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Child skiing at Snozone.
Milton Keynes
United Kingdom
South East England
Milton Keynes
United Kingdom
South East England


Please be aware of government guidelines before setting off.

Government Guidelines
  • Learn how to ski with one-on-one lessons or family classes.
  • Charge down the slopes with a Family Sledging package.
  • Pop into a Sno-play session for some snowy fun and a cup of coffee.
  • Check the kids into the Children’s SnoAcademy to help build their skills and confidence.

For kids and grown-ups with a taste for adventure, Snozone Milton Keynes is the place to go for the ultimate sporty day out. From ski lessons to sledging, there’s something for every ability level at this fantastic venue.

As the largest indoor resort to use real snow in the UK, Snozone is the perfect place for beginners to get started, or for confident pros to practice their turns. With lessons catering to small groups and individuals, Snozone offers a variety of skills and classes. Whether you’re on the lookout for a family adventure or simply something to do for a morning or afternoon, Snozone has lots of options for all activity levels.

One of our favourite things about Snozone is the fact that you certainly do not need to be a pro skier to enjoy some time on the slopes. For those with young kids, a 30-minute Sno-play session could be just the ticket. Available every Wednesday and Friday morning for the price of a cup of coffee (adults go free!) kids aged 2-6 can have a ball, playing in the snow or the soft play area while parents can grab a cup of tea and watch nearby. Another great idea for a no-pressure day out with the kids is the incredibly popular option of sledging at Snozone. These 45-minute long sessions involve sliding down the real snow-filled slopes on Snozone’s special aerodynamic sledges- what’s not to love?

If you have kids who are keen to get to grips with the basics of skiing, Snozone has everything on offer from a one-hour session to a Beginner’s Day Ski Course. Each lesson is designed for a specific skill level, to allow you to move up the levels until you are a confident skier. There are also beginner’s classes available for older kids, teens and adults, with specific skills also taken into consideration. For example, if you’ve been struggling getting those parallel turns perfect, there is an entire day course dedicated to transforming your ski plough into parallel form.

But it’s not all about skiing! If snowboarding is more up your street, your equipment will be included in the ticket price. While ski lessons start at ages 3+, snowboarders start a little later, with lessons beginning at ages 7 and upwards. Or, if you don’t feel that you need a lesson at all, head along to a freestyle session on a Friday afternoon, where you can practise, or show off your skills.

For something more long term, the Snozone-run Children’s SnoAcademy Ski and Snowboard Club is a family favourite. This course runs alongside term-time for kids and helps them develop their confidence both on and off the slopes. There are also holiday camps available during the school holidays, which include a children’s accredited first aid course, sign language lessons and refreshments on top of their daily snow lessons. Snozone also offers kids’ (and grown-ups!) party packages, if you’re looking for somewhere to throw a celebration to remember.

If you’re looking for somewhere to eat during your day at the slopes, Snozone also has its very own restaurant, The Alpine Kitchen. Serving everything from hot drinks to chicken schnitzel, this Alpine-themed eatery is the perfect place to warm up with a hot meal. Grown-ups can have a drink from the bar, or enjoy some Grumpy Mule coffee, while there are lots of kids options, with a specialised children’s menu and options for low-sugar drinks on offer.

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What to know before you go

  • Ski lessons are available for ages 3+, and adult ski lessons start from ages 16+.
  • You must wear gloves, long-sleeved tops, and full-length trousers on the slopes. Waterproof clothes are recommended.
  • You can bring your own equipment, but there will be no reduction in adult ticket prices. Children get 10% off for bringing their own equipment.
  • Snozone slopes opening times are from 12pm - 8pm from Monday to Thursday, 12pm - 10pm on Friday, and 8am - 8pm on Saturday and Sunday.
  • Make sure you arrive an hour before your session to make sure you are prepared.
  • For those with physical, sensory or cognitive impairment, private one-to-one lessons are available and are delivered by Snozone Disability Snowsports. These sessions include specialised equipment to suit different needs.

Getting there

  • Snozone is located in Xscape Milton Keynes and is easy to get to by car via the A5 or the M1.
  • There is pay and display parking around Xscape Milton Keynes, which is either 50p or 80p per hour. There are also cashless options available.
  • The nearest train station is Milton Keynes Central Station, which is just five minutes away. Regular trains are running from both London Euston and Birmingham. Then, it’s a 20-minute walk to the venue via pedestrian routes, or there are lots of buses running to Xscape.
  • There are lots of buses running regularly to and from Xscape, including the 100 and 150 buses to Milton Keynes that stop outside every 15 minutes.
  • There are bike racks outside if you wish to cycle, or you can hire a Santander bike from Milton Keynes.

Please follow the latest government guidelines if travelling by public transport.

Government Guidelines


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