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93 Beautiful Vietnamese Girl Names With Meanings

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Vietnam is a stunning place and so of course, Vietnamese names are equally as beautiful.

We know how exciting and hard it can be deciding on a name for your baby girl and there are so many baby names available now, choosing is even harder! We at Kidadl want to help, so we've compiled a list of wonderful baby names from originating in Vietnam.  There are some popular names and some unique names, so we hope they help.

Most Vietnamese people use their middle name because their last name typically matches the name of the emperor at the time, to show loyalty. So there are some really unique names.  Often, two names will be combined together to create a special meaning, like flower.

Check out these Vietnamese names that have meanings in spirituality, nature, beauty, and desired qualities. Looking for a middle name to match? Then check out our blogs from different part of the world, like our Thai girl baby names, or something from the other part of the world with our unique Norwegian baby girl names.

Flag of Vietnam waving in the sky

Nature Derived Vietnamese Names for Girls

Vietnam is known for its breathtaking landscapes, biodiversity and views, so it's no surprise that there are plenty of gorgeous names to be inspired by that derive from nature. A Vietnamese name inspired by nature is a special one, and has a significance that crosses time periods and histories. These names will always be beautiful in a timeless manner.

1.A'nh - This translates to 'light ray', for a glowing baby.

2.Cam - This means an 'orange', 'mountain sunset', for a girl with a warm glow and energy.

3.Ca,nh - Meaning 'scenery', typically eye-catching, beautiful scenery.

4.Chi - This means 'tree branch', 'twig'.

5.Diêp - This means 'leaves'.

6.Dông - This means 'winter'.

7.Giang - This can mean 'river,' and is pronounced "yaahng" in the south Vietnam or "zaahng" in the north Vietnam.

8.Ha` - This translates to 'river' also.

9.Lam - This means 'jungle' or 'dense forest' and is of Chinese origin.

10.Liêu - This means 'willow'.

11.Nam Ha` - This means 'South River'.

12.Suong - This translates to 'fog'.

13.Thu - This can mean 'autumn', or 'poem'.

14.Thuy - This translates to 'water'.

15.Vân - This lovely name means 'cloud'.

16.Xuân - This translates to 'spring'.

Food Inspired Vietnamese Girl Names

Oh, food, scrumptious food. Vietnamese food encompasses a variety of flavours and tastes, stimulating your taste buds in the most fantastic ways. Vietnamese fruit is equally as flavourful and nutrient rich. And the names for some of these foods, and names associated with the food indigenous to Vietnam, can serve as great inspiration for your baby's name.

17.Da`o - This means peach 'blossom'.

18.Lang - This means 'sweet potato'.

19.Lê - This means 'pear'.

20.Hong Hanh - A lovely longer name that means 'pink apricot blossom'.

21.Mai - This translates to 'cherry blossom'.

22.Thom - This means 'sweet smelling'; sometimes this can means 'pineapple', or other sweet exotic fruits.

Personality Vietnamese Girl Names

We know how tricky it can be to choose the right name for your baby, you want them to be inspired by it as well as allowing them to become their own person. Hopefully, we can make things a little easier. These names have translations associated with many desirable qualities, such as compassion and kindness. Vietnamese names often derive from these desirable, human, qualities and they can inspire your daughter to embody these good attributes.

23.Ai' - Meaning 'beloved' and 'gentle', for a girl who is compassionate, and loved.

24.An - This is a unisex name translating to 'peace', for a girl who is peaceful and strives for peace.

25.An Dung -  This means 'peaceful hero', someone who is patient and kind while wanting the world to become a better place.

26.Anh - This is a  unisex name which means 'intellectual', and has associations with brightness.

27.Bao - This means 'protection', your baby is said to be protected and serve as a protector.

28.Bi`nh - This translates to 'peace', for a girl who is a peacemaker, and at peace with her surroundings.

29.Cadeo - This is a 'folk song' in Vietnamese, for your daughter who could be a songstress.

30.Diu - This means 'tender', 'gentle', 'mellow'.

31.Do`an Vien - This translates to 'happy reunion'.

32.Han - This means 'faithful', 'moral'.

33.Hiê`n - This means 'gentle', 'nice', 'quiet'. It can be both a girl and boy name, but more common for girl.

34.Kê`t Nien - This means a 'year of unity'.

35.Kiê`u - This translates to 'graceful' or 'beloved'; the name is found in literature, from the heroine in 'A Tale of Kieu' by Nguyen Du.

36.La`nh: - This translates to 'gentle'.

37.Lê: - This translates to 'shyness' and 'humbleness'.

38.Linh: - This means gentle 'spirit'.

39.Tam - This means 'heart'.

40.Tha'm - This translates to 'discreet grace',  associated with being humble.

41.Thao - This means 'grass', but also 'kind', 'sweet' and 'nice'.

42.Thi - This means 'poem'.

43.Thuy - This means 'friendly', 'gentle'.

44.Tú - This means 'luxurious', 'elegant' and 'outstanding'.

45.Viê't -  This means 'to write'.

46.Vinh - This means 'glory'.

47.Yên - This translates to 'peace', 'safe', and 'stand still'.

Treasure Vietnamese Girl Names

These Vietnamese names are inspired by beautiful gems and stones, and precious treasures, the perfect way to let your family know who your daughter it. Every girl is precious and great and deserves to be named as such. Vietnam is home to many beautiful gems and treasures such as jade, sapphire, tourmaline, even rare Melo pearls.

48.Be' - This means 'baby' in Vietnamese.

49.Bê - This translates to 'doll', a lovely short name.

50.Bi'ch - This means 'jade' in Vietnamese, signifying the ornamental and valuable mineral.

51.Chau - A good unisex name that translates to 'pearls', and 'precious stones'.

52.Ha`i - This is an old name for 'fairy shoe'.

53.Khanh - This means 'precious stone', for a precious baby.

54.My - This means 'pretty'.

55.Ngoc - This means 'jade', and 'precious stone'. Vietnam is often cited as the Land of Jade.

56.Ngoc Bich - Translating to 'sapphire jade', a beautiful colour and valuable jewel.

57.Nhung - This means 'velvet'.

58.Qu'y  -  This means 'precious' and can be a boy name, too.

Colourful Vietnamese Girl Names

Colours can be a great indicator of mood, of personality and a wonderful way to name your child. Check out what colours these beautiful Vietnamese names are inspired by. Vietnamese colours are rich and vibrant, the perfect place to see this is at a market in Ho Chi Minh.

59.Ô`ng - Translating to 'rose', 'pink'.

60.Hy`unh - This means 'yellow'.

61.Kim - This means 'gold', 'golden'.

62.Thanh Ha - This translates to 'Teal River'.

63.Tuyet - This translates to 'snow white'.

Floral Vietnamese Girl Names

A flower can serve as great inspiration for names, and Vietnamese names have plenty of floral derived meanings. From the great national flower of Vietnam, names about the scent of a flower, and more, there's plenty of choice for a girl name right here.

64.Cuc - This means 'chrysanthemum', flowers native to East Asia and Northeastern Europe, they come in an array of colours and varieties.

65.Hoa - This is a a type of flower (which is pronounced "Hwa").

66.Huê - This means 'lily flower', 'intelligence', and 'enlightenment'.

67.Hung - This means 'pink rose'.

68.Huong - This means 'scent of a flower'.

69.Kim Cu`c - This means 'yellow chrysanthemum'.

70.Lan - This translates to 'orchid'.

71.Liên - This translates to 'lotus', a sacred plant. It's actually the national flower of Vietnam and a symbol of purity.

Girl wearing traditional outfit

Celestial Vietnamese Girl Names

The heavens, the sky and the stars are all beautiful which is why they often become metaphors, unchanged throughout time. From the full moon to waves that invite a sense of peace, there are an array of celestial Vietnamese names for you to choose from. This makes them a great fit for a baby name, and these Vietnamese names are particularly fitting for a baby of celestial beauty!

72.Am - This means 'lunar', maybe for a baby born as the moon shines brightly.

73.Ha`ng - This means 'angel' in the full moon.

74.Hanh Phu'c - This means 'blessing from above and happiness'.

75.Nguyêt - This means 'moon'.

76.Nhu - This translates to 'gentle', 'peaceful', like calming waves.

77.Phuong - This means 'orientation' in terms of geometry.

78.Thanh - This means 'bright', 'sunny', 'light' or 'pleasing to the ear'. It is a delicate sound, of high value. This word has lots of associations, such as blue sky, and elegant looking.

79.Thien - This translates to 'heavenly'.

80.Tiên - This means 'fairy', 'spirit', or 'angel'.

81.Truc - This translates to 'wish'.

82.Tuyen - This means 'angel' variation of the name Tiên.

83.Tuyê'n - This translates to 'line', or means 'ray'.

84.Uoc - This means 'wishes'.

Vietnamese Girl names With Animal Meanings

These are animal inspired Vietnamese girl names, which can be great as animals have some beautiful qualities. Vietnamese and other animals can be gentle, kind, fierce, protective, great and more. These are wonderful qualities that you can take inspiration from for your baby.

85.Ly - This is a name meaning 'Lion', signifying a girl that is mighty, strong and maybe sometimes a bit wild!

86.Phuong - This translates to 'phoenix', a girl who can rise above all and persist in the best way.

87.Qui - Meaning 'turtle', your baby girl may take her time, but slow and steady wins the race.

88.Long - This translates to 'dragon', your girl is fierce, patient and powerful.

89.Hô`ng Yen - This means 'pink swallow bird'.

90.Kim-Ly - This means 'golden lion'.

91.Loan - This means 'lucky bird' in Chinese myth.

92.Quyêen - This means a kind of 'bird'.

93.Yê'n - This signifies a 'swallow bird'.

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