Gulliver's Kingdom yellow Crows Nest Quest climbing frame.
The East Midlands
United Kingdom
The East Midlands
United Kingdom

Gulliver’s Kingdom

Please be aware of government guidelines before setting off.

Government Guidelines
  • Discover thrilling rides and phenomenal attractions at Gulliver's Kingdom Matlock Bath, a part of the Gulliver's theme parks sites.
  • Situated at the edge of the Peak District National Park, Gulliver's Kingdom is a one-of-a-kind theme park experience, with much to offer.
  • Enjoy adrenaline-filled and fuelled adventures, all with spectacular views within the impressive hillside backdrop. Climb high above the Crows Nest Quest and take a trip on the log flume, situated 300ft above Derwent Valley.
  • This family-run theme park has over sixty rides, attractions, shows and experiences.
  • Make fantastic memories at Gulliver's explorer's retreat, with the theme park right on your doorstep.

Gulliver's Kingdom, Matlock Bath, is a fantastical theme park for, with non-stop adventure, aimed at children aged 2 to 13. Visit Gulliver’s Kingdom in Derbyshire for a wide range of rides and attractions, from the magical Western World, and groovy Pirates Play area to the deep log flume and Drop Tower. Don't worry if it's raining; you'll have a blast in the popular indoor attraction Blast Arena, which is open all year long. This enchanting theme park is set on a stunning hillside, boasting fabulous views! With over 35 years of experience, Gulliver's Kingdom knows how to create the perfect family day out. 

There is an abundance of rides to sample, like the Crazy Barrel Ride, which is a spinning teacup style ride with barrels instead of cups. Other rides include the Switchback roller-coaster - a twisting, turning, adrenaline-filled ride; the Antelope ride, with huge dips and spins; the water canyon ride, and Gully’s Pirate Adventure. You can also enjoy the stunning views of the Derbyshire hillside from specific points of the park, such as on the log flume with its altitude of 629 ft. From this altitude, you might be able to see Chatsworth House and Farmyard, which is a working farmyard and farmyard friends, home to a woodland playground that. It has trampolines, a rope park and slides, plus water and sand play. Or maybe you can spot Crich Tramway Village, which is set within a recreated period village containing a working pub, café, old-style sweetshop and vintage tram depots for you to try out.

The older kids won't want to miss out on The Western World, and Pirates Play area, whilst younger children will love Toy Land, boasting a great choice of interactive rides and attractions for the those under five. Be sure to look out for Gully and friends, with several dinosaur attractions that are located all around the park, and you can end your day in the indoor play area to use up that last leg of energy before your journey home. From giant adventures to immersive experiences, Gulliver's Kingdom is one of the best theme parks in the UK.

Don't miss out on themed events held throughout the year at Gulliver's Kingdom, like the Scare Safari for a spooky October trip to get you in the festive mood. Or why not visit at Christmas for some snowy, magic fun full of adventures, unbelievable stories and more.

Make your Gulliver's Kingdom trip an unforgettable one and stay over, with the theme park right on your doorstep. The children will wake up ecstatic, just waiting for Gulliver's Kingdom fun to start. You can enjoy the very best of the Peak District with a little break in the magical, fantastical, themed accommodation. Choose from swashbuckling pirate cabins, promenade rooms, princess suites and wizard suites.

After exploring Gulliver's Kingdom in Derbyshire, you might want to try out some more Gulliver's Theme Parks, like Gulliver's Land in Milton Keynes, Gulliver's World in Warrington, the current largest Gulliver's Theme Park, and Gulliver's Valley in Rotheram.

What to know before you go

  • There are toilet blocks located in each area of the park. These toilets are also accessible by wheelchair users.
  • There are on-site baby changing facilities in each area.
  • There are mother's feeding rooms in Lilliput Land, offering a quiet private place.
  • Each restaurant has microwave facilities so you can warm bottle or baby food. Alternatively, the main restaurant has a selection of Baby Deli on sale.
  • When you're feeling peckish, there are several eateries on site, ready to please the pickiest of taste buds and satisfy all your hunger needs. From Gully Grill to Antelope Galley, the Lilliput Fryer, Big G Diner, Costa, and more, you can sample burgers, hot dogs, snacks, fish and chips, nuggets, veggie options and more.

Getting there

  • If travelling by car, you can exit at Junction 28 from the M1 and follow the signs to the venue. If you are arriving from the M6 from the south, take the A38 towards Lichfield, following it north until you see our signposts.
  • If travelling by train, there is the Derby to Matlock train service which runs through Matlock Bath around every 1.5 hours, from Monday to Saturday and then every 2 hours on a Sunday. The Matlock Bath train station is around 10-15 mins walk from the park, all you have to do is follow the river on your left until you get to the Fishpond pub and then follow the little path up the hill.
  • If travelling by bus, the Transpeak runs from Manchester to Derby stopping in Matlock Bath. The service runs every hour from Buxton/Derby or every two hours if you are travelling from Manchester/Stockport. Take the number 17 bus from Chesterfield to Matlock and then the Transpeak or R61 to the Fishpond pub. This runs every hour Mon to Sat. On Sundays, the buses run every two hours. Get off at the Fishpond pub, and then it is just a short walk up the hill.

Please follow the latest government guidelines if travelling by public transport.

Government Guidelines


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