A lemur starts to climb onto a child at Lemurland in Drusillas Park.
The Australian Rainbow Lorikeets sit on a boy in a yellow t-shirt as they search for nectar at Drusillas Park.
A sign for the new Go Wild! play area at Drusillas Park, included in the ticket price.
A little girl meets a goat for the first time at a Drusillas Park experience.

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Please be aware of government guidelines before setting off.

Government Guidelines
  • Drusillas Park is an outstanding three in one attraction in East Sussex.
  • Explore the fantastic animal attractions, with animals from all over the world.
  • Play in one of the fun and exciting play areas throughout the ten acres.
  • Travel on thrilling rides that will help you reach for the skies above Drusillas.

Drusillas Park is an East Sussex small zoo and play area. It has domestic and exotic animals to see, with 196 different species on display. It began as a tea cottage and is now regarded as the best small zoo in the country. If you're looking for child-friendly things to do in East Sussex, then this is top of your list.

The Drusillas Zoo is home to a wide variety of animals for such a small space, and there are various ways to get up close and personal with them. With red pandas, giant anteaters, spectacled owls, chickens, and sheep being just some of what's on display, you'll be able to see exotic animals that you'd only find in the wild, and the animals you see in the back garden but all in one place. There's also the ability to meet these animals up close in some of the walkthrough exhibits. Lemurland will allow visitors to have a hug with the ring-tails and see the beautiful black lemurs leap through the air. The Bat and Sloth Cave will teach you about British bats as you get up close and personal to their sharp teeth. You also might find Soph the sloth and the violaceous turacos. Lory Landing isn't for the faint-hearted, as birds will land all over you in the hopes of getting some sweet nectar. The friendly rainbow lorikeets are Australian natives, so you'll be going to the land down under while still enjoying the park. Animal feeding times are also a great chance to see the animals at lunch. You can see macaques, penguins, otters, and lemurs getting their favourite delicious food, as you learn what it is they like to eat.

If you want to play at Drusillas, there are so many places and play areas to explore. Go Wild! is an outdoor adventure play park with a safari jeep, rock climbing Botswana Boulder, the Kilamanjaro helter-skelter and more. Pretend to be a monkey at the Monkey Kingdom and have a swing on the banana boats. There's also a specific play area for under-sixes called Go Bananas! Bring your swimming costume for the Splash Pad and Kids Water Park. Get Wet! is a fantastic adventure at Drusillas Park with sprinklers, cannons and more. If the weather isn't warm, go inside to the soft play Amazon Adventure play area with slides, an aerial runway, the anaconda run and more. Separated into different age groups, everyone in the family can have fun. Parents can enjoy a drink or snack at the Amazon Adventure Café. Go back in time at Jurassic Jungle, and keep your eyes peeled for dinosaurs. Mungo's Adventure Maze is an interactive maze to get kids to channel Indiana Jones as they search for the golden egg. At Drusillas, for a little more money you can pan for gold, enjoy a dino-dig, go down the Penguin Plunge, climb up high on the Vertical Limit, pop into the Hello Kitty Parlour, and more!

Time for some rides? The Go Safari! Kid's Rides are three African themed attractions in one. The Flying Cheetah will speed you through the skies, The Hippopotobus will twirl you through the air, and The Safari Express will introduce you to different characters along the way, like Snigger and Sneer, the laughing hyenas. If you're looking for something unique, you might like the Hello Kitty Secret Garden ride. Hello Kitty Secret Garden is the first Hello Kitty ride is Europe's first-ever Hello Kitty themed attraction and is also three rides in one spot. The Hello Kitty Hopper Ride will propel you high into the sky. The Hello Kitty Car Ride will drive you through tunnels and water fountains as you learn facts about Hello Kitty. The Hello Kitty Tea Cup ride puts you in the driver's seat as you spin the wheel to go faster. For other new and one-of-a-kind rides, Drusillas has the Rainforest Carousel, which spins you around as you sit on your favourite rainforest animal.

Are you feeling hungry? There are four places to eat in the park. The Oasis Café at the Go Wild! play area serves lunches like burgers and chicken nuggets. The Doughnut Factory next to the Safari Express train station serves hot and freshly cooked doughnuts. The Amazon Adventure Café at the Amazon Adventure, within the Go Wild! play area serves light bites which are great if you want a snack. If you'd like a souvenir, there are four shops dotted around the site. Mungo’s Trading Post is found next to the Train Station and is excellent for gifts you can buy with your pocket money. Toy Safari offers many different toys, including from favourite shows like Paw Patrol. For soft toys, you'll want to go to Teddy’s Jungle Safari, where they can take home a soft new friend. Candyland is situated next to Oasis Café and next to Go Wild! and Go Bananas! play areas, and might give the kids a sugar rush. With ice cream, sweets and more there's something for all price points. There are also animal experiences available, whether your child wants to be Keeper for the Day, or wants to adopt a new furry friend and support them.

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What to know before you go

  • The Drusillas Park opening times are 10am - 5pm in the Winter, and 10am - 6pm in the Summer. It is open 362 days of the year, only closing for the 24th, 25th and 26th December.
  • Pushbikes and scooters are not permitted in the park.
  • Changing facilities are available in all toilets (except those next to the Discovery Centre).
  • The Parent and Baby room is found in the Go Wild! area.
  • A nappy vending machine is located in the toilets opposite the Go Safari! area.
  • Only assistance dogs are permitted in the park.
  • Drusillas Park is entirely wheelchair accessible and includes low-level viewing at the animal exhibits for guests in wheelchairs. The zoo route is one mile in length but provides rest stops.
  • Certain rides are inaccessible to those with mobility issues, but these will be clearly signed.
  • Wheelchairs can be hired on request.
  • The majority of the park is included in the ticket price, including all rides and all play areas. Some activities will cost extra.

Getting there

  • Drusillas is located just off the A27 near Alfriston, six miles from Eastbourne, 12 miles from Brighton, and 20 miles from Hastings.
  • The closest station is Polegate Station, but visitors will need to take a taxi. Berwick Station is one mile from Drusillas Park, but you will need to take a taxi from there, and these can only be pre-booked.
  • Car parking is free.
  • Walking or bus transport is not available for Drusillas Park.

Please follow the latest government guidelines if travelling by public transport.

Government Guidelines


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