10 Best Kid's Karaoke Machine For Budding Music Stars

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Dec 22, 2023 By Olivia Ward-Smith
Originally Published on Jul 05, 2021
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A karaoke machine is a great addition to any household.

It provides a fun, creative outlet for kids and hours of hilarious entertainment for the whole family. If your child is a budding performer, it could make for the perfect birthday or Christmas gift.

Kids' karaoke machines usually work by connecting to your phone or tablet via bluetooth to play music, or else inserting a CD or CDG (a CDG is a karaoke disk; the 'G' stands for 'graphics' - the element that allows the lyrics to be printed on a screen).

Some machines come with their own screens from which to read the lyrics, others have to be plugged into the TV with a cable.

All come with speakers, a microphone, and some sort of music-playing capability, so that, with the right gadgets, you can give your kids the tools to host their very own singing spectacular!

When looking for a karaoke machine for kids, there are a number of things to consider. They can get expensive, so the price is an important factor.

Sound quality is similarly crucial; though young children probably won't notice or need high-quality speakers, it's important they don't crackle, and that they aren't so quiet you don't hear the backing track.

Ease of use is a key aspect to take into account if you want to buy a machine for younger kids to use independently. And if you want your children to be able to take it to friends' houses, on sleepovers, or away for family trips, then portability is also a factor.

We've taken all these considerations into account when narrowing down our range of options. Read on to discover our pick of the best karaoke machines for kids.

Kidadl's Top Pick

Whilst all the karaoke machines on our list come highly recommended, we believe this is the best karaoke machine for home use - it may be expensive, but it's got everything you'd ever want from a karaoke machine.  

1. Easy Karaoke System With Speaker Pedestal

Easy Karaoke System With Speaker Pedestal.

It may come with a hefty price tag, but this system has the features to back it up.

Complete with six speakers for excellent, high-quality sound, a seven-inch colour screen that displays the lyrics, synchronised disco lights, CD/CDG port, Bluetooth capabilities, voice, echo, and balance controls, two microphones and a tablet holder, this stand-alone karaoke machine is built for a pro.

It even allows you to record your performance - perfect for parties and sleepovers.

Main Features

  • Price: £249.99
  • Size: 100 x 26 x 26 cm
  • 40W System
  • Demo disk of songs included
  • 2 microphones
  • 7-inch screen
  • Bluetooth connectivity and compatible with CDs, CDGs, CDR, CDRW, MP3, and MP3G

Best All-Rounder

2. Singing Machine SML385 Karaoke System

Singing Machine SML385 Karaoke System.

This classic karaoke system supports CDs, CDGs and hooks up to Bluetooth, so your kids have tons of options to get their favourite tune on the speakers. It comes with two 'chart hits' CDGs with 18 tracks apiece, and a kids' CDG of 20 songs.

It doesn't have a display screen to read the lyrics from, but it is easily hooked up to the TV, and the LED lights on the front create a super-charged party atmosphere.

Though the speaker and microphone quality aren't strictly professional level, it can be hooked up quite quickly to a different speaker system. A good all-rounder.

Main Features

  • Price: £66.92
  • Size: 21.6 x 22.1 x 33.3 cm
  • 3 CDGS included
  • 12-watt speakers
  • CD, CDG and Bluetooth playback
  • LED disco light system
  • Aux input
  • 2 microphone jacks

Best Microphone

3. Tecboss Wireless Karaoke Microphone

Tecboss Wireless Karaoke Microphone.

This microphone allows you to experience all the features of a proper machine but all in one lightweight, hand-sized package. Jazzy LED lights on the back of the mic provide the party atmosphere whilst buttons on the front adjust music, echo and volume.

With Bluetooth capabilities (as well as regular wire connectivity) and surprisingly good speakers considering their size, this mic provides all the fun without the fuss. We like the stylish rose gold, but it's available in black and purple, too!

Main Features

  • Price: £18.99
  • Size: 24.5 x 8 x 8 cm
  • 8W speaker
  • Bluetooth, cable and microSD connection
  • Can also be used as a regular speaker or recorder

Best Splurge

4. Singing Machine Groove XL 20W CD & Bluetooth Karaoke Machine‍

Singing Machine Groove XL 20W CD & Bluetooth Karaoke Machine.

The scaled-up version of the Groove Mini (featured further down), this machine also has fun voice-changing effects to play around with, as well as 100-watt power output, CD/CDG player and Bluetooth playback,  disco lights and a built-in screen to read the lyrics from.

Buy an extra microphone to use with the second mic port, and you have yourself the ultimate home karaoke system.

At £150, it doesn't come cheap, but it checks a lot of boxes.

Main Features

  • Price: £150
  • Size: 33 x 43.2 x 22.1 cm
  • 7-inch screen
  • 6 voice-changing effects
  • 2 microphone jacks
  • 100-watt power output
  • CDG and Bluetooth compatible

Best For Portability

5. Singing Machine Tabeoke Karaoke System

Singing Machine Tabeoke Karaoke System.

This nifty stereo-style system is lightweight, battery-powered and features an easy-carry handle across the top, making it super portable. Just clip a phone or tablet into the cradle, and you're ready to go, though devices can also be connected via Bluetooth.

The speakers are pretty good quality for the price, making this is a great little starter system for kids that won't break the bank.

Main Features

  • Price: £41.64
  • Size: 42.93 x 41.4 x 25.65 cm
  • 2 Microphone jacks
  • Echo/Balance controls
  • Bluetooth audio streaming

Best For Duets

6. RockJam SingCube Bluetooth Karaoke Machine‍

RockJam SingCube Bluetooth Karaoke Machine.

What's more fun and less scary than singing karaoke alone? A duet, of course!

This karaoke machine with an in-built light show from RockJam has two microphones included so your kids can sing away with friends or siblings (and avoid squabbles over whose turn it is).

The machine has the benefit of both Bluetooth and aux input, two reasonably powerful five-watt speakers, a rechargeable battery that makes it fully portable and a funky light system on the front.

Main Features

  • Price: £40
  • Size: 19.5 x 19 x 20cm
  • 2 microphones
  • USB cable included
  • Rechargeable battery (batteries included) that runs for up to 3 hours
  • Microphone volume control with echo effects
  • Built-in light show

Best Bluetooth Karaoke Machine

7. Singing Machine SMK250BG Bluetooth Sing Along Kids Karaoke Machine‍

Singing Machine SMK250BG Bluetooth Sing Along Kids Karaoke Machine.

Connect via Bluetooth and play any song you like on this fun, multi-coloured machine. Two microphone jacks allow for duets (though only one mic is included) and there's the option to plug it in or use batteries if you want to transport it. The mood lights change with the music for an extra fun touch.

Main Features

  • Price: £49.28
  • Size: 37.4 x 28.8 x 18.6 cm
  • Bluetooth streaming
  • Built-in speakers for stereo sound
  • Wired and battery operated (batteries not included)
  • Mood lights change with the music
  • Two microphone jacks with volume, echo and tone control

Best For Under 10s

8. Peppa Pig Karaoke CD Player‍

Peppa Pig Karaoke CD Player.

Perfect for children four years and older, this kids' karaoke machine with two microphones is the ideal sing-along set for beginners.

Featuring a bright Peppa Pig design, built-in CD player, two basic volume control dials and a handle that makes it easy for little people to carry it around with them, it's simple, lightweight and easy to use. The two microphones mean two can get in on the fun at once (no bickering!)

and though the volume doesn't go super loud, we feel some might see this as a bonus rather than a disadvantage...

Main Features

  • Price: £39.99
  • 2 microphones
  • Battery-powered
  • Headphone port
  • 2-year guarantee

Best For Effects

9. Singing Machine Groove Mini 4W Bluetooth Karaoke Machine‍

Singing Machine Groove Mini 4W Bluetooth Karaoke Machine.

The coolest thing about this little machine is the six voice-changing effects - endless entertainment on top of the usual sing-along fun! With Bluetooth connectivity and synchronised light effects, it's got all the features of a great machine, with built-in capabilities that allow for a little extra fun and silliness on top.

It's also able to be used with batteries, making it more portable (not to mention affordable) than the bigger model.

Main Features

  • Price: £50
  • Size: 21 x 28.4 x 13.8 cm
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • 6 voice-changing effects
  • 2 microphone jacks
  • Mains and battery-powered

Best For Families On A Budget

10. Trolls World Tour Sing-A-Long Boombox

Trolls World Tour Sing-A-Long Boombox.

This Trolls-themed boombox is a great beginner karaoke system for fans of the films, featuring all the top jams from Trolls 2 for your little one to bop along to. Kids can also connect a device with an aux chord and choose a song of their choice for freestyle fun.

The bright, retro boombox style is sure to make it an immediate favourite and, at £30, it's a super affordable machine for young ones making their first foray into karaoke.

Main Features

  • Price: £30
  • Built-in music from Trolls 2
  • Flashing lights
  • Special sound effects/film character speech
  • Aux input for connecting external device
  • Battery-powered
  • 1-year guarantee.

Kidadl Best Buys selects the top parent-recommended products across the web for families of all ages. If you liked our suggestions for the best kids' karaoke machines then why not take a look at this list of the best kids' headphones, or for something different take a look at these science kits for kids.

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