100 Best French Bulldog Names For Your New Puppy

There are hundreds of cute French bulldog names for your new puppy

A frenchie or a French bulldog is one of the sweetest dog breeds there is.

There are several different kinds of french bulldogs and each frenchie puppy is just as adorable. French bulldogs are easygoing, sociable, playful, bright and athletic.

If you’ve recently gotten yourself a new French bulldog or you're just about to, chances are you are still looking for a name for your sweet puppy. French bulldogs are some of the most patient dog breeds so it is a great idea to name them something that would suit their personality the best. Your search for names for your bulldog is finally over. Whether your new frenchie puppy is a female French bulldog or a male French bulldog, we’ve got the perfect name for them all. We’ve carefully compiled a list of the best French bulldog names that are best-suited for your new puppy.

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Female French Bulldog Names

Got a new female French bulldog who you want to give just the perfect name? A female bulldog puppy is the sweetest thing there ever is and finding the perfect name for her doesn’t just bring out her personality but also causes others to love her as well. Here are the best female French bulldog names for you to choose from or get inspired from.

1. Annie (English origin) meaning “graceful” or “merciful”.

2. Bella (Italian or French origin) meaning “beautiful”.

3. Coco (American origin) meaning “chocolate bean”.

4. Daisy (Old English origin) meaning “day’s eye”.

5. Emma (German origin) meaning “universe”.

6. Gigi (French origin) meaning “maid” or “earthworker”.

7. Harley (Old English origin) meaning “wood” or “rock”.

8. Lilo (Hawaiian origin) meaning “the generous one”.

9. Lulu (English origin) meaning “famous warrior”.

10. Luna (Italian or Spanish origin) meaning “light of the moon”.

11. Mable (English origin) meaning “dear” or “lovable”.

12. Maggie (English or Greek origin) meaning “pearl” or “child of the light”.

13. Millie (Latin origin) meaning “gentle strength” or “ambitious”.

14. Mochi (Japanese origin) meaning “sweet rice cake dessert”.

15. Pepper (American origin) meaning “hot spice”.

16. Rosie (Italian origin) meaning “rose”.

17. Ruby (Italian origin) meaning “scarlet red”.

18. Sophie (Greek origin) meaning “wisdom”.

19. Stella (Italian origin) meaning “star”.

20. Zoe (Greek origin) meaning “life”.

Male French Bulldog Names

Looking for a name for your new male French? A perfect dog name for your frenchie is the least you can do for the adorable puppy. A French bulldog is extremely gentle, patient and sociable and should have a dog name that suits his personality like a glove. Here are the best male French bulldog names for you to look at. These are some of the best male bulldog names you’ll ever come across.

21. Arnie (English origin) meaning “eagle power”.

22. Brody (Irish or Gaelic or Scottish origin) meaning “ditch”.

23. Bruno (German origin) meaning “brown”.

24. Buddy (English origin) meaning “friend”.

25. Buster (American origin) meaning “tough guy”.

26. Charlie (Old English origin) meaning “free man”.

27. Dennis (Greek origin) meaning “follower of Dionysius”.

28. Frankie (English or Latin origin) meaning “free” or “truthful”.

29. Gus (English origin) meaning “great”.

30. Henry (German origin) meaning “ruler of the homeland” or “home ruler”.

31. Louie (French origin) meaning “knight” or “warrior”.

32. Matty (Greek origin) meaning “the gift of God”.

33. Max (Latin origin) meaning “the greatest”.

34. Milo (Greek origin) meaning “soldier” or “gracious”.

35. Monty (Greek origin) meaning “mountain” or “man power”.

36. Ollie (English origin) meaning “an army of elves”.

37. Riley (Irish origin) meaning “rye field” or “rye clearing”.

38. Shiloh (Hebrew origin) meaning “peace”.

39. Wally (Scottish origin) meaning “foreigner”.

40. Winston (English origin) meaning “joy stone”.

French bulldog puppy names are fun and hilarious

Cute French Bulldog Names

When you’ve got a frenchie at home waiting for a name, it’s a good idea to look at some of the cutest french bulldog names. A frenchie name should be cute, lively and amazing. If the bulldog name isn’t along the same lines, you aren’t doing your frenchie any justice. Giving them a cute and funny name is the best way to bring out their personality and name them something that actually suits them well. If you are looking for a name for your French bulldog puppy, you need not search anymore. Here are the best and the cutest French dogs names for you to choose from.

41. Baby Zola, use this cute name as it is or exchange Zola for some other name!

42. Benji Boy, one of the cutest French bulldog names you’ll ever come across.

43. Betsy Wetsy, a superbly cute name for your little French bulldog.

44. Bolt, an amazingly cute name for your French bulldog.

45. Bullet Bean, cute frenchie bulldog names don’t get cuter than this!

46. Butter Face, for your sweet and docile French bulldog.

47. Cheerio Bean, you’ll never find a French bulldog name cuter than this one.

48. Governor, makes for a rough and tough as well as cute name for your French bulldog.

49. Grandma, one of the cutest dog names for that French bulldog that loves to sleep.

50. Hagrid, for your French bulldog who is as adorable as the Harry Potter character.

51. Hot Wheels, another one of the cutest French bulldog names for those that love running around.

52. Jasper, one of the most adorable French bulldog names there is.

53. Jimmy, another super cute and immensely adorable name for your French bulldog.

54. Juju, one of the cutest dog names for you to choose.

55. Kiko, cute French bulldog names don’t get better than this one!

56. Lady Rover, for any French bulldog who loves to zoom around.

57. Marshmallow, an adorable name for your French bulldog.

58. Mary Puppins, the cutest pun on Mary Poppins that makes for an adorable dog name.

59. Meatball, one of the cutest french bulldog names for your foodie French bulldog.

60. Midnight Yet, cute French bulldog names don’t get better than this one!

61. Nachos, if your French bulldog loves to eat this is the cutest name for them.

62. Nana, another adorable cute name for your French bulldog.

63. Piglet, a super cute name for your super cute French bulldog.

64. Porkchop, one of the cutest names for the puppy that loves to eat.

65. Pup Tart, one of the cutest dog names for your french bulldog that ever was!

66. Smudge, another super cute name.

67. Sprinkles, a cute name for your adorable french dog.

68. Wonton, another food inspired name for the puppy that loves to eat.

69. Zipper, a cute and adorable french bulldog name.

70. Zuzu, cute and adorable names for a french bulldog don’t get better than this.

French bulldog names can also be very amusing.

French Bulldog Names From Real Life, Movies, TV Shows And Cartoons

When all else fails, it is a good idea to get inspiration from real life french bulldogs or the ones from movies, TV shows, cartoons and more. French bulldogs and other breeds of dogs have been always famously shown on screen. Here are some of the most adorable dogs from real and reel life whose names can make for amazing names for your French bulldog.

71. Beethoven, the adorable dog from the movie by the same name.

72. Bilbo Baggins, from ‘The Hobbit’ and ‘The Lord of the Rings’ one of the sweetest names for French bulldogs.

73. Boris, the Russian Wolfhound from the cartoon movie Lady and the Tramp.

74. Brains, the amiable and adorable dog of Inspector Gadget.

75. Brinkley, the adorably cute dog from the Tom Hanks movie ‘You’ve Got Mail’.

76. Bruiser, Elle Woods’ fierce dog from the internationally famous movie ‘Legally Blonde’.

77. Buckley, the cute dog from ‘The Royal Tenenbaums’.

78. Chloe, from the ‘Beverly Hills Chihuahua’ makes for an excellent name for your French bulldog.

79. Clue, the dog from the Disney series ‘The Adventures Of Mary-Kate And Ashley’.

80. Copernicus, the world-famous dog from the movie ‘Back to the Future’.

81. Copper, the dog from ‘The Fox and the Hound’.

82. Cosmo, inspired from the movie ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’.

83. Daphne, from ‘Look Who’s Talking Now’.

84. Dodger, from ‘Oliver and Company’ makes an amazing name for a little scallywag.

85. Einstein, another adorably cute dog from the movie ‘Back to the Future’.

86. Elvis, the cute dog from the movie ‘Don’t Tell Mom The Babysitter’s Dead’.

87. Hachi, the loyal and sweet dog in the movie ‘Hachi: A Dog’s Tale’.

89. Lou, the super sweet dog from the popular Hollywood movie ‘Cats and Dogs’.

90. Marbles, one of the brothers of Snoopy.

91. Marley, the mischievous dog belonging to John Grogan from the movie ‘Marley and Me’.

92. Miss Agnes, from ‘Best in Show’.

93. Odie, from the famous cat comic strip ‘Garfield’.

94. Pongo, from the famous dog movie ‘101 Dalmatians’.

95. Puffy, the adorable little puppy from the Cameron Diaz movie ‘There’s Something About Mary’.

96. Rolly, the sweet dog from the famous dog movie ‘101 Dalmatians’.

97. Scooby Doo, from the widely popular children’s cartoon ‘Scooby Dooby Doo’.

98. Scraps, from ‘A Dog’s Life’.

99. Snoopy, the famous beagle from the comic strip by Charles Schulz called ‘Peanuts’.

100. Toto, the sweet little white fur dog from the famous movie ‘The Wizard of Oz’.

101. Wilby, from ‘The Shaggy Dog’.

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