77 Memorable Madagascar Names From The Island And Movie

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Madagascar film characters at Dreamworld Gold Coast
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The capital of Madagascar Island is Antananarivo, where the majority of the population of the country resides.

The culture and languages of Malagasy people is known as unique around the world. The island nation in East Africa is a real treat for travelers who like to spend considerable time exploring a beautiful country.

Did you know the longest name in Madagascar is Andrianampoinimerinatompokoindrindra, the name of the Prince or Lord of Madagascar!

The interest people had for Madagascar rose to greater heights after the release of the 'Madagascar' movie series.

Read on for some of the most famous first names in Malagasy people. Afterwards, also check different names of photography and photography business names.

'Madagascar' Penguins Names

Originally Madagascar names were long as each part had a meaning, making them unique. These are the four penguin characters from the 'Madagascar' franchise.

Kowalski (Polish origin) meaning ‘smith’. This character was the tallest in the movie and always making notes, hence the most knowledgeable one. Often Polish kids share the same name as this character.

Private (American origin) meaning ‘a common soldier belonging to a person’ and the character was the humblest of all.

Rico (Spanish origin) meaning ‘brave ruler’. This name gives a sense of a brave appearance over all obstacles.

Skipper (Dutch origin) meaning ‘master of a ship’. As the meaning suggests, this character was the captain of the group and also the wittiest.

Madagascar Animal Names

Madagascar is one of the world’s second-largest islands. This country is located in East Africa with the nickname Madagasikara; hence most of the names in the movie are African names. Some of these names can be considered beautiful African girl names.

Alex (Greek origin) meaning ‘protector of mankind’. This name holds a very strong sense of responsibility.

Barry (Gaelic origin) meaning ‘fair headed’.

Becky (English origin) meaning ‘to tie firmly’ is a quirky name for fun girls.

Brick (Irish origin) meaning ‘freckled’.

Buffy (Hebrew origin) meaning ‘oath’ is a rare find.

Carol (English origin) meaning ‘free person’ is a popular name.

Clemson (Old English origin) meaning ‘merciful’ It’s a bold name for everyone.

Darla (English origin) meaning ‘darling’ is a pretty name for girls.

Dave (Hebrew origin) meaning ‘beloved’ Everyone loves people named Dave. It is rumored that they bring happiness and prosperity.

Doris (Ancient Greek origin) meaning ‘Dorian woman’.

Fluffy (English origin) meaning ‘fun-loving young women’. This is a very fun name for lively girls.

Frank (Middle English or German origin) meaning ‘the name of the Franks, a west Germanic people who lived long ago’. This name belonged to an African elephant.

Franky (Italian origin) meaning 'free one'. This is also a popular name among men.

Gia (Italian origin) meaning ‘God is gracious’.

Gloria (Latin origin) meaning ‘glory’. This character in 'Madagascar' was a female hippopotamus. This is also a popular African girls name.

Hans (German origin) meaning ‘gracious’ is a cute name for a baby.

Jillian (English origin) meaning 'being youthful'.

Joey (Hebrew origin) meaning ‘God will love’. This is a very popular name, mostly because of the TV show ‘Friends’ and the character Joey, who is well-loved by all fans.

Leonard (Greek origin) the meaning of the name is ‘lion strength’ which is a really strong meaning. This is also a popular name.

Lulu (English origin) meaning ‘famous warrior’, this name can be utilized for both men and women.

Manu (Polynesian origin) meaning ‘greatest’. In 'Madagascar', Manu was an Indian elephant that was pretty cute and cuddly. This name can be used for boys and girls.

Marty (English origin) meaning ‘servant of Mars, God of war’. This character in 'Madagascar' was a male Zebra, who was a hopeless optimist.

Maurice (Latin Mauritius origin) meaning ‘a dark-skinned man’. This character was born with the name Bricky.

Maya (Indian origin) meaning ‘illusion’. This name imparts a certain charm to the child and is the magnificent Indian elephant in 'Madagascar'.

Melman (Jewish origin) meaning ‘ahead of your time’. Its character is a male giraffe in the movie.

Muffy (English origin) meaning ‘beautiful maiden’, can also be a cute nickname.

Savio (Italian origin) meaning ‘wise’. This is a widely searched name on the internet.

Shelly (Old English origin) meaning ‘meadow’s edge’ is an edgy name.

Sonya (Western origin) meaning ‘wisdom’. In 'Madagascar', Sonya is a playful Eurasian brown bear with a ferocious attitude. She does not speak English like the other characters. This is a beautiful name for girls.

Stacy (English origin) meaning ‘bountiful grain’.

Stefano (Italian Origin) meaning ‘victorious’. In 'Madagascar', Stefano was a brave sea lion, a true entertainer at heart.

Vitaly (Russian origin) meaning ‘Full of life’. A Siberian tiger was named Vitaly in 'Madagascar' and was a performer at the zoo.

Penguins of Madagascar and other characters at  Universal Studios Singapore

Madagascar Character Names

This section involves some pretty funky and fun names from the movie itself. Let’s explore a few of them. 

Alice (French origin) meaning ‘noble,’ is also one of the commonest names among modern young girls along with the globe for many centuries now.

Antony (Latin origin) meaning ‘worth of praise or value’. This name was given to an adult pigeon who is friends with the animals in the movie 'Madagascar: A Little Wild'. This can be used to name little boys.

Bada (Catalan origin) meaning 'the action of watching'.

Bing (old Anglo-Saxon origin) meaning ‘dweller by the hollow’ is a pretty cool name right out of a fantasy world.

Burt (English and Scottish) meaning ‘bright’ is a beautiful name for your son.

Carlos (Spanish origin) meaning ‘free man’ can be used to name little boys with great energy and a sense of humor. This is a very popular name among young boys.

Corporal (Italian origin) meaning ‘the head’ or 'the chief’ can be used to name boys with the high ambition of becoming the chief someday.

Eggy (Latin origin) meaning ‘the queen’. This name would be perfect for daughters.

Ernestina (German origin) meaning ‘serious' or 'determined’. This is a gorgeous name for strong baby girls.

Esmeralda (Spanish origin) meaning ‘emerald’ signifies graciousness and beauty to the beholder of the name.

Esperanza (Spanish origin) meaning ‘hope’ is one of the most uncommon and a name with a beautiful meaning.

Eva (Hebrew origin) meaning ‘life’ is also one of the most common names among the new generation of women.

Florrie (Latin origin) meaning ‘prosperous’ is a gorgeous name for little African girls with high ambitions.

Fred (German origin) meaning ‘peaceful ruler’ this name would suit a strong but fair young boy.

Kate (Latin origin) meaning ‘pure’ can be used to name little girls. This is also one of the most common names among youngsters nowadays.

Makunga (African origin) meaning ‘behaved one’ is an uncommon name for kids.

Marlene (German origin) meaning ‘Mary Magdalene’. This name should be used to signify grace and beauty. This can be a good suggestion to name baby girls.

Max (Latin origin) meaning ‘the greatest’. This name is very common in eastern Europe.

Mille (Middle English origin) meaning ‘helper to the priest’. This name can be used to name girls who are devoted to God.

Moto (Japanese origin) meaning ‘mind, spirit, soul’ is a name for a wise young child.

Murray (Scottish origin) meaning ‘sea settlement’ is a beautiful English name for boys and girls.

Pinky (Old English origin) meaning ‘the pink color’ is a sweet name for a girl.

Rhonda (Welsh origin) meaning ‘noisy’. This is a common name and can be used for men and women around the globe.

Roger (French origin) meaning ‘the famous spear’ gives the bearer a sense of strength.

Roy (Old French origin) meaning ‘king’. A name for someone who would love to conquer the world.

Ted (Greek origin) meaning ‘wealthy guardian’ is a beautiful and popular name for little boys worldwide.

Teetsi (African origin) meaning ‘the African lily’ can be a gracious name for marvelous African girls.

Zuba (Polish origin) meaning ‘sunshine’ can also be the nickname of someone who is very beautiful.

'Madagascar' Monkey Names

These monkeys were the most joyous members of the team. Lemurs are also a monkey species endemic to Madagascar.

Below are the names of the lemurs and chimps in 'Madagascar'; a truly crazy bunch!

King Julien XIII (French origin) meaning ‘youthful’ was given to a lemur who was considered the king of lemurs and was probably the craziest of them all.

Mason (English origin) meaning ‘stone walker’. This name was given to a witty chimpanzee.

Mort (Middle English origin) meaning ‘a little man’. This character was a beautiful lemur.

Phil (Greek origin) meaning ‘fond of horses'. This was the name of a courageous chimpanzee in 'Madagascar'.

Famous Malagasy Names

Malagasy names are the names of people belonging to Madagascar, who speak the Austronesian language and the national language of Madagascar. 

Ando (Japanese origin) meaning 'peaceful east'.

Hasina (Arabic origin) meaning ‘beautiful’ is a great name for beautiful young Malagasy girls.

Henintsoa (Malagasy origin) meaning ‘life, good’. This is a popular Malagasy name.

Lalaina (African origin) meaning ‘a hard-working woman’.

Miora (Irish origin) meaning ‘the will of the God’ is one of the most common Malagasy names.

Patrick (Latin origin) meaning ‘ruler’ is a famous Malagasy boy's name.

Rado (Catalan origin) meaning ‘round’. This is a pretty name for a boy.

Rijo (Indian origin) meaning ‘high level’.

Sitraka (Malagasy origin) meaning ‘star’ is a famous and very common Malagasy name.

Tiana (Slavic origin) meaning ‘fairy queen’. This is one of the most beautiful Malagasy names.

Toky (Japanese origin) meaning ‘village in the valley of the Zbruch River’.

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