Top Country Parks In Kent

Family enjoying top country parks in kent

The weather has been phenomenal these past few weeks and, while we're all itching to get outside and catch some sun rays, we need to be responsible about our choices.  

A crowded park or hiking trail isn't much fun on any day, but these days it is especially important to avoid places as such as much as possible. A great place to do so is in the Kent county, where the parks are open and spacious and social distancing won't pose an issue at all. So, pack a picnic and escape the London grind for the beautiful green countryside!

Remember to keep following government advice for England regarding travel, and please bear in mind that cafés, toilets and play areas are subject to changing closing measures during lockdown.

Trosley Country Park

Trosley Country Park is a beloved park with spectacular views over the North Downs and 170 acres of beautiful woodland and chalk downland to explore. Breathe in the refreshing country air, get yourselves back into shape on the trim trail, then find your perfect spot for a packed lunch.

Where is it?  Waterlow Road, Vigo, Kent, DA13 0SG

Nearest Tube/Station: Meopham and Borough Green Train Station.

Is it buggy friendly? Yes.

Where are the toilets/baby changing? Disabled WC and baby changing station next to the visitor's centre.

Parking: Paid parking.

Outdoor amenities: Picnic areas, waymarked trails, play area, horse riding trails, café and refreshments.

Size: 170 acres.

Pegwell Bay Country Park

This gem in the heart of Kent county will make for a wonderful day out - a perfect fusion of country and beach vibes. Pegwell Bay Country Park is conveniently located between Ramsgate and Sandwich, the latter of which is one of Kent's most idyllic little seaside towns. With easy access to wide footpaths and the many waymarked trails leading past the bird hide and through the park, the kiddos are encouraged to run wild and discover English wildlife.

Where is it?  Sandwich Road, Ramsgate, Kent CT12 5JB

Nearest Tube/Station: Ramsgate Train Station.

Is it buggy friendly? Yes.

Where are the toilets/baby changing? There is a disabled-friendly toilet with a baby changing station near the parking area.

Parking: Paid parking.

Outdoor amenities: Picnic areas, easy trails, playzones, walking routes, refreshments.

Size: 1, 520 acres.

Dunorlan Park

Just outside of the curious town of Royal Tunbridge Wells, you'll find the Dunorlan Park, one of the region's most attractive parks. With its own boating lake - home to the Royal Tunbridge Wells Model Boat Club - and plenty of opportunities for pond-dipping, the Dunorlan Park will keep children entertained and curious the entire day.

Where is it?  Pembury Rd, Royal Tunbridge Wells, Tunbridge Wells TN2 3QN, United Kingdom

Nearest Tube/Station: Tunbridge Wells Train Station.

Is it buggy friendly? Yes.

Where are the toilets/baby changing? Disabled WC and baby changing station next to the Dunorlan Café and parking at Halls Hole Road.

Parking: Limited free parking.

Outdoor amenities: Picnic areas, natural play areas, play area, boat lake, pond dipping, café and refreshments.

Size: 78 acres.

Hole Park

For a visual representation of the spring vibes we're feeling at the moment, head to Hole Park in Rolvenden. At this time of the year, its fragrant gardens transform into a vibrant display of colours. Its beautiful bluebell garden is a place where fairytales are born during long woodland walks. Once everything opens up again, you can pre-book your tour through the gardens for a tranquil and private experience, then take in the spectacular views whilst enjoying a family picnic or a takeaway from the Coach House Café.

Where is it?  Benenden Road, Rolvenden, Cranbrook TN17 4JA

Nearest Tube/Station: Staplehurst or Headcorn Station.

Is it buggy friendly? Yes.

Where are the toilets/baby changing? There is a disabled WC and baby changing station in the Stable Yard.

Parking: Free parking.

Outdoor amenities: Covered picnic tables, sculptures, gardens, open spaces, play areas.

Size: 15 acres.

Shorne Woods Country Park

A visit to Shorne Woods Country Park offers far more than a stroll with lovely vistas. With 292 acres of land and its own fishing lakes, this is a park to get lost in, one your family can use as its own adventure grounds for a day. Whether you want to spend an idyllic afternoon watching the kids fish while you get a delicious picnic set up or would rather get everyone biking off their lockdown weight on the cycling paths, Shorne Woods Country Park is yours to explore.

Where is it?  Brewers Road, Shorne, Kent, DA12 3HX

Nearest Tube/Station: Sole Street Train Station.

Is it buggy friendly? Yes.

Where are the toilets/baby changing? Unisex toilet at the visitor's centre, easily accessible via ramps, baby changing station provided.

Parking: Paid parking.

Outdoor amenities: Picnic tables, horse riding routes, cycling routes, waymarked trails, easy access trails, tramper hire play areas.

Size: 292 acres.

Manor Park Country Park

Surrounded by beautiful woodland and with its own lake where you can observe kingfishers and herons, Manor Park Country Park is open daily from 9 am until dusk. This is a fantastic park to visit any time of year but especially in the spring when baby ducklings start making their appearances with Mama Duck for the first time.

Where is it?  St Leonard’s Street, West Malling, Kent, ME19 6PE

Nearest Tube/Station: West Malling Train Station.

Is it buggy friendly? Yes.

Where are the toilets/baby changing? Near the parking and in the café; both are fully accessible.

Parking: Paid parking.

Outdoor amenities: Picnic area, easy access trails, cycling routes, walking routes and play areas.

Size: 170 acres.

Haysden Country Park

With so many sunny days ahead of us, you can't get enough days of strolling around the park and feeding the ducks into your spring and summer itinerary. Haysden Country Park should feature high on your list of countryside outings - it's the perfect setting to invite in some calm and quality family time. With a large lake and lots of open spaces and footpaths to roam,  you'll all get a welcome dose of sunshine, wildlife sightings and outdoor games.

Where is it?  Lower Haysden Lane, Tonbridge, Kent TN11 9BB

Nearest Tube/Station: Tonbridge Train Station.

Is it buggy friendly? Yes.

Where are the toilets/baby changing? Wheelchair friendly toilets near the parking; no baby changing stations.

Parking: Paid parking.

Outdoor amenities: Picnic area, waymarked trails, fishing, walking routes and cycling routes.

Size: 160 acres.

White Horse Wood Country Park

You're not the only one who deserves a day out after all this time spent at home - your doggo could probably do with a days' worth of running wild and sniffing the spring grass and flowers too! White Horse Wood Country Park near Maidstone will make for an outing both the children and the furry members of the family will be grateful for. Have a picnic with panoramic views and build in an interactive history lesson by exploring the ruins of Thurnham Castle.

Where is it?  White Horse Wood, Detling Hill, Kent, ME14 3JE

Nearest Tube/Station: Bearstead Train Station.

Is it buggy friendly? No.

Where are the toilets/baby changing? There are no toilets.

Parking: Paid parking.

Outdoor amenities: Picnic area, easy access trails and walking routes.

Size: 64 acres.



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