110+ Jungkook Facts That Every BTS Stan Needs To Know

Jungkook is the leading vocalist of BTS.

K-Pop is all the rage amongst teenagers, and BTS is one of the most popular bands in the genre.

Do you know a stan who needs to know everything from the frontman Jungkook's age, his real name, his nickname and what his interests are? This list of Jungkook fun facts is just the thing you need!

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Early Life

As well as a musician, Jungkook is also an excellent dancer.

These facts about Jungkook from BTS will tell you everything you need to know!

1. Jungkook was born on 1 September 1997.

2. He is 23 years old.

3. His zodiac sign is Virgo.

4. His real name is Jeon Jung Kook.

5. Jungkook was born in Busan, a port city in the South of Korea.

6. He has a Busan accent which he can't get rid of, but one day he hopes to be able to use both a Seoul and a Busan accent as he is proud of his roots. He now lives in South Korea with BTS in their dorm, he also owns an apartment in Seoul too.

7. Jungkook's nickname is Golden Maknae which means "golden youngest" because his mother dreamed of gold before he was born and he is the youngest member of BTS.

8. Jungkook's other nicknames are Jeon Jungkookie or Kookie.

9. Jungkook's family is composed of his parents and his older brother, Jung Hyun. He also has a younger sister, though not much is known about her.

10. When he was younger, he used to want to be a badminton player.

11. Jungkook also told fans that he has thought about enlisting in the army.

12. He attended Baek Yang Middle School, then the School of Performing Arts Seoul.

13. Jungkook started high school a year later than his peers because of his early debut in the music career.

14. He graduated from high school in 2017, when he was 21.

15. Jungkook decided not to take the Suneung, which is the Korean national college entrance exam, as he wanted to focus on his music career.

16. Jungkook in school did not like academic subjects but he enjoyed physical education, art and music.

17. Jungkook got his driver's license as soon as he turned 20 years old.

18. Jungkook has a puppy named Gurum, which is the word for "cloud" in Korean. The dog now lives with Jeon Jungkook's parents.


Find out everything about Jungkook in BTS including his height, weight and his looks!

19. Jungkook is 1m78 tall.

20. He weighs 61 kgs.

21. His blood type is A.

22. His shoe size is 270mm.

23. He is quite skinny and has delicate features.

24. His hair is often dyed different colours.

25. Jungkook has the habit of sniffling as he has rhinitis.

26. Jungkook's scar on his face happened when he got into a fight with his older brother.

27. Jungkook was ranked number two in TC Candler's list of the 100 most beautiful faces of the year.

28. Jungkook is about three cm taller than Jimin and likes to tease him about his height.

29. Jungkook has a habit of wiggling his fingers.

30. Jungkook deems that his best charm points are his thighs and his lips.

31. He ranks his looks 0.01 out of 100.


Jungkook has at least 18 known tattoos, and here are some of them and their meanings.

32. He has a tattoo of a tiger flower on his forearm, which is his birth month's flower.

33. He has a tattoo which says "Please love me".

34. Jungkook has BTS's debut date, 13 June, tattooed under his right thumb.

35. He has "ARMY" tattooed on his right hand knuckles, which is the BTS fandom name and also the members' initials.

36. He has a purple heart tattooed on his right hand.

37. Jungkook has the Nirvana lyrics "rather be dead than cool" tattooed on his right arm, which is also close to his life motto.

38. He has part of the Korean flag tattooed on his right arm, three bold stripes which mean justice.

39. The singer has a crown tattooed on his finger meaning his fans are kings.

40. He has the BTS ARMY logo on his hand.

41. He also has a skeleton hand making the "rock on" sign tattooed on his right arm.

Character Traits

Jungkook learned how to play guitar after listening to Justin Bieber.

Find out all the details about Jungkook and what kind of band member he is!

42. Jungkook is extremely competitive and will stop at nothing to win a game, even against his friends.

43. According to his fellow band members, Jungkook is the messiest.

44. If Jungkook had to choose a quality from each of his fellow band members, he would choose RM’s knowledge, Suga’s experience, J-Hope’s positivity, Jimin’s persistence, V’s natural talent and Jin’s wide shoulders.

45. Jungkook has said that his ideal date would be walking along the beach at night.

46. Jungkook thinks the band member most similar to him is V Hyung. V Hyung is the band member who Jungkook is closest to.

47. Jungkook has a really good memory and is good at impressions.

48. When he can't sleep, Jungkook thinks about lying alone near a river at night with cherry blossoms are flying in the air.

49. Jungkook is really positive and likes to lift his band members' spirits.


The facts about Jungkook below will tell you all about Jungkook and his musical career, from his debut to being a member of BTS.

50. Jungkook joined BTS when he was only 15 and became the youngest member of the group, hence his nickname "Golden Maknae".

51. Other members of BTS RM, V and Jimin all have younger siblings who are the same age as Jungkook.

52. Jungkook is BTS' main vocalist, as well as being a sub-rapper and lead dancer in the group.

53. He was the fourth, or penultimate member to join the band, before Jimin.

54. Before he joined BTS, Jungkook participated in an audition program called 'Super Star K Season 3' in 2011. He never made it to the finals but he received casting offers from seven agencies, including Big Hit Entertainment.

55. Before BTS' debut, Jungkook went to the US to do some dance training, which helped to improve his skills.

56. When he came back to Korea, he considered being a professional dancer, but Jimin convinced him to return to BTS.

57. When he was in the US, Jungkook learned Urban Style, Female Dancing Style, Powerful Dances and other styles from famous choreographers.

58. Before he was famous, Jungkook thought of several stage names like "Seagull", which is the symbol of his native city Busan.

59. Before he joined BTS, he described himself as being a normal student who liked hip hop and video games.

60. His role model is G Dragon.

61. His singing and music are inspired by Macklemore, Supreme Team and G Dragon.

62. Jungkook used to sing vocals and rap in BTS, but now he mostly focuses on vocals.

63. He also participated in writing some of the group's songs such as 'Outro: Love Is Not Over' and 'Magic Shop'.

64. Jungkook is the youngest ever recipient of the Order of Cultural Merit, which was awarded to BTS for the band's contribution to the growth of K-Pop, when Jungkook was only 22.

65. He is also the youngest ever recipient of the Musician of the Year award at the Korean Music Awards.

66. Jungkook wants to improve his composing skills. He aspires to write really good lyrics.

67. Jungkook decided to join Big Hit Entertainment after hearing RM's rap.

68. Jungkook is friends with members of other K-Pop bands such as NCT’s Jaehyun and GOT7’s Bambam & Yugyeom.

69. He feels like he isn't good at acting in front of a camera.

70. If he could duet with anyone, he would choose to duet with IU.

71. In 2014, the singer's resolution was to increase his vocal power.

72. Jungkook was inspired to learn guitar when he listened to Justin Bieber.

73. His solo song 'My Time' is the most Shazamed BTS solo song in South Korea.

74. When asked what he would like to be doing in 10 years' time, Jungkook replied that he would either like to be the owner of a duck meat restaurant or be a tattoo artist.


These Jeon Jungkook facts are quirky and original, perfect for any stan to read!

75. Jungkook has many hobbies such as drawing, watching movies and playing guitar.

76. Jungkook is also a keen photographer and video editor.

77. Jungkook has released a series of travel videos which he filmed himself, called GCF which stands for Golden Closet Films.

78. Jungkook considers himself a pro-gamer.

79. One of Jungkook's favorite films is 'Love Rosie'.

80. His favorite musician is IU. Her album was the first he ever bought and he recently sang a cover of her song called 'Ending Scene'.

81. Jungkook is also a big fan of musician Charlie Puth; they performed Puth's song 'We Don't Talk Anymore' at the Plus X Genie Music Awards in 2018.

82. He has a black belt in Taekwondo.

83. Jungkook is a big fan of Iron Man.

84. He reads many comic books.

85. Jungkook's favorite food is cheese, or pizza.

86. The singer does not like vegetables much.

87. His favorite number is one.

88. He has so much sportswear and gear in his room that he had to buy a smaller bed to fit it all in.

89. Jungkook is in charge of laundry. He once revealed the name of the fabric softener he uses to fans and the product sold out in many retailers.

90. Jungkook collects Bluetooth speakers.

91. Jungkook's favorite color is red, and he is often seen wearing outfits of that colors.

92. Jungkook's outfits are usually neat and plain as he generally avoids patterned clothing.

93. His favorite items of clothing are shoes and makeup.

94. He has a sweater named after him, by the brand UL:KIN

95. Jungkook's favorite anime is 'Shugo Chara!'.

96. Jungkook is a fan of SoundCloud, a streaming platform from which he listens to Adam Levine, Justin Bieber and Troye Sivan.

97. Jungkook's favorite song is 'See Through' by Zion T.

98. Even though he is not a professional badminton player, Jungkook likes to exercise and workout.

99. Jungkook is really good at drawing.

100. Jungkook really does not like bugs and insects.

101. However, Jungkook used to have a stag beetle as a pet but it died because he didn't take care of it properly.

102. If he had a superpower, Jungkook would like to be able to talk to animals.

103. If he had to recommend a song, it would be 'Voice' by Sweden Laundry.

104. Jungkook is said to be a very good cook.

105. His favorite weather is when it is sunny with a cool breeze.

107. Jungkook learnt b-boying in a club in high school.

108. He does not practice any religion.

109. Jungkook's life motto is "It is better to die than to live without passion".

110. Jungkook is amazing at bowling.

111. If he has a son Jungkook wants to call him Jeongsan.

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