81 Best Cottage Names That Are Cute And Cosy

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A wooden cottage with a green lawn.
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Cottages are beautiful idyllic houses where you can just go to de-stress or stay when you are on trips, whether it's a vacation rental or a holiday home.

It can be a challenge to find house names or the perfect names for a beach house. Or perhaps you want to give your house a cottage name to give it some character.

Choosing a cottage is a very important endeavor, especially if you want a name to perfectly encapsulate the character of the house. Building up that can be hard. It is about choosing a name that goes out ahead and represents your house properly so here is a list to help inspire you. You could also use a house name generator.

The more beautiful the name is, the better.

You can also check out our list of names that mean forest or earthy boys names articles for more inspiration, right here on Kidadl.

Popular Cottage Names

English Village Cottage.

There are lots of cottage names that are already popular name ideas. These could be a vacation rental, a private vacation home, and house name ideas.

1. Chickadee Corner: an eatery that has a very cozy cottage effect.

2. Crested View: a cozy rose cottage in an idyllic woodland environment.

3. Crow Cottage: this cottage passes across a traditional vibe.

4. Deerfield Bottom: the cottage is named after deer and is located on a reservation.

5. Eagle Run: a cottage overlooking a large lake in the woods.

6. Gray Whale Watch: a cottage that unlike the name suggests is located deep in the woods.

7. Hawk Hideout: a smart name for a strategically located cottage.

8. Hemlock Manner: a cottage where you can completely unplug from the world.

9. Hollyhock House: this is a cottage lodge in the woods.

10. Huckleberry Retreat: this cottage is taken from the famous Mark Twain book.

11. Lakehaven House: a romantic cottage for two in the elk woods.

12. Lakeview Cottage: this lake overseas a man-made lake, hence the name.

13. Lavender Haven: a beautiful cottage heavenly decorated with purple flower decorations.

14. Little Cub Cottage: an exclusive commercial lodging in upstate New York.

15. Moonlight Trail: a large cottage lodging of a hiking trail in Arizona.

16. Moose Tracks Inn: a small cottage off the grid in the hills.

17. Moss Manor: a picturesque name for a very beautiful cottage.

18. Pineview Lodge: this is a cozy quiet cottage in Nipawin, Canada.

19. Pony Place: a cottage where lodgers get to pet horses.

20. Rabbit Hill: a nice cozy cottage on the hills in Mississippi.

Water Cottage Names

Water cottages are house names referring to beach cottage names, seaside cottage names, etc. We have names that can help you find one house name that fulfils your needs.

21. Salt Water Way: this is a cottage that is located by the seaside.

22. Scout On The Water: a name that is as inventive as it is smart.

23. The Boathouse: this cottage overlooks a lake.

24. The Bunny Barn: this cottage has a very pronounced rustic vibe to it.

25. The Dockside Inn: as the name suggests, this is a seaside cottage. Also serves as a great beach house name.

26. The Fox Den: this cottage is named for its location in the forest.

27. The Garden at Midnight: a garden cottage in central Maine.

28. The Hideaway: just like the name suggests, this cottage is tucked away in a secluded area of the midlands.

29. The Overlook: a lodging that is located next to a river.

30. The Wayfarer: this is lodging in the Midwest where people can temporarily stay.

31. The Whiskey Way Inn: this is a bar-themed cottage by a river.

32. Wanderlust Lookout: a cottage in a valley, from where you can hear the nearby ravine.

33. Water’s Edge Estate: this is another waterside cottage and lodgers can even hear the water outside.

34. Wildhorse Gulch: a cottage tucked away in a meadow in Northern Mississippi.

English Cottage names

These are house name ideas that have that English chic character.

35. Abbey View: a cottage that organizes karaoke events.

36. A De La Colline: this translates directly into “the hillside”.

37. Aisling House: a dream vision house with the cottage experience.

38. An Teallach: a cozy cottage that is in service during the holidays.

39. Attefalls: this is a very small cabin. It is about 320 square meters.

40. Beachcomber: this is a seaside modern cottage.

41. Belle Vue: as the name suggests, this cottage has a beautiful view.

42. Chez Recoin: this name means “our little corner”.

43. Cliff Haven: an intriguing name for a cozy abode.

44. Drom Aluinn: the name translates to “beautiful mountain” denoting it's location.

45. Glen Haven House: this is an exclusive cottage winery.

46. Haute Vue: a cottage that is suspended off the ground.

47. Hollyhaven: this is a garden cottage in Ottawa.

48. Huckleberry Place: this cottage is named after Mark Twain's famous character.

49. Hytt: this cottage tilts more traditional with thatched roofing and wooden handcrafted windows.

50. Kolonistuga: this is an old English style singer cottage.

51. Mediavine: a cottage in the middle of a lake.

52. Monkwood House: for the hermit looking for a break from the fast-paced life.

53. Notre Maison: a homely cottage in North Carolina.

54. Nottingham Bliss: this name strategically communicates a cottage on the English countryside.

55. Páirc Lodge: this literally translates into “Park Lodge”.

56. Rams Cottage: this is a tavern cottage.

57. Sealladh Loch: a lake side eatery in a cottage.

58. Sea Point Place: a franchise eatery that markets the cozy cottage experience.

59. Seaside Cottage: this lake is on a reserved private water front.

Weird Cottage Names

Cottage in Dartmoor National park, England, UK

These are house name ideas that are strange, funny, or eccentric.

60. Stuga: this name translates to “a small house”.

61. The Cozy Coastal: this cottage incorporates different activities for its guests.

62. The Croft: this is an eco-friendly cottage.

63. The Eagle’s Nest: a high altitude cottage with a bungee jumping service.

64. The Lincoln Lodge: a traditional cottage in the Rustbelt.

65. The Nook: an exclusive cottage that operates through referrals only.

66. The Orchard House: this is a cottage, located in an apple orchard.

67. Valensole Lavender: a French cottage service in Provence.

68. Woodlands Cottage: the name suggests is deep in the woods.

69. Yew Tree Cottage: this is a cottage speciously designed with a lot of plants.

70. Zip Tea House: a cottage that recreates old English tea house service.

Whimsical Cottage Names

These house names are funny and can be useful to you in your journey to find the perfect name for your property, whether it's a vacation rental or you're just looking for names for houses.

71. Hawk Hill: a cottage that has been in operation since the 1930s.

72. Hell’s Mouth: this name is very funny because it produces a strong contrast to the cottage's service.

73. Hidden Hedges: this is a play on the cottage's off-the-grid brand.

74. Kabin: alternative spelling of the word cabin.

75. Life’s a Hoot: this name is a play on the saying that “life's a lot”.

76. My Last Resort: this name is a play on the name “Resort” giving the cottage's name a double meaning.

77. My Old Man: an obscure lakeside cottage.

78. Pineview Manor: a bashful mystical cottage in a pine forest.

79. Rockies Road: this one is not a band, it is a quiet cottage, and therein lies the joke.

80. The Cottage Cheese: this is a cottage eatery that serves an array of pastries.

81. The King of the Hill: this cottage sits at the top of a hill.

Kidadl has lots of great character name articles to inspire you. If you liked our suggestions for cottage names then why not take a look at tree names for girls or, for something different, take a look at girls names ending in IE.

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