Monkey family on branch at Trentham Monkey Forest.
West Midlands
United Kingdom
West Midlands
United Kingdom

Trentham Monkey Forest

Please be aware of government guidelines before setting off.

Government Guidelines
  • Visit Trentham Monkey Forest to walk alongside some cute monkeys as they roam freely in this beautiful Staffordshire woodland.
  • Don't miss out on the feeding times at the Monkey Forest Trentham, where you can learn so much about this species and the work needed to care for them.
  • Check out the events that this Monkey Forest,Trentham hosts, like Halloween Festive dressing up competitions, to festive Christmas days out.

Trentham Monkey Forest is a wonderful day out for the family as this magical place is home to 140 free roaming Barbary macaques, a type of monkey native to the Atlas Mountains of Algeria and Morocco. These monkeys live freely within this beautiful Staffordshire woodland, no bars or cages in sight. What this means is that visitors can stroll through the woodland path and experience the monkeys living naturally as they would in the wild, which creates a pleasant atmosphere.  Your little ones will be delighted as they joyously watch their new furry friends mischievously play around the park. They are curious creatures and so love to wander onto the path to meet you.  Plus, there are helpful guides dotted around and along the paths, ready to help and always happy to answer your questions, as there are some crazy monkey antics that happen all the time.  

Come and appreciate this unique experience and tell your friends you made pals with a few monkeys! Your family can  walk amongst two families of wild Barbary macaques roaming free, and strolling and climbing in this 60 acres of stunning Staffordshire Forest landscape, not to mention that this is the only place in Britain to do so. When your kids start to feel a bit monkey mischievous, take them to the adventure playground, so your little monkeys can let off some steam and let their imaginations run wild. If you enjoy the sound of Trentham Monkey Forest, you should definitely check out the wider Trentham Estate, home to the Trentham Gardens, Trentham Shopping Village, and Trentham Treetop Adventure, where you're kids will have an absolute blast, quickly becoming a family favourite Staffordshire experience for Stoke on Trent.

The Monkey Forest is split into three main areas, so you have the actual Monkey Enclosure, plus the Banana Cafe area that has outdoor and indoor seating for when you get hungry, plus there are toilets here, a gift shop for memorabilia and an outdoor play area, lastly there is another adventure playground area that has picnic tables and even a hidden trail. So, there's plenty to discover, with many a hidden gem, you certainly won't be short of a fantastic time. When else can you make friends with some mischievous little monkeys? This is a place of joy, learning and curiosity, so make the most out of your time here, with plenty of laughs to be had. monkeys. Don't miss out on the hourly feeding talks that take place where you can watch your new monkey friends eat. Here you can learn all about how fascinating monkeys are, as your little ones will be so enthralled by this phenomena. Kids will learn so much at this monkey forest, absorbing all the interesting information from the Trentham Monkey Forest.

Check out the ‘Breakfast With Monkey’ experience at Trentham Monkey Forest, the only place in Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire that'll allow you to become a monkey VIP and enter the Forest Trentham Monkey enclosure before opening hours! You can be a real star and help one of the top guides feed breakfast to the monkeys and even prepare their next meal. This is a great experience to have in Staffordshire as you'll be one of the few people in Trentham Monkey forest, so you'll get a fantastic insight into the life of a Barbary macaque as you help feed and care for them.

Trentham Monkey Forest is the ideal spot for a fun, inspiring and educational family trip. Get outdoors, experience the fresh air and get creative as you discover more about this endangered species, the conservation involved in caring for them and more about nature. Trentham Monkey Forest also hold exciting birthday parties and events, so look no further.  When you're feeling peckish, take a trip to the Banana Café, to satiate all your hunger needs, with delicious food, snacks and drinks. There are picnic areas too, but be sure not to bring your food into the monkey enclosure as the monkeys might steal your food. The World of Wedgwood Tearooms are also not far away,  just a ten minute drive from Stone Road, Threntham, where the Monkey Forest is located.

If you're looking for more animal days out in this beautiful part of England, check out the Peak Wildlife Park, also located in Staffordshire, where you can get close to some penguins, wallabies, lemurs, sheep, goats and rabbits and more for a great day out.

What to know before you go

  • Trentham Monkey Forest opening times are from 10am-5pm daily. The Banana Café has seasonal opening times so make sure to check online before you visit.
  • There are toilets located next to the Banana Café. There are also baby changing facilities and accessible toilets available on site.
  • Ticket prices vary, with a 10% online discount and family membership options available.
  • The area is accessible for both buggies and for wheelchairs with clear, wide paths, although some areas are slightly steeper, so harder to navigate. The pathway for the estate is about a mile long . There are seats and benches for when you need a rest.

Getting there

  • Trentham Monkey Forest is located at Trentham Estate in Stoke-on-Trent.
  • If travelling by public transport, head to Stoke train station, where from there you can either get a bus or a cab from here. Get the 21/21A bus to Hanley and then 101 from there. Alternatively, from the train station, you can get a cab to the Monkey Forest in Trentham,
  • If travelling via car, from the M6, use exit 15, taking the A500 towards Stoke and exit on the A34 towards Stone and follow the brown signs to Monkey Forest. The entrance is located at the south entrance on the A34.
  • There is free onsite car parking, with designated disabled parking bays available to use.

Please follow the latest government guidelines if travelling by public transport.

Government Guidelines


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