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100+ Best Black And White Dog Names You'll Love

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Every dog deserves a 'pawdorable' name.

When finalizing a name for your dog from the endless options, it's important to pick a name that's not only quirky and fun but also complements and reflects your dogs personality.

Whenever anyone mentions of black and white dog, we always think about the '101 Dalmatians' puppies with their white bodies with black patches, and an overload of cuteness! Other black and white dog breeds include Border Collies, Boston Terriers, and Great Danes, among others. There are endless perfect names out there but we've prepared this list of our favorite black and white dogs names, grouped into three sections, it couldn't be easier to find the perfect name! If you're looking for black dog names, white dog names, or beautiful black and white dog names, then this list is for you. We hope you find a 'pawfect' name for your black and white charmer.

We hope this list helps in your search but if you need more inspiration why not look at country dog names or japanese dog names, right here on Kidadl.

Two cute black and white Shelties sitting in lavender flowers.

Male Black And White Dog Names-

The best thing you can give your male black and white dog is a name that's unique and straightforward while being quirky at the same time. This list consists of some beautiful and classic names for black dogs and white dogs that you’ll adore, and hopefully present to your puppies.

1. Badger, (English origin) meaning "Baggage-carrier".

2. Bangs, (Scottish origin) meaning "One who resides near a riverbank".

3. Butler, (English origin) meaning "One with many responsibilities". This would be a perfect name for a working Border Collie on a farm.

4. Chaplin, (English origin) meaning "Clergyman of a chapel", is also synonymous with black and white.

5. Checkers, (American origin) meaning "Irritable but lovable".

6. Choccy, (American origin) meaning "Chocolate", is a great choice for your black and white dog.

7. Cookie, (English origin) meaning "Sweet Biscuit", is a part of every black dog's names list.

8. Dice, (English origin) meaning "Chance or Luck".

9. Domino, (Latin origin) meaning "Lord".

10. Droopy, (English origin) meaning "Hanging down", was also a cartoon character with a drooping face.

11. Freckles, (American origin) meaning "To be spotted", is another adorable choice.

12. Goofy, (American origin) meaning "Wacky or Nutty", was also a popular dog in Disney cartoons.

13. Jake, (Hebrew origin) meaning "Holder of the heel".

14. Keys, (Latin origin) meaning "Rejoice or happy".

15. Maximus, (Latin origin) meaning "Greatest".

16. Merle, (Latin origin) meaning "Blackbird".

17. Mickey, (American origin) meaning "Gift of God", was a famous cartoon character on Disney.

18. Oreo, (American origin) meaning "Kind or Sweet like sugar", is a captivating name.

19. Panda, (Nepalese origin) meaning "Eater of Bamboo".

20. Paw, (Thai origin) meaning "Flower", is a sweet option.

21. Penguin, (Latin origin) meaning "Oil or Fat", and the bird of the Artic.

22. Pongo, (English origin) meaning "A soldier", was also the father in '101 Dalmatians.'

23. Rex, (Latin origin) meaning "King".

24. Skunk, (American origin) meaning "Smelly animal", could be a fun choice.

25. Snoopy, (American origin) meaning "Curiosity or prying", was also character in the comic 'Peanuts.'

26. Spade, (German origin) meaning "Late", is also a suit in the game of cards.

27. Storm, (English origin), could be a great choice for a black and white dog name as their markings can look like clouds.

28. Swan, (Scottish origin) meaning "Pure or excellent".

29. Tux, (English origin) meaning "Evening Jacket", is short for Tuxedo.

30. Yin Yang, (Chinese origin) meaning "Dualism", is an ancient concept where two opposing forces are interconnected and counterbalancing.

Female Black And White Dog Names

Your new pal deserves a name that's classic and trendy at the same time. Did you know, some breeds of black and white dogs are amongst the easiest to train? So why not get puppy school off to a great start by giving your black and white furball an adorable name? Here are some of the best black and white dog names for your beloved pet.  

31. Badgy, (English origin) meaning "Baggage carrier", comes from the word "Badger".

32. Chess, (American origin) meaning "Free", is also a popular board game.

33. Coke Float, (Australian origin) meaning "A beverage made using Ice-cream and cola syrup".

34. Cow, (English origin) after the animal can be a cute name, as many cows are also black and white.

35. Cruella,(American origin) meaning"Evil or Cruel", the name of the white-haired villain in '101 Dalmatians.'

36. Cupcake,(American origin) meaning " small cake".

37. Dotty, (Greek origin) meaning"Gift of God", the perfect name for a beloved black and white dog.

38. Eight Ball, (American origin) after the black ball in pool or snooker.

39. Figaro, (French origin) meaning "Barber", was a character in the film "Pinocchio".

40. Grandy, (French origin) meaning "Grandparent".

41. Harlequin, (French origin) meaning "A clown or Buffoon".

42. Inci, (Turkish origin) meaning "Pearl".

43. Junior Mint, (American origin) meaning "Small, circle-shaped, black and white mint chocolates".

44. Lizzy, (Hebrew origin) meaning "God is abundance" or "God is my faith".

45. Magpie, (Latin origin) meaning "Chatterer", is another great name.

46. Minnie, (English origin) meaning "Of the sea" or "Bitter", was a famous cartoon character on Disney.

47. Motley, (English origin) meaning "One who wears particolored clothes".

48. Olive, (Latin origin) meaning "The peaceful one".

49. Orca, (Latin origin) meaning "Tusk, Cask or Whale".

50. Patches, (German origin) meaning "Patch, Stone or Fight" perfect for a spotty dog.

51. Peabody, (English origin) meaning "A showy dresser".

52. Pepper, (American origin) meaning "Hot spice", is one of the cutest names for a black dog.

53. Perdita, (Latin origin) meaning "Lost", was the mother in '101 Dalmatians.'

54. Pie, (English origin) meaning "Talkative or thriving person".

55. Puffin, (Latin origin) meaning "Little friar of the north".

56. Shamu, (Arabic origin) meaning "Patience", is also a well-known SeaWorld whale.

57. Snake Eyes, (American origin) meaning "A cast of two", is perfect for a dog with two black spots.

58. Sushi, (Japenese origin) because of the white rice and the black seaweed. We think it's cute!

59. Whaley,  (English origin) meaning "Whale Meadow", is a cute name for a white dog.

60. Zebra, (Greek origin) meaning "Pony or Horse".

Cute Black And White Dog Names

A calm fluffy white and black wolf dog sitting besides a woman in forest

If you're looking for a more generic or gender-neutral name or couldn't settle down on a single name from the above lists, we've got some more options for you. Here are some super cute inspirations and name ideas to help you with your choices. With black dogs names, white dog names, and more, this list is full of different names that'll surely give you a potential name for your black and white dog.

61. Almond Joy, (American origin) meaning "Sweet treat", is also a famous chocolate bar that's a mix of black and white.

62. Aurora, (Latin origin) meaning "Dawn".

63. Bruiser, (English origin) meaning "Strong" or "Tough".

64. Bulls-eye, (English origin) meaning "Centre of the target" is a super cute name for a black and white dog.

65. Chanel, (French origin) meaning "Canal", was popularized by a fashion designer.

66. Chip, (English origin) meaning "Man", could also be inspired by the black and white design of poker chips.

67. Cloudy, (Latin origin) meaning "Mighty fighter of the river", is a great name for a black and white dog.

68. Crossword, (English origin) meaning "Puzzle", is another riveting choice for your black and white dog.

69. Dessert, (French origin) meaning "Last course of a meal".

70. Doodle, (German origin) meaning "To swindle or make a fool of", is a popular name for a black and white dog.

71. Print, it's a bit of an unusual one, but we think it works! Inspired by black and white newspapers.

72. Elvis, (Scandinavian origin) means "All-wise".

73. Felix, (Latin origin) meaning "Happy" or "Lucky", is a cute name for a black and white dog.

74. Galaxy, (American origin) meaning "Large system of stars".

75. Garbo, (Italian origin) meaning "Polite" or "Kind", is a unique choice for a black and white dog name.

76. Greta, (Greek origin) meaning "Pearl".

77. Greyson, (English origin) meaning "Son of the grave".

78. Half Moon, (American origin) meaning "The moon when half of its disk is illuminated".

79. Pollux, (Latin origin) is a star that you can see from earth, and is a perfect name for a black and white dog.

80. Lucy, (Latin origin) meaning "Born at dawn or daylight", is a very popular dog name.

81. Marble, (French origin) meaning "Rock", is a perfect name for white dogs.

82. Monk, (Greek origin) meaning "Solitary" or "Alone" could be an interesting name for a black and white dog.

83. Moo, (Indian origin) meaning "God", is the perfect choice for a black and white dog, especially a small dog.

84. Onyx (English origin) meaning 'Black Gemstone,' is one of the best black dog names.

85. Peanut, (American origin) meaning "Groundnut legume", could be a witty name for your black and white dog.

86. Pepe Le Pew, (American origin)  was a popular skunk character from Warner Bros. 'Loony Tunes.' Skunks are also black and white!

87. Petey, (Greek origin) meaning "Rock".

88. Piano, (Italian origin) meaning "Someone who lived on a plain or plateau", is also a popular black and white instrument.

89. Polka Dot, (European origin) meaning "Half", is a well-known pattern style.

90. Raven, (English origin) meaning "Blackbird".

91. Ref, (American origin) meaning "To whom a matter in dispute has been rendered", is short form "Referee". The costume of many referees is also black and white.

92. Slate, (American origin) meaning "Gray-green rock".

93. Smudge, (English origin) meaning "A mark or smear".

94. Soccer, (English origin) meaning "A sport played by kicking a ball", is another great choice for a black and white dog name because of the black and white patters on the ball.

95. Sprinkle, (English origin) meaning "A lively young man".

96. Swirl, (English origin) meaning "To whirl or swish".

97. Sylvester, (Latin origin) meaning "Wooded" or "wild", was also a black and white cat in Warner Bros. 'Loony Tunes.'

98. Truffle, (Latin origin) meaning "Swelling" or "Lump", is also a Round and sweet dessert made using rum.

99. Turbo,(Latin origin) meaning "A whorl or a spinning object".

100. Zoro, (Spanish origin) meaning "Sly" or "Fox", is an adorable name for a black and white dog.

We hope you found these ideas helpful, if you're looking for more inspiration why not try Husky names, best brindle dogs names or best big dog names.

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