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All Of The Pillar Men Names From JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

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Pillar Men were featured as a powerful humanoid with special powers in battle tendency.

Pillar Men are humanoid and great human-being from ancient times with superpowers. Pillar Men are close to their extinction, but hundreds of thousands of years ago in the American continent, they used to live. They are strong, highly intelligent, and can manipulate their bodies to a certain extent. However, they react to the Ripple and the sun rays.

Pillar Men's physiology appears to be different from humans, but their physical appearance seems to be similar. The only feature that differentiates humans from pillar men is the horn on the forehead. For Pillar Men displaying their horn to others is a sign of respect and honor. Kars, Esidisi, Wammu, and Santana were the remaining representatives of Pillar Men. They were found sleeping in the stone pillar. Joseph Joestar also played an important character in Pillar Men. George Joestar was the owner of the stone mask.

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Dragon Ball Z and Super Saiyan

Kars, Esidisi, Wamuu, and Santana are the names of the pillar men. The pillar is made from someone's imagination, which includes people as well as other living animals. That individual is alluded to as the pillar. The column at that point gives their men a name and uses it for different purposes. They are related to stardust crusaders.

Kars is the leader of the pillar men who also designed the stone mask. He is in search of the Red Stone to become immune to the sun rays and make his masks more powerful. He is in first place among all the pillar men.

He is one of the most influential characters in the series with his famous creations like Stone Masks and Vampires. He is dedicated, focused, and away from distractions. His ultimate goal is to obtain the Red Stone of Aja. Caesar Zeppeli played an important role in Battle Tendency.


The Pillar Men are a race of old, humanoid, super-individuals.

Esidisi is an evil character in Battle Tendency. He is the second-most important Pillar after Kars and fights the Ripple owners for the ownership of the Stone. As an individual, he is very powerful. He is known to possess several attack forms, Heat Mode, Flame Mode, and Self Detonation being some of them.

In order to destroy the opponent, he can raise the temperature of this blood up to 500 degrees Celcius. He then injects his high-temperature blood into his enemy's body, ultimately killing them. He can also extend needle-like long spines from his back while performing a spinning jump to cover the enemy from all sides.  He is known to display a calm nature usually but can be very sensitive at times.


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Wamuu played a significant role in  Battle Tendency. Wamuu is the tallest pillar man. He is one of the Pillar Man fighters who helped Esidisi and Kars in different situations and became the most powerful adversary of Joseph. Wamuu was raised by Kars and Esidisi and he respects them immensely. He is known to belittle humans unless they display extraordinary courage and an instinct for battle.

He, probably, doesn't consider anyone his equal. He is also known to inflict punishment upon himself because he displayed carelessness and allowed Joseph to beat him. Wamuu will ignore those who do not display the propensity to fight but respects combatants. He once left the antidote for Joseph out of respect and admiration for the courage Caesar displayed in combat with him.


Santana is a pillar man. Santana is featured as an enemy rivalry in Battle Tendency. Speedwagon and the Germans found him resting inside a stone portion in Mexico. The individual found inside the stone was known as "Santana" and is one of the pillars from the Pillar Men.  

Santana was born about 8000 BC. He is the first of the Pillar Men. He was found resting inside a stone pillar and was seen sniffing out the area with his nose. He is known to possess superhuman qualities, of which highly evolved senses are one. Like all the Pillar Men, he shows little to no regard for humans and compares them to monkeys. He is also very intelligent and can learn any language with little exposure to it. Santana can also dismantle a gun within seconds.  

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