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An outside view of the Grade I listed Grovelands House at Grovelands Park.
North London
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Greater London
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North London
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Greater London
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Grovelands Park

Please be aware of government guidelines before setting off.

Government Guidelines
  • Explore the 18th-century grounds and the historic Grade II listed park.
  • Feed the ducks and other birds, or go fishing for pike at the Grovelands Park lake.
  • Kids can head to the woodland adventure playground for some seriously fun playtime.
  • Try your hand at tennis, golf, basketball or have a go on some of the free gym equipment.

With over a century of history and many attractions for all members of the family, the 64-acre Grovelands Park in Southgate and Winchmore Hill has lots to explore. From tennis to bird spotting, there is something for every interest, and you can even check out the Grade I listed Grovelands House on the west side of the park.

Originally, the mansion that exists in the park grounds was built at the turn of the 18th century and was called Southgate Grove. It had gardens that were designed by Humphry Repton, and the house itself was designed by John Nash. In 1913, the Municipal Borough of Southgate bought part of the grounds to create a public park, which is what we now know as Grovelands Park. Now, the house, which is a Grade I listed building, is part of the Priory Hospital Group. The park itself is Grade II listed on the Register of Historic Parks and Gardens. Grovelands Park is home to ancient woods and contains a lake, stream, and lots of grassland that make it an ideal place for wildlife to live.

This dog-friendly park is one of the best parks in Southgate to bring your four-legged friend and is also the perfect location to bring the kids for a runaround. The woodland adventure playground is a favourite with families and was funded by the Friends of Grovelands Park. The wooden playground equipment is built to blend in with the surrounding areas, and includes plenty of things to climb and play on. However, this isn't the only playground on site; there is another play area for younger children located near the cafe, with colourful equipment including swings, slides and climbing frames. For the sport-lover, Grovelands Park is a dream destination. Head to the tennis court to brush up on your racquet skills, or check out the Bowls Club, which is open to members of all ages. There is also a miniature golf course that can be used for a small charge, and is a great low-pressure environment for beginners, or perfect for a little competition. You'll also find two basketball courts on site, as well as free gym equipment.

For those who prefer fishing as a hobby, there are lots of fishing spots by the lake, where you can catch pike. Due to the new reed beds, the quality of the water in the lake has improved, making it an ideal place to fish. Wildlife lovers will also have a fantastic time at Grovelands Park, where you can spot herons, parakeets, and of course, see all the swans and ducks in the pond. The cafe even sells special bird food to feed the birds and ducks with, as bread can be damaging for them as it provides little nutritional value.

For something to eat, Grovelands Park Cafe, as well as supplying bird food, also provides some tasty human options. Here, you can enjoy some tea, coffee, sandwiches or cake, and even get some ice cream on a hot day. If you prefer, Grovelands Park is also the ideal picnic destination, so feel free to bring your own food if you wish. For those who would like to venture a little further afield, the surrounding area of Southgate is filled with myriad different food options.

If you had a fabulous time exploring the beautiful Grovelands Park and are looking for more great family activities to do in the London Borough of Enfield, Trent Country Park is another option for a day out in the fresh air. Or, to continue the north London adventure, head to Alexandra Palace for endless fun, from Go Ape to ice skating and more.

What to know before you go

  • Grovelands Park Enfield is open from 8am - 6pm daily, except on Sundays when it is open from 8.30am - 6pm. Closing times vary throughout the year, and more information on this can be found on the Friends of Grovelands Park website.
  • There are baby-changing facilities and accessible toilets in the public toilets on site. The toilets close an hour before the park does.
  • Some of the equipment in the adventure playground is due to be upgraded by Friends of Grovelands Park, so there may be limited access.
  • If you are planning to fish for pike in the lake, you must first obtain a fishing licence from Enfield Council, however children under 13 don't need a licence, and a licence for children between 13 and 16 years old is free. There are licences available for a day, week or year.
  • Dogs are welcome at the park.

Getting there

  • Grovelands Park is located between Winchmore Hill and Southgate, and is easiest to get to via public transport.
  • The nearest train station is Southgate Tube station, which sits on the Piccadilly line. From here it takes just under 40 minutes by Tube to get to central London.
  • You can also take the train to Winchmore Hill Station, which is served by Great Northern Rail.
  • There are a number of bus services that will take you to Grovelands Park, including the 611, W6, 299, 121 and 298.
  • If you are travelling by car, the main entrance is at The Bourne just off the A111, but you can also get there via Winchmore Hill Road, turning left at Southgate Tube station on to The Bourne. The car park is located just by the main entrance, and there are also three Blue Badge parking spaces.

Please follow the latest government guidelines if travelling by public transport.

Government Guidelines


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