65 Funny Company Names To Make You Chuckle

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Originally Published on Apr 22, 2022
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When you look for a new company name, you must know all about the name's meaning and like it to the fullest, to avoid selecting something which does not even resonate with you.

But what if it took you too long to select something to name a company that is new and interesting? Well, fret not, for here are some of the most interesting company name ideas ever, which will help you make an impression on customers starting the day you open.

Read on for some funny business names that every customer would like to see in shops before even checking out the available products or services.

Funny Fake Company Names

Looking for some original funny company names that are fake? Yes, why not select funny business names for your brand! Here are fake funny company names for every owner:

Curl Me Crazy will make people go crazy for its comical, entertaining, and ingenious character.

Dolce and Minions is a fun, amusing name for the kids' equipment company. One of the funny business names.

Hairway to Heaven is whimsical, yet it might say much about your company's service because your hair is such an essential part of our personality.

Just Move It, sounds like one of the funny moving company names.

Knock Knock, Whose Hair? This name must be among our favorites for its chucklesome nature and lively touch.

Life of Pie, this one is for the movie buffs, us included. A funny business name for a restaurant.

Live and Let Dye, well, not only is the name amazing, but it might as well be the company's tagline, no? One of the funny painting company names.

Lord of the Fries, this one's for the owner who wants to promote the restaurant brand to all the foodies out there- a mix of witty, fun, and excitement.

Munch-Chew Industries sounds funny, unique, and creative. It embodies all these features and a name you don't want to miss, right?

Pane in the Glass Repairs sounds like the Gen-Z will love it, right? A funny business name indeed.

Romeo Travels, for those who love traveling and take so much more from traveling and exploring than merely taking pictures.

Screw It Handyman Services is humorous and will stick with customers for sure. One of the funny plumbing company names.

Shrek in the City is a brilliant and original name second to none. One of the funny production company names.

Tech it Easy Electronics, this name is funny, explains what the company is about, and can make you stand out.

Funny Construction Company Names

A construction firm must have a memorable and distinct name. It should attract clients and boost your company's brand awareness. A well-chosen construction company name will set you apart from the competition.

Best Nests is a clever and amusing name for a house building and remodeling company. It's easy to recite and remember because of the rhyme, and the visual of birds making nests is pleasant and comforting.

Brick By Brick is a great name for a construction company since it describes the slow and methodical process of getting something done. The name is simple to read and remember, and the repetition emphasizes your services – albeit they are not limited to masonry.

Budget Builds is an ideal name if you're in the business of making dreams come true without the nightmare expenses.

Construction Dudes on Fleek is a refined and exquisite business name.

Engineering Power is the ideal name for a company that loves to tackle big tasks. It's commanding, aggressive, and confident. It could be one of the funny welding company names.

Friendly-Neighborhood Builders is a simple, direct, and a great complement to any brand. It may work better for an internet firm.

Good Bones Construction is an engaging and vibrant name guaranteed to pique people's interest in your business. One of the funny roofing company names.

Heavy Lifting Builders sounds hilarious, one-of-a-kind, and inventive. It embodies these characteristics and is unquestionably a name you don't want to overlook, right?

High Voltage Builders is a fantastic name. There will be plenty of opportunities to grow your business and experiment with branding.

Karma Builders is a unique and creative name. People are unlikely to forget the name.

NextGen Contractors is an enticing name that is easy to say.

Pier Pressure Construction is a catchy and marketable business name, which is just what a business needs to get off the ground.

Robin Hood Crew is bound to make people laugh because of its amusing, interesting, and clever nature.

Rusty Nail Construction's alliteration contributes to the memorable nature of this name, which is a joy to repeat aloud.

Skyline Contractors is a captivating name that conjures up images of new beginnings. One of the funny business names indeed.

U First Construction conveys to the client that their project, requirements, and vision are of the utmost importance.

You Nailed It! Construction has an elite and edgy feel about it. Customers will remember it if you pair it with a trendy logo.

Funny Cleaning Company Names

Including some fun in the name of your cleaning company may help you connect and resonate with your target demographic or ideal client. Here is a list of suggestions for you:

Cityscape Dog is made out of the terms 'tidy' and 'landscape' to form a memorable one-word moniker.

Clean Queen is a catchy name that might work even if the company develops into a professional organization.

Clever Sweep implies that the company employs cutting-edge cleaning methods.

Dirt B Gone is a descriptive name that might work even if the company develops into professional organizing. Clever use of words to send the message across to people.

Discreet Cleaning Co. implies that the company provides discreet cleaning services.

Dust Busters Cleaning Services is a good name that createsa powerful visual picture.

Filth Fighters is ideal for a company that values ethical cleaning and staffing procedures.

Flawlessly Clean is a name that emphasizes simplicity while implying inventiveness.

Maid in America is an unconventional and adaptable name. This might work for a variety of futuristic businesses with the right logo.

Makeover Magic is a name for a cleaning company that focuses on industrial cleaning. Alliteration is used to make an impact.

On The Spot! is an amazing name. You'll have many chances to expand your firm and try out new branding ideas.

Out of the Box Cleaning is a multipurpose name that is both powerful and intriguing, and it will capture the attention of your target audience.

Spotless is a unique and easy-to-remember name that easily glides off the tongue.

Turned wooden cubes and changed words 'bad name' to 'good name'.

Funny Insurance Company Names

Here are some suggestions for insurance company names:

Car's Choice Insurance is a fun name that implies that automobiles would like to be insured by you.

Choice Armor conjures up images of steel armor and portrays your company as the go-to source for protection.

Family Insurance describes the company's values described by this combination of 'family' and 'insurance.' Clever use of words to send the message across to people

Insurance Guru, 'Guru,' refers to your knowledge of the house and rental insurance and your track record of satisfied customers.

Mammoth Insurance is a clear assurance of extensive coverage.

Nation's Trust Vehicle Cover implies that an entire country has faith in your abilities.

Necessary Finance encourages homeowners to take precautions to secure their homes.

Principal Sense is a name that suggests that the business is the best option for every logical individual.

Solid Plan, 'Solid' gives clients confidence by reassuring them that you are trustworthy.

The Clever Trust is a distinctive name that portrays the company as a wise investment.

The Cover Bear is a name that leverages the image of a bear to communicate that the company provides strong security.

The Policy Life moniker implies that selecting the appropriate policy is a way of life.

Think Safeguard is a straightforward name that urges individuals to consider their future security.

Funny Real-Estate Company Names

Here's a collection of catchy real estate firm name ideas that will make your competition wish they'd thought of it first:

Everest Invest, the name 'Everest,' comes from the world's highest mountain peak, and it lends authority and weight to this business name, implying that your firm will reach colossal success.

Found is a straightforward and contemporary moniker. This name implies a dependable and results-oriented commercial real estate company.

High Lease, the word 'high' is used in this name to imply that the homes available for lease with you are of the highest quality.

House Prime alludes to the fact that the listings are the best available.

Iconic Industrial, the term 'iconic' connotes status. In addition, expertise in locating the most sought-after industrial property is implied.

Peak Estate implies that the homes for sale are exclusive and of the greatest caliber.

Property Expert will comfort customers about your company's experience and service excellence.

ProsperProperty, because of the alliteration, is a simple name that is quite memorable. The word 'prosper' has a positive meaning and assurance that your investments will prosper.

Real Growth, when combined with 'Growth,' name suggests that your clients can expect to see significant financial returns on their investments.

Sky Unlimited Investments, based on the phrase 'the sky's the limit,' exudes confidence and drive.

SmartProp Investments has a contemporary appeal that makes it ideal for a tech-based real estate investment firm.

The CommProp Group, the term 'Comm' stands for 'commercial.' It communicates your company's real estate investing specialization.

The Real Capital Co., the word 'capital' relates to real estate holdings and gives this business name a refined feel. 'Real' is a pun related to 'real estate,' but it also implies authenticity and reliability.

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