Two colourful parrots at Lincolnshire Wildlife Park.
Trees and path at Lincolnshire Wildlife Park.
Lincolnshire Wildlife Park exterior and gate.
White lions at Lincolnshire Wildlife Park sitting together, one looking at camera.

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Please be aware of government guidelines before setting off.

Government Guidelines
  • Visit Lincolnshire Wildlife Park to reconnect with nature, and make friends with rare animals, like Bengal tigers, and White Lions. 
  • A day out at Lincolnshire Wildlife Park is a great and unforgettable experience, with annual events throughout the year.
  • Don't miss out on the chance to eat with the likes of bearded dragons, lemurs, and watch some cheeky meerkats at work!

Located in the gorgeous quaint village of Friskney, a short drive from Skegness, and not too far from Boston, Lincolnshire Wildlife Park is just waiting to be discovered. This is Europe’s only dedicated Parrot Sanctuary; previously known as The Parrot Zoo. Named Visitor Attraction of the Year 2017/18, you know this will be a certified fantastic time for the whole family. This wonderful attraction is fast becoming the pride of Lincolnshire. Set in over 20-acres of beautifully landscaped gardens and natural woodland, exploring the many wild and endangered species of animals is a delight. From cheeky meerkats to wide-eyed Lemurs, some Marmosets, Tapir, slippery reptiles, emus and more, the little ones will be enthralled. This animal park, which is a registered charity, boasts the most extensive collection of parrots in the world and the largest group of tigers, plus home to a diverse array of other animals.

You don't want to miss out on the Bengal Gardens, which is a fascinating, unique facility that offers long term splendid sanctuary for some of the beautiful endangered animals of the world. Here you can discover and meet wild and endangered animals, like Bengal tigers and parrots, making a Lincolnshire coast family day out day out memorable and special trip. This Lincolnshire zoo is home to 11 Bengal Tigers, and these fearsome animals are fantastic to see as they are majestic and powerful.

Lincolnshire Wildlife Park is always being given new rare species to take care for. Now home to one of the rarest species of cat, two striking White Lions - so, the park has a diverse range of animals for you to discover. This animal sanctuary offers the most advanced enclosure for this wildlife retirement, on top of allowing visitors to get within mere inches of these majestic natural animals. The kids will love interacting with the animals by feeding them! 100's of parrots in the Parrot Zoo will come and land on your shoulder during the amazing Walkthrough Experience, and you can purchase treats for the Western Town brazen Meerkat family. For an intimate experience with the likes of tigers, tortoises, tapir and lemurs, there are animal experiences which are available to book, and here you can make best friends with some of the funniest, and rarest furry animals. Don't miss out on the reindeer, which are incredibly fun at Christmas! After you can share some dinner with a bearded dragon. The unique and fascinating reptile exhibit at The Rainforest Diner is positioned perfectly for this, where your little ones can observe the animals while they eat!  The possibilities at this wildlife zoo in Lincolnshire are endless. For more animal fun in Lincolnshire, be sure to check out the Jungle Zoo, a small family run zoo where you can watch feeding demonstrations and more.

Be sure to check out the fabulous Walk-In Aviary where you can make best friends with over 250 birds, and get up close and personal with them. This is a family favourite experience and always extremely popular with our visitors. With nearly 2,000 birds to discover, this is the UK’s largest collection of parrots, you'll be able to see all the different types, and they may even have a thing or two to say to you. 

Don't miss out on the play area at Lincolnshire Wildlife Park, with a new revamp; there is a thrilling new pyramid climbing frame and natural safe-wood activity frames so your little ones can play safely. The area has plenty of seating benches for when you need a rest, and the grown-ups can watch the fun. These are great for picnics too as vibrant colours populate the area. It is located close The Rainforest Diner, so you can always grab a takeaway drink, meal or snack to enjoy while the children are off playing in their own little world. With an ice-cream van nearby (at peak times only), you have everything you need right there. If your little ones are after some more rad play areas, check out Adventure Land in Springfields outlet, for more thrilling fun, this time with diggers, a beach, golf and more.

Be sure to check out the beautiful nature research, known as The Ivanvale Nature Reserve, which is 11-acres of a delightful conservation project, protected and preserved by the Lincolnshire countryside. Home to over 8,000 trees of many indigenous species, there is lots of wildlife around the area. This is all situated around a stunning lake, which a range of birds makes their home annually.

What to know before you go

  • When you're feeling peckish, take a trip to the Rainforest Diner, where you can get freshly cooked meals, drinks and snacks and the children can play in the adventure playground.
  • Plus, collect your colouring sheet to keep the kids entertained while waiting for your meal. There is a heating station located in the Rainforest Diner for food or milk.
  • The park is entirely accessible for wheelchair users, with low viewing points and plenty of picnic areas on the Nature Reserve. The park design has flat concrete paths and vast grassy meadows, so it is fully accessible for any visitor.
  • There are toilets, plus fully equipped facilities for baby changing, with a station in our ladies toilets as well as in our accessible toilet.
  • Most of the enclosures have low viewing points to observe the animals comfortably. There are fully equipped WC facilities on site. There is also two electric mobility scooters which can be hired.
  • Pushchairs can be left in the reception courtyard.

Getting there

  • Lincolnshire Wildlife Park is located in Boston, Lincolnshire, just a 15-minute drive away from Skegness and a 25-minute drive from Boston.
  • If driving, keep an eye out for the brown tourist signs that will appear from the A52 at Wainfleet and the A16 at Stickney to help guide you to Lincolnshire Wildlife Park.
  • From Friskney, there is no public transport to the park. However, it is about a 35-minute walk, or you can get a cab or the Call Connect bus service, which you can arrange beforehand.

Please follow the latest government guidelines if travelling by public transport.

Government Guidelines


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