformative power of literature, they'll be something fun for you to do here at the Discover  Story Centre.

Families will be delighted to find two floors of interactive storytelling trails, bringing fiction, magic and more to life, along with a story garden, too. Your little ones will be able to let their imaginations run wild in the immersive,  play spaces that are designed for exploration, interaction and learning so your kids can get creative while having fun with the baby space monster Hootah, helping this cooky character to create magical stories. There are play sessions to split up the day so everyone gets a chance to experience these interactive play sessions, having a blast of a time.  Be sure to make use of the events and exhibitions here, too, which you can add to your session pass.

After experiencing some fantastic interactive exhibitions, along with great sessions for stories, events and more, check out the child friendly, Story World and Story Garden which have some great play spaces that offer creative play, devised in a way that piques the interest, imagination and curiosity of your children. For more East End fun, check out Stepney City Farm to learn all about your favourite animals, making some furry friends, watching demonstrations, along with a farmer's market and more.

The focus of the Discover Centre is to enhance the skills of writing, reading, listening through diverse, fun and imaginative ways, improving the early learning of your children, through some of the best kids activities in Stratford. Kids are encouraged by Hootah, the friendly baby space alien that lives the Discover centre, to make up their own stories, so he can send these creative stories back to Squiggly Diggly, his own planet. At the changing exhibitions that frequently run, your kids can meet their beloved favourite writers and illustrators, who come to give talks, workshops, read stories and share their create insights. From Michael Rosen who wrote Quick, Let's Get Out of Here, to Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler to classics like Judith Kerr, the author of the Tiger Who Came to Tea. These sessions are lead by the Story Builders who ensure to session runs smoothly, keeping your little ones learning, entertained and having fun. As the Discover Centre often invites schools in for learning, along with libraries, and other community-led organisations, you know they are well versed in the best story play centres techniques, so your kids can get the most out of the day. The Story Builders are able to support children from a variety of backgrounds, with a variety of abilities, from children needing SEN and EAL support. They use multi-disciplinary and multi-sensory techniques, so your kids can learn kinaesthetically, as well as through auditory means and visual ways.

If you're looking for things to do with kids in Stratford, then you have to get over to the Discover Centre, and don't miss out on the regular events that take place. Some events include the Fairytales event, where kids can have blast of a time imagining they are walking through the woods in a fairytale land to explore the likes of gingerbread houses, princess palaces, caves full of golden jewels and more. They can then have a party at the Palace Disco, discovering and joining in with the performers of this fairytale land, having a blast of a time. Your little ones can also be immersed into the stories of Jack and Magic Beanstalk, and other great tales, along with the creative activities that go along with these stories. Check out the Mighty Mega Club, for SEN children and those with disabilities for great sessions where they can interact, play, learn, do crafts and more. For those interested in science, check out the Storytelling: Blink Blonk event, to discover so much about the scientific world and how everything around us works, along with some dancing, funky lights and more.

When you're done for the day, check out the gift shop for treats, along with great books to continue the fun at home, as reading really remains one of the best ways to learn! For more great days out in East London, check out V&A Museum of Childhood to discover some fascinating collections of art and objects relating to childhood, along with events where you can see some fun performances, and more.

What to know before you go

  • Discover Children's Story Centre opening times are slots from 10am to 5pm.
  • When you're feeling peckish, there is a cafe on site, serving delicious snacks, drinks and meals. Plus, there are picnic spots dotted around inside if you wish to bring your own food.
  • There are toilets, accessible toilets on each floor, and baby changing facilities available,
  • *The site is accessible, with step-free access to all entrances, and lifts to each floor. This is for both wheelchair, pushchair and other user who needs this access. Please note that pushchairs are not allowed in the play areas.  

Getting there

  • If travelling by public transport, Discover Children's Story Centre is a short 5 minute walk from Stratford station, which is served by the Central line, the Jubilee line, the DLR, and London overground lines. These bus routes 25, 86, 108, 425, D8, 257, 308, 104, 238, 241, 262, 158, 473, 276, UL1 and 69, stop off near to the Discover Children's Story Centre.
  • The Discovery Centre is also not far from the Olympic Park where you can cycle and walk from there.
  • If travelling via car, from central London, go via the A3211 and A11.
  • There is no parking on site, Stratford multi-story car park and Westfield Shopping Centre (Stratford) have parking spaces. There are blue badge spaces located on Bridge Terrace. Alternatively, look here for NCP parking nearby.

Please follow the latest government guidelines if travelling by public transport.

Government Guidelines


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