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Exhibition of clothes and artefacts at The Jewish Museum.
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Greater London
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The Jewish Museum

Please be aware of government guidelines before setting off.

Government Guidelines
  • The Jewish Museum is a valuable museum to the Jewish community and to British culture, open to people from all backgrounds and faiths.
  • With an abundance of fun activities, kids will learn about Jewish history and heritage in an engaging way.
  • Interactive to say the least, the Jewish Museum offers a number of resources for kids to enjoy.
  • The Jewish Museum Shop offers a range of unique and ornate items, for the perfect souvenir to round off the day.

The Jewish Museum is a London museum that spotlights the stories of Jewish people in Britain over several years. It focuses on Jewish history, as well as the Jewish heritage, through themes such as culture, family, faith, and migration. A celebration of diversity, people from all backgrounds and faiths are welcome to visit. It’s conveniently located in Camden, northwest London, close to the Kings Cross area and half an hour away from the London Jewish Cultural Centre.

Entrance to the museum’s Welcome Gallery, café and shop are free, whilst a ticket will be required to access the four permanent exhibitions and special exhibitions. This museum is great for the history fanatics and will surely teach even the most learned something. 

The Jewish Museum is unique in a different way to other museums in North London. With the average visiting time spent around two hours, be assured that there is a great deal of Jewish history to learn about, see and experience, for the whole family. Speaking of families, the Jewish Museum loves families! With daily drop-in arts and crafts sessions at the Welcome Gallery, there will always be something to get involved in, whenever you visit.

There’s no reason why walking around must be the only thing you do at the Jewish Museum. While there, why not borrow a family backpack, full of engaging and hands-on sensory activities to help younger and older kids get more involved in their learning? From hunting to crafting to language-learning, there are several opportunities in this London museum to learn and be entertained as you do so.

The Jewish Museum knows that different children engage in different ways, especially as they grow in age, so their events are tailored for a variety of children. For your under-fives, the Jewish Museum hosts a weekly quiz - a fantastic way to test their knowledge and pick up some more in a friendly, competitive way. What’s more, on the second Sunday of each month, the museum holds its ‘Museum Mornings’, themed around a specific area of Jewish art, history or culture. Perhaps your child has a specific interest or wants to learn more about a particular object they encountered in one of the galleries? The ‘Museum Mornings’ would be great for them to learn more. After that, pick up a magnifying glass and try to spot the animals lurking in the Judaism Gallery. In the History Gallery, kids can develop their problem-solving skills, matching items and trying to piece the medieval jug back together!

For the kids aged six and up, try the Family Military Trail to learn more about Jewish military history. Then, with the Synagogue Model, you can take part in some hands-on learning as you play and try on prayer items for a realistic and enlightening experience of being in a real synagogue. For the kids above six, consider taking either a ‘Curious Crowns’ backpack or ‘Jewish Journey’ backpack along with you for some truly interactive fun.

With all that there is to see, do and explore, chances are you might fancy a souvenir. The Jewish Museum Shop has got you sorted, with a variety of colourful, exquisite and practical items for purchase. From exhibition books to cultural books to jewellery to crockery to toys, you’ll be spoilt for choice - not just for souvenirs but for gifts for family and friends.

Among the most popular family displays is The Tailoring Trade; kids (especially budding fashion designers) can feel and test old tailoring equipment, putting themselves in the role of a tailor. In The Immigrant Home, see for yourself what it was like to settle in the East End of London as a Jew. Ever wondered about the Shabbat, or Sabbath, the Jewish day of rest? Find out about it in Shabbat Shalom and take part in a Shabbat table experience.

What to know before you go

  • The Jewish Museum Café is a great, spacious and bright spot for eating. It serves a fish-vegetarian menu consisting of bagels, cakes, and soups, as well as hot and cold drinks.
  • Packed lunches can be eaten in the café if the food is also fish-vegetarian.
  • Baby changing facilities are available in the Jewish Museum.
  • Buggies and wheelchairs are welcome; there is lift access throughout the Jewish Museum, to all floors.
  • Wheelchairs are available for booking, and most of the floors in the Jewish Museum are accessible.

 Getting there

  • The Jewish Museum London is located in Raymond Burton House in Camden.
  • The closest Tube station is Camden Town (Northern Line), just a three-minute walk away.
  • The nearest car park to is on 38-40 Pratt Street, NW1 0LY. Charges will apply. This car park is a six-minute walk away.
  • There is also parking on Albert Street, Parkway and Arlington Road. These are limited metered parking spaces, where charges will apply. 
  • For Blue Badge holders, visitors can park on Albert Street without time limits.

Please follow the latest government guidelines if travelling by public transport.

Government Guidelines


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