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100+ Best Fantasy Hockey Team Names That Are Funny And Cool

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Fantasy hockey is a fantasy sport where you can build a team that competes with other teams based on the rankings of real professional players.

Most statistics of players and teams are from the National Hockey League (NHL). There are several websites which you could visit to play a fantasy hockey league, but first you need a name for your fantasy team!

In this article, you will get a list of the best team titles for fantasy hockey teams. They are funny and cool, inspired by real professional players, movies, songs, and a lot of fun puns. Make sure to also look at fantasy basketball team names and baseball names by Kidadl.

Fantasy Hockey Team Names That Are Funny

Here is a list to get inspired by! You could name your fantasy hockey team after any one of these.

1. A Gaunce of Prevention, one of the funny fantasy hockey team names inspired by the famous player Brendan Gaunce.

2. Antti-Matter, one of the best hockey fantasy team names inspired by physics and hockey goaltender Antti Raanta.

3. Arcobello de Triumph, one of the best fantasy hockey teams names inspired by the famous monument Triumphal Arch of the Star in Paris, and player Mark Arcobello.

4. At The Helm, one of the funny bracket names that mean “to be in charge”.

5. Blue Line Bandits, a funny and clever name.

6. Bouillon Cubes, inspired by the player Francis Bouillon.

7. Carle of the Wild, one of the funny fantasy hockey team names inspired by American player Matt Carle.

8. Chicken Pacioretty, one of the funny fantasy hockey team names inspired by a favorite dish and player Max Pacioretty.

9. Coffey Break, the best fantasy hockey team name inspired by the player Paul Coffey.

10. Doan and Out, inspired by the famous hockey player Shane Doan.

11. Dropping Klefboms, a name inspired by player Oscar Klefbom.

12. Dropping the Gloves, a team name to inspire you to never give up.

13. Drunk Dahlin, inspired by the fantastic player Rasmus Dahlin.

14. Dzingel Berries, a hockey team name inspired by the player Ryan Dzingel.

15. Erixon Valdez, a hockey team name inspired by Michael Valdez.

16. Flippula You Off, inspired by the Finish ice hockey player Valterri Flippula.

17. Glass of Marleau, inspired by the famous Canadian Hockey player Patrick Marleau.

18. Hiller High Water, from Swiss former player Jonas Hiller.

19. Nikitin Fit, inspired by the Russian professional player Nikita Nikitin.

20. Not Your Stepan Stone, inspired by hockey player Derek Stepan.

21. Paille Rider, inspired by the film ‘Pale Rider’ and the former Canadian player Daniel Paille.

22. Parenteau Guidance, from P. A. Parenteau.

23. Pekka Heads, inspired by the professional goaltender Pekka Rinne.

24. Phaneuf Said, from the great player Dion Phaneuf.

25. Probert Etiquette, to remember the good Bob Probert.

26. Raanta and Rave, and scream and shout for player Antti Raanta.

27. Reto Rooters, a funny name for your fantasy hockey teams.

28. Rotating Staal, inspired by some crazy hockey moves of the Staal brothers.

29. Sedin in Limbo,  inspired by the Sedin brothers.

30. Semyon Says, from Russian player Semyon Varlamov.

31. Smirking Budaj, one of the team names for hockey inspired by Slovak hockey player Peter Budaj.

32. Staal Tactics, a name to inspire some smart moves like the Staal brothers.

33. That’s a Bag of Jarnkrok, a funny name inspired by Calle Jarnkrok.

34. The Ott Man Out, the name with a funny twist inspired by Steve Ott.

35. The Vlasic Pickles, the name of both a good pickle and the great player Marc Edouard Vlasic.

36. Too Fehr Gone, the name of a fantasy hockey team inspired by Canadian player Eric Fehr.

37. Up and Etem, inspired by the player Emerson Etem.

38. Voodoo Dowells, inspired by Jake Dowells.

39. Weiss Guys, a funny name for all fans of Stephen Weiss.

Names For Your Fantasy Hockey Team That Are Clever

Here are some clever and fun puns for hockey team names that you could use.

40. Absolute Prust, a clever name that says you have to have absolute trust in Brendon Prust.

41. Boll Movement, inspired by the biology of the human body.

42. Don’t Toews Me Bro, an old saying but a good one inspired by Blackhawks player Jonathan Toews.

43. Gudas Gold, if you need to be good, you need to be as good as Radko Gudas.

44. Hard Boyled Eggs, inspired by American player Brian Boyle.

45. Holy Roy, inspired by Saint Patrick also known as Patrick Jacques Roy.

46. In It To Winnik, win fantasy games like player Daniel Winnik.

47. Jagr Bombs, inspired by the drink.

48. Lafleur Power, inspired by “The Flower”, Guy Damien Lafleur.

49. Mad Heeter, play a heated game of fantasy hockey like the Mad Hatters Hockey team.

50. Mad Pushers, a clever pun inspired by the main component of the game.

51. No Regretzkys, a clever name of an already established team in virtual leagues.

52. No Rest for the Fleury, if you play like the legendary Marc-Andre Fleury.

53. North Kariya, inspired by an infamous place and the player Paul Kariya.

54. Orr Diggers, the clever name inspired by the former hockey player Bobby Orr.

55. Rendezvous with Ramo,  inspired by Finnish ice hockey player Karri Ramo.

56. Scary Barrie, your competitors better be scared.

57. Seguin Genesis, the name to inspire a genesis of great games with players like Tyler Seguin.

58. Staal In The Family, a name inspired by the Staal brothers.

59. Strong Coffey, the name that is as strong as former player Paul Coffey.

60. Survive and Prospal, if you play like Vaclav Prospal, you will prosper in fantasy hockey.

61. Winner Winner Steen Dinner, the name inspired by ‘PubG’, the video game, and the player Alexander Lennart Steen.

Fantasy Hockey Teams Inspired By Film and TV

If you are a fan of films and television, you will like these cool and clever names for your fantasy hockey teams.

Close-up with the puck during the game.

62. Accidental Turris, the name inspired by the American drama film called ‘The Accidental Tourist’ and the player Kyle Turris.

63. Bettman Returns, inspired by NHL commissioner Gary Bettman and film ‘The Batman Returns’.

64. Bleacher Blums, inspired by the 1977 play called ‘Bleacher Bums’ and player Jonathon Blum.

65. Burns Notice, inspired by the television series called ‘Burn Notice’, and player Brent Burns.

66. Dirty Ryan Callahan, a name inspired by the film ‘Dirty Dancing’ and player Ryan Callahan.

67. Doan of the Dead, a name inspired by the horror film ‘Dawn of the Dead’, and Canadian player Shane Albert Doan.

68. Dumba and Dumber, a name inspired by the comedy show ‘Dumb and Dumber’, and the Canadian player Matthew Dumba.

69. Ennis the Menace, inspired by the comedy film ‘Dennis the Menace’, and the Canadian professional hockey player Tyler Ennis.

70. Fehr and Away, inspired by Canadian player Eric Fehr and the western romantic film ‘Far and Away’.

71. Forget Parise, inspired by American professional player Zach Parise and the and romantic comedy film ‘Forget Paris’.

72. I’m Bettman, inspired by the commissioner of NHL Gary Bettman and the film character Batman.

73. Legwands of the Fall, inspired by American professional player David Legwand and the epic historical drama called ‘Legends of the Fall’.

74. Malkin In The Middle, inspired by Russian professional hockey player Evgeni Malkin and American sitcom ‘Malcolm in the Middle’.

75. May The Forsberg With You, inspired by the great Swedish hockey player Peter Forsberg and the ‘Star War’ films.

76. Ranger Things, among names inspired by the hockey team New York Rangers, and the Netflix show ‘Stranger Things’.

77. Stastny & Hutch, inspired by the American hockey player Paul Stastny and the cop comedy film ‘Starsky and Hutch’.

78. The Biega Bang Theory, inspired by comedy TV show ‘The Big Bang Theory’ and the Canadian hockey player Alex Biega.

79. The Fasth and the Furious, inspired by the Swedish hockey player Viktor Fasth, and the film ‘The Fast and the Furious’.

80. The Perfect Strome, inspired by the Canadian hockey player Ryan Strome and the disaster drama film called ‘The Perfect Storm’.

81. Urbom Cowboy, the hockey team name inspired by the romantic western film ‘Urban Cowboy’, and the Swedish player Alexander Urbom.

82. Valley of the Dowells, inspired by the American former hockey player Jacob Charles Dowell, and the drama film ‘Valley of the Dolls’.

83. Weekend at Bernier’s, the name inspired by the Canadian goaltender Jonathan Bernier and black comedy film ‘Weekend at Bernie’s’.

Fantasy Hockey Names That Are Inspired By Music

Here is a list of clever puns for hockey team names inspired by music.

Sidney Crosby, of the Pittsburgh Penguins playing NHL game.

84. Baby’s Goc Back, inspired by the German player Marcel Got and the song ‘Baby Got Back’.

85. Baby’s Got Backlund, inspired by the song ‘Baby Got Back’ and the Swedish player Mickael Backlund.

86. Doan Bring Me Down, inspired by the hockey player Shane Doan and the song ‘Don’t Bring Me Down’ by Electric Light Orchestra.

87. Doan Stop Believin’, inspired by the same Canadian player and the song ‘Don’t Stop Believing’ by Journey.

88. Getzlaf My Cloud, inspired by the Canadian player Ryan Getzlaf, and the song ‘Getting Off Of My Cloud’ by The Rolling Stones.

89. Gionta Fly Now, inspired by the American former hockey player Brian Gionta and the song ‘Gonna Fly Now’ by Bill Conti.

90. Giroux Your Own Way, a name inspired by the Canadian hockey player Claude Giroux and the song ‘Go Your Own Way’ by Fleetwood Mac.

91. Hull & Oates, inspired by the American hockey player Brett Hull and the pop duo Hall and Oats.

92. I Hertl Myself Today, a team name inspired by Thomas Hertl, and the song 'Hurt' by Johnny Cash.

93. I Just Met You This is Krejci, a name inspired by the Czech hockey player David Krejci and the song ‘Call Me Maybe’ by Carly Rae Jepsen.

94. Lazar Bomba, a name inspired by the Canadian player Curtis Lazar.

95. Moves Like Jagr, the perfect name for your fantasy hockey team.

96. Oshie Can You See, from the American player T. J. Oshie and the American anthem “The Star-Spangled Banner’.

97. Pardy Like a Rock Star, from the Canadian former hockey player Adam Pardy and the song ‘Party Like A Rock Star’ by Shop Boyz.

98. Semyon & Garfunkel, from the Russian hockey player Semyon Varlamov, and the folk-rock duo Simon & Garfunkel.

99. Since You Benn Gone, from the Canadian hockey player Jamie Benn, and the song ‘Since U Been Gone’ by Kelly Clarkson.

100. Sound Gardiner, inspired by the American hockey player Jake Gardiner and the rock band Soundgarden.

101. The Barch is Back, inspired by the Canadian hockey player Krys Barch.

Kidadl has lots of great names articles to inspire you. If you liked our suggestions for fantasy hockey team names then why not take a look at something different like cool surfer names or athletic girls names.


Article image credit: Alexandr Grant / Shutterstock.com

Article image credit: Jai Agnish / Shutterstock.com

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