50+ Jiren Facts From Dragon Ball Super: All True Fans Need To Know These

Dragon Ball Super characters are all manga or anime.

Dragon Ball Super is an action-packed series that is full of intelligent antagonists.

Power is undoubtedly an essential trait for an excellent villain, but so is their backstory and what makes them who they are in the first place. Jiren is without a doubt one of the mightiest villains in Dragon Ball history.

What makes Jiren so unique? Well there’s no doubt he’s the arch-rival of Goku and friends, he’s also by far the most potent fighter that they’ve gone up against, but they encounter Jiren in a tournament where they have to fight and not in a regular battle. Throughout the series, Jiren can maintain an air of mystery, but there are specific details about Jiren that do come to light. Check out our top facts about Jiren perfect for impressing the biggest Dragon Ball fan in your life, whatever the age. What’s more, if you love facts check out these Jungkook facts and Naruto facts.

Facts About Jiren’s Early Life

Many people instantly recognize the very bulky gray fighter, but how much do we know about Jiren and his early life? Let’s take a look at these top facts about Jiren's backstory here.

1. Jiren doesn’t have any friends. We know Jiren considers friendship a weakness. When Jiren was younger, he did have friends but early in his childhood an incredibly evil being attacked Jiren’s family home and ended everyone he knew.

2. Jiren was saved from the catastrophe by Gicchin, who became his mentor and took him away to work on his strength.

3. As Jiren grew older, he trained to fight and recruited more fighters. Many were also hurt by the same evil being, including Gicchin. Jiren set off to battle the creature; however, Jiren was the only one to survive.

4. After Jiren experienced a terrible defeat and lost his team members, he became utterly obsessed with obtaining power. He ensured that he was the strongest fighter in his universe so that no evil could win again.

5. Jiren admitted during his second battle with Goku that he didn’t consider any of the Pride Troopers as companions, so we know after he lost his team he didn’t make any more friends.

6. Dragon Ball Jiren is the leader of Universe 11’s Pride Troopers. He lived in complete solitude until he joined the Pride Troopers, Jiren's race within the Pride Troopers is known as the unnamed race of Jiren.

7. Jiren is also known as Jiren the Gray when he reaches Jiren final form.

8. Jiren's wish is to resurrect his previous mentor, and he remains willing to live up to this promise, regardless of the cost.

Facts About Jiren’s Powers

Jiren is known across the universe for his incredible powers.

In so many ways, Jiren turned out to be the true underdog of Dragon Ball Super, displaying his totally mesmerizing strength in the Tournament of Power. Jiren successfully pushed Goku to the limit nobody could have seen coming. Let’s take a look at Jiren's incredible powers with these top facts.

9. When it comes to the  Dragon Ball Multiverse, Jiren is by far the strongest mortal. Jiren’s superpower is 8 Stronger than a God of Destruction. Jiren has surpassed the level of a God.

10. Jiren appears to meditate to reserve his special powers. However, he has been successfully reserving his powers without meditation until Goku meets Jiren. This is a big difference between the other warriors as Jiren meditating doesn’t need transformations to gain powers.

11. Jiren is believed to be one of the only mortals the Gods of Destruction cannot defeat. Jiren power level is estimated to be 1 septillion.

12. While we are unsure which is the God of Destruction that Jiren remains stronger than, we do know that Jiren is one villain who declined the chance to become a God of Destruction.

13. One key difference between Jiren and other warriors is the fact that he doesn’t need transformations to improve his already impressive energy.

14. Dragon Ball Jiren can get bulkier if he needs to, but that’s not categorized as a transformation. It’s just a concentration of energy.

15. Vegeta is one of the leading characters from Dragon Ball, and he’s one of Universe 7’s strongest Saiyans. However, he is nowhere near to the level of Gods of Destruction, if he were to fight Jiren again in a tournament of power, Vegeta would undoubtedly lose against Jiren.

16. During the Tournament of Power, we witnessed the power of Jiren’s energy. Two fantastic attacks were the invisible energy wall Jiren can surround himself with, and the other the use of glare.

17. Super Saiyan Blue Evolution isn’t the same as Super Saiyan Blue 2. One way you can spot the difference is looking out for lightning. There’s no lighting like there is with Gohan’s Super Saiyan 2 transformation.

18. Dragon Ball Jiren’s superpowers are so intense, he made a joke of the super Saiyan levels of Goku and Vegeta. He dealt with them entirely with his fingers alone!

19. Jiren’s powers don’t just come out during a tournament of power. Jiren can survive in a vacuum for a substantial amount of time. He can travel between planets easily as a breathing, living and space ship like calm energy. He can battle anywhere in the universe.

20. The Power Impact is one of Jiren’s classic moves. It starts relatively unimpressive; however, when Jiren powers up it continues to become a colossal ball of fire. It’s very similar to the aura of Jiren’s energy in color (orange-red). The Power Impact starts small as it gets closer to the enemy, but once it hits, it blows up massively.

21. Jiren has phenomenal speed. There’s nobody that can match his pace, even in standard form Goku is unable even to sense Jiren moving. To a regular mortal’s vision, Jiren is untraceable.

22. When it comes to Ultra Instinct Goku, once a character has mastered this, it means they can battle based on instinct alone. They do not need to plan moves with Ultra Instinct. We know Jiren is one villain who often plans ahead of his actions. From this, we can infer Jiren does not have the Ultra Instinct ability yet.

23. Jiren’s Ki energy is so powerful that just a glare alone can form a shockwave capable of moving opponents backwards, it is certainly a Jiren hidden power. Many fans feel the glare attack is one of the most impressive things in the series.

24. Jiren’s energy wall is tough for anything to pass through. As Jiren increases in his strength, it just gets stronger and stronger.

25. Jiren’s super abilities were believed to be a rumor in the other universes. Many didn’t believe in his existence; he is known as the mortal that a God of Destruction cannot beat.

26. With Master Cell, Majin Buu, Roshi and Frieza, Goku just used one level, that was until he met the Universe 11 Pride Trooper, Jiren.

27. Jiren gets eliminated by a double act of Goku and Frieza, one single push from Frieza knocked him out in the end.

Facts About Jiren’s Biggest Moments

Jiren quite rightly stole the show on many occasions throughout the Dragon Ball Super series. He's a villain but one fighting for peace and to protect the Universe. Here's some Jiren facts about his biggest moments.

28. Jiren was able to redirect Goku’s most potent weapon. Goku often pulls out the Spirit Bomb, and it’s usually a failsafe option in his battles, that was until Goku met Jiren. Jiren pushed the Spirit Bomb away by using just glare and his fingers alone.

29. Jiren is one of the limited mortals who can handle a Spirit Bomb effortlessly. At the end, when Goku released his Spirit Bomb it backfired and was used against him. Jiren provided an immense surge of energy, and the spirit bomb collapsed on Goku, a memorable moment.

30. Jiren made his signature Power Impact move several times in the Tournament of Power and most famously against Kale during her terrifying Berserker Saiyan rampage.

31. Initially, Jiren refused to join the tournament. When it comes to Jiren quotes, Jiren said "he had to stay and protect Universe 11".

32. Even after joining the tournament, Jiren would do anything to protect Universe 11. He even stated that during a match if anything happened, he would return right away and give up the battle.

33. One of Jiren’s most extraordinary attacks sees him move so quickly that to the naked eye, it would seem like he didn’t move at all. Once Goku has mastered the Ultra Instinct, it’s only then he can match the incredible speed of Jiren.

34. Jiren, just like Goku’s previous battling enemies, was obsessed with his own power, though Jiren wasn’t wholly evil like them. Jiren always fought for peace in his universe.

35. Jiren became the very first enemy Goku had to unleash two transformations to defeat. Despite many battles with enemies forcing the Saiyan to stretch beyond his limits, nobody has ever pushed Goku as far as Jiren has.  

36. One crucial moment was when, after witnessing how much Goku cared for his friends and family, as well as how it amplified his power, Jiren changed his mindset and is now willing to find companions again.

Facts From The Production Of Dragon Ball Super

Dragon Ball Super has fans all over the world, and many in South America.

There are plenty of fantastic facts about the production of Dragon Ball Super, as well as the character Jiren. From where the classic series comes from to its worldwide popularity, take a look here at these great facts.

37. Dragon Ball Super is classed as Japanese anime and manga, by Akira Toriyama.

38. Toriyama designed both popular characters,  Jiren and Toppo.

39. Although it is a sequel to Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball Super actually occurs shortly after the destruction of Kid Buu, and not after Dragon Ball Z’s ending when Goku is seen flying away with Uub.

40. The world of the original Dragon Ball used to have its very own landscape, but in Dragon Ball Super it looks identical to real-life planet earth.

41. Joji Yanami is one of the most renowned vocal actors in Japan and has been doing voice work since the 1960s.  Many fans have noticed his voice seems different in Dragon Ball Super. The reason it seems weaker is that he is now 84 years old.

42. In Japan, it’s very common for vocal actors to stay with their characters until the end of their lives. In the American dubbed version, to date, we have seen three versions of Goku’s voice.

43. Patrick Seitz is the English dub voice actor of villain Jiren in Dragon Ball Super, and Eiji Hanawa is the original Japanese voice.

44. Director Masatoshi Chioka and producer Hiroyuki Sakurada shared how long it takes to create a single episode of the series. They stated it takes six months commencing from the scripting stage, and four months for the making the animation alone.

45. It’s estimated it would take approximately nine whole days to watch the entire Dragon Ball Super series.

46. To date, Dragon Ball Super has reached an average of 1,320,000 viewers worldwide.

47. It would be easy to think the most Dragon Ball Super Fans are in the US or Japan; however, a recent survey identified the most fans live in Bolivia followed by Peru and Nicaragua.

48. Every episode of Dragon Ball Super is 24 minutes long, in total there are 131 episodes in this series, which came to an end in March 2018.

49. When it comes to English dubbing of the Japanese series, some things were lost in translation, or strange puns were added. One example is when Hit says “Now then it’s time for me to make the donuts” when he was referring to a serious battle.

50. According to MyAnimeList, the most popular characters in the Dragon Ball Super series were Goku, Vegeta and Gohan. Jiren didn’t make the top three.

51. There's a lot of speculation about Jiren's age, however many fans believe he has to be at least 100 years old with only Frieza and Roshi older than him.

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