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Small crowds at the entrance to Legoland Windsor on a sunny day.
United Kingdom
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United Kingdom
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Legoland Windsor

Please be aware of government guidelines before setting off.

Government Guidelines
  • Legoland Windsor is a theme park focused around children. It initially opened in 1996 and has been a family favourite ever since, becoming the UK’s most visited theme park, and Europe’s 10th-most visited in 2017.
  • The park is made up of 12 different themed lands, based around themes such as pirates, ninjas, knights, Vikings, pharaohs and more, with a variety of different rides in each. It covers just over 150 acres!
  • Legoland Windsor also holds a variety of shows and events around the park, including 4D shows and meet and greets of favourite Lego characters. At certain times of the year, guests can also watch the Legoland fireworks.

Get ready to build the best day out with your family at Legoland Windsor Resort, owned partly by Merlin Entertainments along with Alton Towers and Chessington World of Adventures (only 40 minutes away by car, so perfect if you feel like making two theme park trips). A similar park to Paultons Park, Legoland Windsor is an amazing experience for the whole family but specifically catering to younger kids. There’s so much to do, whether you want to play, discover, eat or ride.

The Dragon at Legoland is arguably the most famous ride of the whole park. Located in Knights’ Kingdom, you must be a minimum of 1.0m to ride, and 1.3m to ride without an adult, so this is one for the older kids. Fly around the castle and through the trees to discover the red dragon that hides in the castle. For your younger children, The Dragon’s Apprentice is also located in Knights’ Kingdom but is currently closed for maintenance.

However, there’s plenty to do even for “little builders”. Do you want the kids to learn how to drive early? Then enjoy L-Drivers, where kids as young as three can take the wheel and enjoy the quiet roads of Lego City. You can also enjoy Aero Nomad in the Kingdom of the Pharaohs. You might not have thought your summer would involve flying above the park to look at the kingdom, but it could now. There is also plenty to explore in Duplo Playtown for the smallest members of the family.

Family on Pirate Falls: Treasure Quest log flume ride.

We recommend bringing something you’re willing to get wet in for some of the most exciting park rides. Pirate Falls: Treasure Quest only has one way down, and it results in a massive splash! Be careful of the spray in the Viking River Splash as you make your way through uncharted waters.

After all that fun, you can enjoy a peaceful walk through any of the beautiful Lego lands created completely out of Lego, or enjoy a snack or meal at any of the places dotted around the park.

The resort has opened up both of its hotels with new health and safety measures: the Resort Hotel, full of themed rooms that will encompass all children’s interests and the Castle Hotel, a magical experience. The Resort Hotel pool is planned to open again on the 1st August. The park has also partnered with hotels near Legoland Windsor, such as The Hilton Bracknell and Berystede Hotel and Spa, to ensure guests a great stay.

What to know before you go

  • Legoland opens at 9.30am and closes at 6pm.
  • Changing facilities are available in Heartlake City. All toilets include disabled facilities. Wheelchairs can be hired for a refundable deposit. Assistance animals are allowed into the park but cannot go on rides.
  • The park has a Total Sensory Space in Heartlake City, the first dedicated sensory space in a theme park, and is for those with additional needs who need a quieter space.
  • Legoland Windsor has two main restaurants: City Walk Pizza and Pasta and Pirate’s Burger Kitchen. Selected meal deals can be pre-booked online to save money. The park is fully vegan-friendly, so there should be food for everybody.
  • The park also includes a coffee shop, ice cream parlour and sweet shop if your family needs snacks throughout the day. If staying at any of the hotels, breakfast is included.
  • There are four shops around the park, including The BIG Shop, the largest Lego store in the UK, making it the perfect place to get a souvenir.

Getting there

  • Legoland Windsor is two miles from Windsor town centre. If using a sat-nav, make sure to use the Legoland postcode SL4 4AY and follow the tourist information signs to ensure you don’t end up on a residential road. The park can be accessed from Junction 3 of the M3 and Junction 6 of the M4, as well as the M25 northbound (clockwise) exiting at Junction 13. Bear in mind there may be delays on the M4 until 2022 due to a Smart Motorway project.
  • Booking a standard parking space online in advance will cost £7. To book closer to the park entrance is £13 if you book in advance. If not booked in advance, the Legoland parking cost is £8 for a standard spot, and £16 for Priority Parking.
  • Parking for guests with disabilities can be found near the entrance.
  • Windsor & Eton Central is 30 minutes away from London Paddington, via Slough on Great Western Railway. South West trains go direct from London Waterloo to Windsor & Eton Riverside in less than an hour. Shuttle buses run to the park from both of these stations, however they are an extra charge. 
  • Coach connections from Reading and Bracknell to the park are available through Green Line 702 and 703. Both provide a half-hourly service to central Windsor and Slough. Green Line 702 runs once an hour and continues to London Victoria, and Green Line 703, also hourly, continues to London Heathrow Terminal 5. Golden Tours from London also runs a service to Legoland, as well as National Holidays from various regions.

Please follow the latest government guidelines if travelling by public transport.

Government Guidelines


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