11 Child-Friendly Restaurants (Edinburgh 2020 Edition)

Rosanna Robertson
Jan 29, 2024 By Rosanna Robertson
Originally Published on Jul 24, 2020
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With restaurants back on track after re-opening in Scotland on 15 July, now is the perfect time to start planning where exactly you're going to eat for that special first meal out.

Finding a family-friendly restaurant can often be quite the challenge, not only does the menu have to be suitable for both kids and adults - but so does the atmosphere. Luckily, we've managed to round up 11 perfect spots to visit that the entire family will enjoy.

What are you waiting for? You'd better get booking!

You're In For A Hem-azing Time!

Hemma - Holyrood Road, Edinburgh

Interior of Hemma, a child-friendly restaurant in Edinburgh

Photo © Hemma

This Swedish spot prides itself on its homely, friendly atmosphere and welcomes kids during the day time. It not only offers a selection of tasty meals, snacks and drinks, but the popular eatery also has a fantastic menu specifically for children. Worried about keeping the little ones entertained? No need! Hemma has its very own play area with toys, books, and games - perfect for babies all the way through to older kids.

Hemma (and the other bars and pubs in its group) have slowly begun opening for takeaway drinks - though they have yet to confirm when exactly they'll be opening their doors for food and indoor dining again. Luckily, there are plenty of outdoor seats, so it shouldn't be too long before you can make the trip.

Perfect for: Kids of all ages!

Scran-tastically Delicious

The Scran and Scallie - Comely Bank Road, Edinburgh

Interior of The Scran and Scallie, a child-friendly restaurant in Edinburgh

Photo © The Scran and Scallie

If you're looking for a slightly more upscale gastropub for a bite to eat, this is definitely one that the whole family will enjoy. The award-winning spot has two Michelin starred chefs working in the kitchen, and has plenty of tasty dishes to try out. There's a Scallies menu for your little rascals, or they can have half portions from the normal menu. Additionally, there's a play area at the back to keep them entertained whilst waiting - and the place is dog friendly, too.

The Scran and Scallie has sadly been closed since March - but it opened up again on 16 July, following guidelines. Make sure to book in advance if you don't want to miss out, it's incredibly popular!

Perfect for: A tasty lunch or dinner.

Get Red-y For Some Fun!

Reds - Portobello High Street, Edinburgh

Exterior of Reds, a child-friendly restaurant in Edinburgh

Photo © Reds

With an indoor soft play area and retro video game machine to keep the toddlers and kids occupied whilst you enjoy your meal, Reds is the perfect spot for a child-friendly outing near the seaside - and is incredibly popular amongst families. The bistro-restaurant offers a delicious variety of breakfast, lunch, and dinner dishes - along with a separate kids menu with great prices.

While the restaurant is currently shut, they are hoping to open as soon as guidelines allow them to - having already removed tables to allow for social distancing, purchased new furniture to enable for easier cleaning, and inserted a screen around the bar area.

Perfect for: Those looking to keep the kids entertained!

It's Fount-astic!

The Fountain - Dundee Street, Edinburgh

Food at The Fountain, a child-friendly restaurant in Edinburgh

Photo © The Fountain

This child-friendly pub is the perfect spot for those who just want some good old food at reasonable prices. The upbeat atmosphere and furry friend Maggie the dog makes for a great place that both kids and adults and can enjoy (and one that you can even bring your own fluffy companions to). With a separate menu for kids that's full of popular favourites you're bound to find something to suit everyone's taste buds.

The pub is expected to re-open soon for bookings as with other restaurants, subject to being able to follow guidelines.

Perfect for: A hearty meal and fans of traditional British cuisine.

Healthy and Hearty

Henderson's Salad Table - Various Locations, Edinburgh

Exterior of Henderson's Salad Table, a child-friendly restaurant in Edinburgh

Photo © Henderson's Salad Table

With two spots conveniently located within the city centre, Henderson's is not only ideal location-wise but is also one of our favourite healthy family-friendly restaurants. Offering up breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and snacks - the entirely vegetarian menu has tons of variety in terms of food and is a great way to get the kids eating healthily.

While the restaurant has been closed for the last few months, Henderson's has kept their shop and deli open for takeaways. The restaurant is expected to re-open soon pending guidelines, and luckily has its own outdoor seating area!

Perfect for: Vegetarian families.

Experience Amore!

Amarone - Saint Andrew’s Square, Edinburgh

This modern Italian restaurant is popular

Photo © Amarone

This modern Italian restaurant is popular among families for a reason. With dishes ranging from pizza and pasta to meat and fish, along with a huge selection of delicious starters, there really is something to suit everybody's taste buds - with a specially tailored kids menu.

Amarone is open now, make sure to book to be guaranteed a table!

Perfect for: Italian food lovers.

Seafood or Steak - We've Got You Covered!

The Mussel and Steak Bar - Grassmarket, Edinburgh

Food at The Mussel and Steak Bar, a child-friendly restaurant in Edinburgh

Photo © The Mussel and Steak Bar

If you're looking for somewhere with a little more 'grown-up' food that's also child-friendly, the Mussel and Steak Bar is a great spot to try out. Serving plenty of different seafood and steak dishes with unique additions, there's something for everyone. If you're worried about the kids, be assured that there is a children's menu with a few firm favourites along with a couple of things that they may not have tried before. With a casual, welcoming atmosphere, this popular spot is great for families.

Though it has been closed since March, the Mussel and Steak Bar has been selling gift cards and vouchers for its imminent return as soon as possible. There's also plenty of outdoor seating to make for an easier return when things start heading back to normal - following government guidelines.

Perfect for: Alfresco seafood dining.

This One Will Be A Firm Favourite

La Favorita - Leith Walk, Edinburgh

Interior of La Favorita, a child-friendly restaurant in Edinburgh

Photo © La Favorita

La Favorita has become well known for its freshly prepared traditional Italian pizza, but that's not the only great thing about it. The family-run spot has plenty of tasty options for both adults and kids, offering the latter a complimentary kids pack to keep them entertained whilst waiting. Even better? On Sundays, children eat for just £1 when an adult orders a main - which is then donated to charity.

La Favorita has been delivering food throughout Edinburgh during the COVID-19 outbreak - and are preparing to re-open for dining hopefully some time in July following social distancing guidelines.

Perfect for: Pizza lovers.

Eat, Drink, Play!

The Pantry - Circus Place, Stockbridge, Edinburgh

Exterior of The Pantry, a child-friendly restaurant in Edinburgh

Photo © The Pantry

Not only is The Pantry renowned for its delicious (mostly breakfast-themed) food and coffee, but it's also a great spot to take the kids. With plenty of tasty options to choose from, The Pantry also caters to vegetarians and those with a sweet tooth. While you're waiting for your meals or having a chat, the popular cafe-restaurant also offers a kid play area with plenty of toys to keep them occupied.

The pantry reopened on 15 July for indoor dining (with the promise of extra precautions, cleaning, and ordering from phones) - you won't have long to wait before you can get a taste! Please note it is closed every Wednesday for a deep clean.

Perfect for: Brunch fanatics.

Shhh, It's a Secret!

Secret Herb Garden - Lothianburn, Edinburgh

Interior of Secret Herb Garden, a child-friendly restaurant in Edinburgh

Photo © Secret Herb Garden

A garden centre trip and a tasty meal all in one go - The Secret Herb Garden is the perfect spot to spend an afternoon with the kids. After you've finished wandering the gardens (and paying the animals a visit), checking out the herbs, exploring the secret playhouse, and taking a good look in the shop (where you can find plenty of vintage furniture and toys), the cafe-restaurant is a must. Dig into delicious sandwiches, quiches, soups, cakes, coffee and more - a treat for the whole family.  

The gardens and shop have re-opened for visitation, with the restaurant/cafe set to follow suit following government guidelines.

Perfect for: Lunch with a side of adventure.

Get A Slice Of This One!

Civerino's Slice - Forrest Road, Edinburgh

Civerino's also cater extremely well to those with allergies

Photo © Civerino's Slice

This colourful and vibrant pizzeria will not only catch your eye with its bright blue quirky decor, but its delicious menu will most definitely win the hearts of the entire family. Pizza with various toppings, fries and other child-friendly sides, it's the perfect place for a quick bite. Civerino's also cater extremely well to those with allergies, along with vegans and vegetarians.

While the restaurant is currently not operating a dine-in service (this is expected to change soon) - they are offering all-day delivery and collection. There's even a lovely park a few minutes walk away that you can enjoy your creative pizza and sides in!

Perfect for: A quick and tasty meal.

Note: Please check with the individual venue before visiting, as opening times and restrictions are constantly changing due to COVID-19.

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