A lioness lying down at Yorkshire Wildlife Park.
South Yorkshire
Yorkshire and the Humber
United Kingdom
South Yorkshire
Yorkshire and the Humber
United Kingdom

Yorkshire Wildlife Park

Please be aware of government guidelines before setting off.

Government Guidelines
  • Set over 150 open acres in South Yorkshire, the Yorkshire Wildlife Park is home to more than 400 animals across 70 diverse species.
  • Known as the YWP, the centre is dedicated to the conservation and biodiversity of the animal kingdom through the sustainable and ethical work they continue to undertake on-site.
  • They offer visitors an immersive, interactive and fascinating experience delving deep into the wildlife world with walk-through enclosures and feeding sessions.
  • As well as the huge range of diverse animals cared for at the YWP, families can also enjoy tons of adventure playgrounds, meet and greet experiences and seasonal events, such as the annual Yorkshire Wildlife Park Christmas Illuminations taking place every Winter.

Since being founded in 2009, the Yorkshire Wildlife Park has worked to become a leading centre for animal conservation and wildlife education in the United Kingdom. With over 400 Yorkshire Wildlife Park animals looked after within the 150-acre grounds, the centre lets visitors travel the whole wildlife world from its huge Yorkshire base. Families can expect to find a polar bear, tigers, lions, baboons, wallabies, giant otters, leopards, camels, meerkats, painted dogs and many more delightful creatures at this unique site. See if you can spot the infamous Yorkshire Wildlife Park brown bears, and take a walk through the immersive Lemur Woods for the full Madagascan experience.

To take things one step further, the Yorkshire Wildlife Park also offers some fabulous Meet the Animals experiences to get up close to an adorable array of lemurs, wallabies and meerkats. From tigers to lions and giraffes to polar bears, serious nature-lovers can also adopt their own animal with the YWP and receive regulars packs and updates about how they're getting on at the centre. Don't miss the huge range of attractions also on-site at Yorkshire Wildlife Park throughout the year including mesmerising Safari Nights, Fantastical Enchanted Tales and their hugely popular Winter Illuminations for some serious wildlife magic, as well as tons of great educational programmes on offer for schools and families to keep the learning flowing. There are also multiple awesome play areas on-site at the YWP, including the indoor Monkey Playhouse to get swinging yourself, the thrilling Zoom Super Slide Barn, the Big Bugs Play Area, the Oasis Adventure zip line, the Jungle Lookout woodland zone and the brand new Himalayan Pass and Kukulu Island play areas, which are perfectly tailored to younger adventurers.

The Yorkshire Wildlife Park is one of the best things to do in Doncaster that little wildlife-lovers will have the time of their lives exploring. For even more attractions in this scenic region of England, why not head to the beautiful Whitby Abbey.

What to know before you go

  • The Yorkshire Wildlife Park opening times are currently 10am to 6pm on weekdays, and the park will be open from 9am to 6pm on weekends.
  • Doncaster Wildlife Park prices range between adult, child, concession tickets. Reduced rates are available for visitors with disabilities and their carers.
  • You currently need to pre-book your tickets to the park and tickets cannot be purchased on the door. Please check ahead of your visit to see if this information has changed.
  • We recommend allowing around 3-4 hours to explore Yorkshire Wildlife Park in full.
  • No pets are currently allowed on-site at the park.
  • Due to free-roaming animals, please note that buggies may not be permitted into certain areas of the park.
  • Yorkshire Wildlife Park aims to be fully accessible for all of its visitors. There is step-free access into the park and level pathways throughout the majority of the venue, other than a few natural walkways in some animal enclosures. Staff are happy to help if you should need any assistance with revolving or double doors into the park's cafes.
  • Seated rest areas are dotted throughout the park, and some manual wheelchairs are available to pre-book for your visit should you need one.
  • Assistance dogs are welcome throughout the YWP other than certain walkway enclosures.
  • There are multiple accessible toilets situated throughout the venue as well as baby and adult changing facilities.
  • There are several great food and drink outlets on-site at this Doncaster Zoo. The Safari Café serves a wide range of breakfasts, lunches, cakes and drinks, as well as their signature afternoon tea. Fast food and snacks can be found at Caramba, the Amur Treat Den and the Monkey Playhouse Café, which also has great children's meals. Fairtrade coffee and cakes can also be purchased from the Masai Coffee House and Tsavo Bakehouse.
  • The YWP has a great range of gift shops on-site in the Safari Village. The Safari Store offers all the wildlife toys, souvenirs, gifts, stationery and books you could want; Laura's Confectionery provides gourmet handmade fudge; TinkaBoo's Boutique has a gorgeous range of child and baby clothing; The Badger's Pantry supplies tons of local Yorkshire produce, and Wild Photography offers original wildlife prints by artist Martin Fowkes.
  • Be sure to download the YWP interactive map to make your visit extra special and efficient.
  • Check ahead for information on upcoming Yorkshire Wildlife Park events at the time of your visit, such as their annual Winter Illuminations and Safari Nights.

Getting there

  • Yorkshire Wildlife Park is located in Cantley near Doncaster in South Yorkshire.
  • If you are travelling to the venue via car, the Yorkshire Wildlife Park Doncaster is accessible via the A1, M1 and M18. Follow the brown tourist signs for the YWP.
  • There is a free car park on site which has plenty of Blue Badge accessible parking spots.
  • Yorkshire Wildlife Park is a 17-minute drive from Doncaster train station, or a 40-minute bus ride via the 57c, 57f and 58f routes.
  • Buses from Doncaster town centre to Finningley service the YWP, stopping opposite Brockholes Lane near to the park's pedestrian access point.

Please follow the latest government guidelines if travelling by public transport.

Government Guidelines


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