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Red and yellow flowerbeds at Singleton Park in Swansea.
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Singleton Park

Please be aware of government guidelines before setting off.

Government Guidelines
  • Head to the Singleton Park Boating Lake where you can have a go on a swan-shaped pedalo.
  • Check out the stunning Botanical Gardens, with glasshouses, flower displays and ornamental gardens.
  • Learn all about Egyptian history at the Egypt Centre at Swansea University next to the park.
  • Test your skills and have a family tournament at the 18-hole crazy golf course.

The largest park in the city of Swansea, Singleton Park in the district of Sketty is the perfect place to spend a picturesque day out with the family. With 250 acres of park land to explore, and botanical gardens to rival the grandest stately homes, there's something to engage every interest at this beautiful Swansea park. With its close proximity to Swansea University, and fascinating history, Singleton Park has become a hub of activity over the years, and is one of the most popular places for Swansea residents to come and relax, and enjoy their leisure time in the winter as well as the summer.

Originally bought from the Vivian family, a noble family of barons in 1919 by Swansea County Borough Council, Singleton Park has been in public use ever since. Unlike many city parks, Singleton Park is home to some beautiful botanic and ornamental gardens, that were designed by Daniel Bliss, who was trained at Kew Gardens. Now, the gardens are still enjoyed by the public, and are home to one of the most significant plant collections in Wales.

The botanical gardens, also known as Singleton Botanical Gardens, are one of the stand out points of the park. With a number of individual gardens, glass houses and even a Japanese bridge to explore, these beautiful ornamental gardens are certainly worth a visit as you make your way around the park. One of the best things about the garden is that it is free to enter, and the wide range of flora makes it a great place to introduce kids to plants and wildlife. The wildflower garden (also known as the 'wellbeing' garden) is the perfect place to enjoy some quiet time, and learn about the different types of flower on display. The herb garden is also a great place to go with kids, as it is filled with smells and textures that are great for aiding sensory development. It's also a good way to introduce children to how plants are used in cooking and for other purposes by humans. The gardens are known to be at their most beautiful in the middle of summer, but they can be enjoyed just as much at different times of year as well. From March until October the herbaceous borders are still in bloom, and there are plenty of plants to see over the winter too.

As well as the gardens, Singleton Park has many other attractions and things to do that make it a top choice for families. Singleton Park Boating Lake is located just a short walk from the park itself, by the seafront, and here you can rent pedalos, with a swan or a dragon design that the kids will love. The lake is also a popular spot for wildlife and fishing, so head there to catch some carp, roach, or more outside peak season. For more family entertainment, the 18-hole crazy golf course at Singleton Park is an ultimate favourite, and the perfect place to perfect your skills and have a bit of friendly competition. Singleton Park also has some great things to do for younger kids as well, with a play area complete with a climbing frame and slide, that the kids are bound to love. Plus, keep an eye out for the famous Swiss Cottage located in the park. Built by Peter Frederick Robinson, a nineteenth-century English architect, the cottage has a colourful design and is inscribed with the German phrase 'Lebe so dass du wieder leben magst', which translates to 'Live that you may live again'. An unusual feature, the cottage has not been used in years, and there are plans for it to be made into a cafe.

For a little bit more learning on your trip to Singleton Park, Swansea University, which borders the park, is home to the fascinating Egypt Centre, where little Egyptologists can learn all about this ancient civilisation. Especially handy for when the kids are learning about the Egyptians at school, this museum is home to over 5,000 artefacts that will definitely grab the interest of the kids.

Once you've explored the beauty of Singleton Park, there are lots of spots you can head to for a spot of food or drink. The Pub on the Pond (which used to be called the Inn on the Lake until its nickname became so popular that the owner ended up changing the name) is a great place to go all year round, with children's meals, hearty pub lunches and more. If you fancy a coffee and some cake, Brynmill Coffee House is located on the east side of the park on Langland Terrace, and is a great place to grab some lunch. On the other hand, Singleton Park is also the perfect place for a picnic, so feel free to bring your own lunch and enjoy. If you are looking for somewhere to stay in the area, you can also find multiple hotels near Singleton Park. Swansea has a few options of local and chain hotels as you travel into the city centre.

If your trip to Singleton Park in Sketty gave you a taste of Swansea and you'd love to check out the rest of the city, there is much more on offer in this beautiful part of Wales. The National Waterfront Museum in the Maritime Quarter of Swansea is a great place to check out old locomotives, artefacts, and learn about the role south Wales played in the Industrial Revolution. Or, to meet some animals including piranhas, monkeys and meerkats, as well as tropical plants, head to Plantasia in the city centre, a huge hothouse with a perfect rainforest climate.

What to know before you go

  • Singleton Park is open all hours, but the Botanic Gardens have different opening times depending on the time of year. Typically it's open in daylight hours only.
  • Dogs are welcome at the park.
  • Singleton Park is accessible for wheelchairs and buggies.
  • There are toilet facilities available on site, including some by the boating lake.

Getting there

  • To get to Singleton Park by car, take the A4067 from Swansea, along Oystermouth Road.
  • There are regular buses that travel between Swansea and Singleton Park, if you wish to travel by public transport.
  • The nearest train station is Swansea train station, which is a 10-minute taxi ride or a 15-minute bus ride away. Alternatively, it takes around 45 minutes to walk into Swansea from Singleton Park.

Please follow the latest government guidelines if travelling by public transport.

Government Guidelines


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