And When She Looked There, The Cupboard Was...Tidy! 15 Great Organisation Tips

A beautiful pantry created with our Kitchen Cupboard Organisation Ideas

Many of us dream of having a perfectly clean kitchen, bathroom and home.

While this goal might be difficult to achieve (let alone maintain with kids around!), there are lots of fantastic solutions to help you organise and tidy your home, and keep everything looking great. With lockdown keeping many of us inside, now is the perfect time to get to the bottom of the things we store in our kitchens and bathrooms, and maybe even sort out a 'junk drawer' or two.

This list contains lots of fabulous ideas and inspiration, so continue reading to get started!

Top Tip: Want to get the kids involved? Follow this easy guide on twelve easy ways you can 'Kondo' your kid's bedrooms!

Junk Drawer Transformation

Not sure where on earth to start when it comes to decluttering? The Spruce offers a super simple guide on 'How to Organize a Junk Drawer in 30 Minutes', leading you through ways to organise your 'junk drawer' whether it's in the kitchen, bathroom or anywhere else in the house.  Plus, it only takes half an hour, so is great for when you're pushed for time.

Spice Labels

Spice Labels, great kitchen cupboard organisation ideas

This idea is a must for anyone who can't go without their label maker. Take a look on Pinterest for the many examples that show how you can decant your spices into identical containers, and identify them with cute labels! This saves cash (as you can buy your spices in bulk), space (as you're using identical containers), and of course, it looks great. Don't worry if you don't have a label maker though - neat handwriting and colourful paper labels do the job just as well, and add a personal touch!

Bookshelf Pantry

Ever thought of putting a bookshelf in the pantry? Well, My Sweet Savannah has! Take a look at her blog for this nifty kitchen organisation idea that uses a simple bookshelf for food storage and frees up the kitchen cabinets for crockery, glassware and cleaning supplies.

Can Baskets

One of the best kitchen storage ideas we've seen, this trick from @elevengables uses wire baskets to store tins and cans - like those you'd find paper stored in at schools. It also makes them much more accessible, and easy to read which tin is which. Any wire boxes or wooden baskets will do the trick and make for perfectly lightweight drawer replacements!

Fridge Labels

Clean and Scentsible offer some gorgeous printable labels that will help keep everything in your fridge organised. They are especially helpful if you choose to organise your fridge using plastic containers, as you can then choose to arrange or rearrange them as you see fit. Plus, it means everyone in the house knows where to put everything back, so there are no excuses! Check out, where they've included step-by-step instructions too.

Lazy Susan trick for kitchen cupboard organisation ideas

The Lazy Susan Solution

Getting into decluttering but wondering how on earth you're going to stuff everything back in the kitchen cabinets? Decorchick has come up with a great lazy susan trick - a genius kitchen storage solution which frees up so much space while making everything in the cabinets much more accessible. Take a look at 'The Great Pantry Makeover' on

Under Sink Organiser

The space under the kitchen sink can be a weak spot for the best of us, as it's so easy to chuck things down there when you're busy. That's What Che Said have some great kitchen cupboard organisation ideas that are perfect for tidying up under the sink and making sure it stays that way. Cutting boards can get in the way at the best of times, so Cheryll's easy cutting board hack which utilises the cabinet door for storage is a great call.

Sort That Closet!

Sorting out the closet

If you've been putting off facing the closet, check out for a list of simple tips and tricks that are perfect for creating a beautiful - and useable - closet that will remain tidy. The clue is in the name - 'How To Easily Organize Everything In Your Closet (For Cheap)'.

Recycled Souper Storage

Update your kitchen storage with a touch of upcycling magic from Amy at, who reuses soft drink packaging to create a 'souper' storage solution!

Top Tip: Why not have a craft afternoon with the kids, and let them help decorate their new 'souper' storage container?

Can Dispenser

If you're ready for a real DIY project that's a little out of the box (literally), then take a look at the 'Wall Mounted Can Organizer' from Forget kitchen cabinets, with a little DIY know-how and a few materials you can create your own at-home can dispenser!

Fridge Makeover

Sick of playing fridge Tetris every time you unload the shopping? Jessico Bruno from Four Generations One Roof leads you through the ways you can give your fridge a top to bottom transformation.

Snack Zone

Kids snacking, kitchen cupboard organisation ideas made easy

If you're looking for a way to stop the kids dipping into things they shouldn't, have come up with the genius idea of a 'snack zone' located on the bottom shelf of the fridge. It allows children to keep their independence while giving them their own considered drawer for food and drink, which they can help themselves to at snack time.

Form Follows Function

If you're considering a full-on kitchen makeover, offers an in-depth guide to give you a more specific idea of where to keep certain kitchen items, and how you can prioritise and utilise space to your benefit.

Freezer Makeover

Fridge sorted? Now it's time for the big guns. We all know what it's like to neglect our freezer, and what a huge task it can be to sort out. Passion For Savings have curated twenty-five top tips which are a great starting point on ways you can begin to tackle what lurks in the freezer.

Colour Coordinate!

Clutter always looks better in pretty colours! If you're stuck for where to get started, try organising the items in each room into colours, or light and dark, and then organise from there. Or, decide on a colour scheme, and you can keep this in mind whenever you are shopping for new things. This means that even when things are a little cluttered, they always look great.



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