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120 Best African Dog Names

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African dog names are some of the best names for you to consider for your pet.

An African dog name will make your dog stand out from the crowd. It will guarantee you a great backstory for your pet's name and be an easy conversation starter too.

An African dog name will ensure that everyone you meet will most likely want to meet your dog. African dog names are diverse and thoughtful, and they carry a rich cultural background within themselves. If you decide to select one of these African dog names, then you'll be creating a rich legacy for your pet. Some of the coolest African dog names are Kamau, Simba, Kianga, and Zuri.

Here are some African dog names for you to make the perfect choice for your pet. You may like one of these dog names for your furry friend.

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African Male Dog Names

Dog laying on grass surrounded by trees

African dog names are excellent options for any pet lovers or animal enthusiasts. They are catchy, bold, and downright trendy. It doesn't matter if you have an African dog or not; these names are sure to dazzle you and make you excited. African names for pets are extremely well-liked throughout the world, and they even make an appearance in several Disney movies. Here's a list of male African dog names and meanings.

1. Abasi (Swahili origin) meaning "stern".

2. Abeeku (Ghanaian origin) meaning "one who is born on Wednesday".

3. Abera (Ethiopian origin) meaning "he shines". An excellent dog name for a happy pet.

4. Aboderin (Yoruba origin) meaning "one who walks with the hunters".

5. Amani (Swahili origin) meaning "harmony".

6. Bheka (Zulu origin) meaning "look after".

7. Cebo (Zulo origin) meaning "idea".

8. Chike (Igbo origin) meaning "power of God". It is a well-known proverb in the Igbo dialect.

9. Delani (Zulu origin) meaning "be satisfied".

10. Ibhubesi (Zulu origin) meaning "lion".

11. Isa (Swahili origin) meaning "salvation".

12. Jaafan meaning "small river".

13. Jengo (Swahili origin) meaning "building".

14. Kamaria (Swahili origin) meaning "moonlight". Kamaria is a beautiful name for any African dog.

15. Limbani (Chewa origin) meaning "be strong".

16. Mandla (Zulu origin) meaning "strength".

17. Menzi (Zulu origin) meaning "maker".

18. Mhambi (Bantu origin) meaning "wanderer". A great dog name for a wandering dog.

19. Mufasa (Swahili origin) meaning "king". Mufasa was Simba's father in the iconic movie 'The Lion King'.

20. Obi (Igbo origin) meaning "heart".

21. Oringo meaning "he who likes the hunt".

22. Rafiki (Swahili origin) meaning "friend". Rafiki is a popular name throughout the world because of the global success of 'The Lion King'.

23. Shenzi (Swahili origin) meaning "savage".  African dogs are known to be great hunters and explorers because of their knowledge of large terrains. 

24. Simba (Swahili origin) meaning "lion". Simba is an attractive dog name for any Walt Disney enthusiast.

25. Sipho (Xhosa origin) meaning "gift".

26. Sudi (Swahili) meaning "success".

27. Thando (Zulu origin) meaning "love". A great name for a lovely dog.

28. Thulani (Zulu origin) meaning "be comforted". An African dog will love you, unconditionally and make you feel comforted.

29. Tindo (Swahili origin) meaning "active". Extremely active dogs are easier to find because they make a lot of noise.

30. Wandile (Zulu origin) meaning "you are extra".

African Female Dog Names

Dog between the marigold flowers.

African dog names are known all across the world for their charm and presence. Wild dogs have been faithful companions to many African tribes for centuries. Therefore, many traditional and modern African wild dog names are excellent options for prospective pet owners.  Here's a list of female African dog names with their meanings.

31.  Abhiret (Tigrinya origin) meaning "light".

32. Adia (Swahili origin) meaning "gift".

33.  Alika (Swahili origin) meaning "most beautiful".  

34. Amina (Swahili origin) meaning "trustworthy". Amina is a popular name for dogs, as well as people.

35. Atieno (Luo origin) meaning "born at night". Atieno is a beautiful dog name for any dog born in the night time.

36.  Baako (Ghanian origin) meaning "the firstborn".

37.  Badumedi (Tswana origin) meaning "believe".

38. Bohlale (Sotho origin) meaning "wisdom". Border collies have often been considered to be one of the smartest dog breeds due to their quick wit and sharp reflex skills.

39. Duma (Swahili origin) meaning "cheetah".

40. Enyi (Igbo origin) meaning "greatness". A great dog name.

41. Eshe (Swahili origin) meaning "life".

42. Gugu (Zulu origin) meaning "precious".

43. Kanzi (Swahili origin) meaning " a treasure".

44. Kianga (Swahili origin) meaning "sunshine".

45. Mbwa (Swahili origin) meaning "dog". Mbwa is one of the names that mean dog.

46.  Monifa (Yoruba origin) meaning "I am lucky".

47. Nala meaning "lion". Nala is famous for being the name of Simba's mother in 'The Lion King'. Nala was a powerful queen who stood up for what she believed.

48.  Ndidi (Igbo origin) meaning "patience". Patience is an admirable virtue in most dogs.

49. Nosizwe (Xhosa origin) meaning "mother of the nation".

50. Oba (Yoruba origin) meaning "ruler".

51. Okaka meaning "strong and mighty". Any African dog who's named Okaka is undoubtedly feared.

52. Rudo (Shona origin) meaning "love". For those who wish to bestow upon their pets an adorable name, Rudo would be the way to go.

53. Rufaro (Shona origin) meaning "happiness".

54. Sisa (Xhosa origin) meaning "God's mercy".

55. Thabisa (Zulu origin) meaning "to bring joy".

56. Titi (Swahili origin) meaning "flower".

57. Tsholofelo (Xhosa origin) meaning "hope".

58. Udo (Igbo origin) meaning "peace".

59. Worknesh (Amharic origin) meaning "she is gold".

60. Zuri (Swahili origin) meaning "beautiful". Zuri is a popular name in the Swahili culture.

African Unisex Dog Names

Do you want to find the perfect name for your dog? Well, what about an African name? Africa is known to be an enormous melting pot filled with diverse cultures, ethnicities, and traditions. Therefore, there are thousands of eclectic African dog names that could be perfect for your dog. African names are some of the most versatile names on the planet. Here is a list of African names that are unisex so that they can be used for both male and female dogs.

61. Abayomi (Yoruba origin) meaning "he came to bring me joy and happiness".  

62. Abiona (Yoruba origin) meaning "born during a journey".

63. Abisade (Yoruba origin) meaning "born into royalty".

64. Adebola (Yoruba origin) meaning "honor is brought to her".

65. Ajah (Bandial origin) meaning "the clever one".

66. Bahari (Swahili origin) meaning "ocean".

67. Bakang (Tswana origin) meaning "to give praise to God".

68. Bereket (Amharic origin) meaning "gift of God."

69. Biebele meaning "happiness". Biebele is one of the best options for pet owners with cheerful dogs.

70. Biodun (Yoruba origin) meaning "born on a festival".

71. Jambo (Swahili origin) meaning "hello".

72. Kuume meaning "friend".

73. Lethabo (Nguni origin) meaning "happiness".

74. Lwandle (Zulu origin) meaning "ocean". The poodle gets its name from 'pudeln', the German word for "splash". They are known to be great swimmers, so the ocean would be a great spot to take them for a trip.

75. Minzi meaning "defender".  

76.  Moja (Swahili origin) meaning "one". Moja was born from the thought that people are stronger together rather than alone.

77. Mosa (Northern Sotho origin) meaning "grace".

78. Moto (Swahili origin) meaning "fire".

79. Mwaminifu (Swahili origin) meaning "loyal".

80. Nkechi (Igbo origin) meaning "gift of God". Even with male dogs, Nkechi will be a standout star.

81. Nthanda (Tumbuka origin) meaning "star".

82. Ode (Beninese origin) meaning "born along a road". Ode can be a perfect choice If you're looking for female African dog names for your pet.

83. Ogbo meaning "friend".

84. Raza meaning "hope".

85. Rutendo (Shona origin) meaning "thanksgiving".

86. Simangele (Xhosa origin) meaning "surprise".

87. Siphokazi (Zulu origin) meaning "a gift".

88.  Tezi meaning "one who stays". If you don't have an African dog but still want to choose an African name, Tezi could be a good match.

89. Tholakeke meaning "found". Golden retrievers are great at finding things in the wild and often help guide people who are blind.

90. Tiifu (Swahili origin) meaning "faithful".  Labrador retrievers are known to be an incredibly faithful breed.

Strong African Names For Dogs

The Rhodesian ridgeback is one of the toughest breeds in the whole African continent. It was previously called the 'African Lion Hound' due to its ability to tackle a lion singlehandedly.  It is assumed that they were developed as a result of cross-breeding between local and European breeds. Every dog deserves a powerful dog name. Here is a list of powerful female and male African dog names that can make any dog stand out from the crowd.

91. Adofo (M) (Ghanian origin) meaning "brave warrior".

92. Ajani (M) meaning "he who wins the struggle".

93. Aza (F) (Swahili origin) meaning "powerful". Aza is known as one of the most popular African girl dog names.

94.  Bomani (M) (Malawian origin) meaning "mighty warrior".

95. Bornani (M) (Malawian origin) meaning "warrior".

96.  Bour (M) meaning "rock".

97. Chidike (M) (Igbo origin) meaning "the strength of God".

98. Chisulo (M) (Malawian origin) meaning "steel". Chisulo is a great dog name for those looking for a powerful name for their pet.

99. Chuki (F) (Swahili origin) meaning "born in a time of strife and hatred".

100. Ekon (M/F) meaning "strong".

101.  Faizah (F) (Swahili origin) meaning "victorious". Any female terrier would come across as fierce with a dog name like Faizah.

102.  Fayola (F) (Yoruba origin) meaning "fortunate".

103. Fenyang (M) (Botswanan origin) meaning "conqueror". Fenyang is an excellent choice for a Rhodesian ridgeback name because of its assertiveness.

104. Folami (F) (Yoruba origin) meaning "respect me".

105. Fujo (F)(Swahili origin) meaning "born after a quarrel".

106.  Gahiji (M) meaning "the hunter".

107.  Gamba (M) meaning "warrior".  The Basenji is an African dog that is known is be astute and independent.

108. Jabari (M) (Swahili origin) meaning "brave one". With a name like Jabari, nobody would wish to come across your terrier.

109.  Jelani (M/F) (Swahili origin) meaning "powerful".  Jelani is one of the most mighty Rhodesian ridgeback names in the world.  

110. Kafele (M) (Malawian origin) meaning "worth giving one's life for".

111. Kali (F) (Swahili origin) meaning "fierce".

112. Kamau (M) (Bantu origin) meaning "silent warrior". Kamau is an excellent African name for your pet.

113.  Katlego (M/F) (Tswana origin) meaning "success".

114. Osa (M) (Bini origin) meaning "godlike".

115. Polo (M) meaning "alligator".

116.  Raadi (M/F) meaning "thunder".

117. Ropo (M) (Yoruba origin) meaning "come to save". Ropo is a good option for those looking for Rhodesian names since the breed is extremely protective of its pack.

118. Roro (M/F) meaning "fierce". Roro is an excellent African name for small breeds such as pugs or terriers.

119. Yafeu (M/F)  meaning "bold".

120.  Zuberi (F) (Swahili origin) meaning "strong". Zuberi emits an extremely potent vibe and is sure to make your pet's name memorable to everyone.

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