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160 Best Japanese Names That Start With M

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Read these Tokyo facts to learn all about the Japanese capital.

Japanese names have a rich heritage,  and they hold the responsibility of carrying a family's legacy.

Japanese names are mostly created using Kanji, characters that are Chinese in origin but have a Japanese pronunciation. Kanji characters use a certain set of rules to formulate every Japanese name.

Kanji characters can often have multiple interpretations that result in different meanings. Some cute Japanese female names that start with M include Mamiko, Masami, Mayu, Mika, and Misato. Japanese girl names that start with M generally exude a lithe and dainty essence and represent objects that come from nature, like flowers, sea waves, garden blossoms, and sounds of nature. On the other hand, male Japanese names are more firm and authoritative.

To help you with your search for Japanese M names, we have compiled together various categorized lists of Japanese names starting with M. There is a list of Japanese names for girls starting with M, a list of Japanese boy names starting with M, a list of gender-neutral  Japanese names beginning with M, a list of cool Japanese names beginning with M, and a list of strong Japanese names beginning with M. With this comprehensive list, we are sure that you will find the perfect Japanese name for your baby.

If you are looking for more names from ancient cultures, you can look at our other articles on Japanese Boy Names and Gender Neutral Japanese Names.

Female Japanese Names That Start With M

Japanese names are very meaningful and come from folklore as well.

Here is a list of girl Japanese names beginning with M.

1. Machi meaning "wisdom".

2. Madoka meaning "circle". Madoka Kimura is an accomplished Japanese singer and voice actress.

3. Maho meaning "truth". Maho Matsunaga is a former member of StylipS, a Japanese pop idol group.

4. Maiha meaning "dance of the waves".

5. Maiki meaning "strawberry".

6. Mai meaning "dance".

7. Majime meaning "serious".

8. Maki meaning "true, precious". There are various interpretations of the kanji characters used to write Maki.

9. Mamiko meaning "daughter of the sea".

10. Mamori meaning "protection".

11. Manari meaning "to receive someone's love".

12. Manase meaning "love".

13. Masae meaning "graceful". Masae is a beautiful name for a baby girl.

14. Masami meaning "gracious beauty".

15. Masana meaning "tenderness". The name Masana is free to use since it is not protected by any copyright laws.

16. Mashiho meaning "beloved".

17. Masumi meaning "true purity".  The Japanese name is a great choice for any parents who want to give their baby girl a delicate Japanese name.

18. Mau meaning "flutter about".

19. Mayu meaning "sole truth".

20. Mayumi meaning "truth, gentle, beauty". Mayumi Moriyama was a Japanese politician who worked as a member of the House of Representatives and served the Liberal Democratic Party,

21. Mieko meaning "already prosperous". The Japanese name refers to abundance and wealth, which makes it a great choice for parents who are looking for girl names that mean prosperity.

22. Mika meaning "beautiful fragrance".

23. Minako meaning "beautiful child". This is a vivacious Japanese name for your baby girl, and will definitely make her stand out.

24. Mineko meaning "mountain top".

25. Misa meaning "beautiful bloom".

26. Misato meaning "beautiful knowledge".

27. Miyuki meaning "beautiful happiness".

28. Miyu meaning "beautiful result". Miyu is a bold choice for people looking for female Japanese names.

29. Mizuki meaning "water moon". Mizuki Yamamoto is a Japanese model and actress who started her modeling career by becoming an exclusive model for CanCam, a Japanese fashion magazine.

30. Moe meaning "sprout". Moe would make a great Japanese name for your baby girl because the word 'sprout' signifies new beginnings.

Male Japanese Names That Start With M

Here is a list of male Japanese names beginning with M.

31. Mafuyu meaning "true winter". Mafuyu Sato is one of the central anime characters in the Given TV series.

32. Maiku meaning "dance".

33. Makana meaning "true, reality".

34. Makishi meaning "to preside over". Makishi is a great Japanese name that starts with M.

35. Makkusu meaning "the greatest".

36. Makoto meaning "sincerity".

37. Manabe meaning "interval".

38. Manzo meaning "ten thousand fold".

39. Mareo meaning "rare". While the name might mean rare, Mareo is not a rare Japanese name for male children.

40. Markos meaning "warrior".

41. Marori meaning "protection".

42. Maru meaning "circle".

43. Masafumi meaning "writings". Masafumi is a great option for expectant mothers who are looking for rare Japanese boy names that start with M.

44. Masahisa meaning "to lead for a long time".

45. Masahito meaning "help and benevolence".  The Japanese name Masahito has previously been associated with Japan's Imperial Family.

46. Masaichi meaning "superiority". Masaichi Kaneda was a Japanese-Korean baseball player who was given the nickname 'The Emperor' because of his great track record.

47. Masai meaning "to polish one's knowledge.

48. Masaji meaning "proper second son". Makoto is a sophisticated Japanese name starting with M, for a baby boy.

49. Masanao meaning "a good man".

50. Masanari meaning "gracious". Masanari is an elegant Japanese name starting with M, for a baby boy.

51. Masashi meaning "commander".

52. Masazumi meaning "pure living".

53. Matto meaning "wait". Matto is a fierce Japanese name starting with M, for a baby boy.

54. Meguru meaning "blessing".

55. Meiji meaning "enlightened rule". Meiji is an authoritative Japanese name starting with M, for a baby boy.

56. Miccheru meaning "divine".

57. Michiaki meaning "path". Michiaki is a glamorous Japanese name starting with M, for a baby boy.

58. Michihiro meaning "journey".

59. Mitsuo meaning "shining man". Mitsuo Hashimoto, a Japanese manga artist, received an honorable mention for his creation 'Minya no Negai' at the Tezuka Awards in 1976.

60. Moto meaning "mind".

Gender-Neutral Japanese Names Beginning With M

Here is a list of gender-neutral Japanese names beginning with M.

61. Maemi meaning "honest child."

62. Mahiru meaning "daytime".

63. Maiko meaning "dance child".

64. Makiko meaning "true record child". Makiko Tanaka, a politician, was the daughter of former Japanese Prime Minister Kakuei Tanaka.

65. Mako meaning "grateful".

66. Makoto meaning "sincerity".

67. Mana meaning "spiritual powers".

68. Manami meaning "beautiful love".

69. Maro meaning "myself".

70. Masako meaning "grateful child".

81. Matoi meaning "wind around".

82. Michi meaning "righteous way".

83. Michiru meaning "allot".

84. Midori meaning "green".

85. Mikasa meaning "flower blossom".

86. Minato meaning "harbor".

87. Minori meaning "beautiful harbor".

88. Mion meaning "ocean sound".

89. Mirai meaning "the future".

90. Mira meaning "reality".

91. Mirei meaning "beautiful bow".

92. Misora meaning "beautiful sky".

93. Mitsuha meaning "three leaves".

94. Mitsu meaning "light".

95. Mitsuru meaning "stretch".

96. Miyabi meaning "sweet loved one".

97. Miyoko meaning "child of a beautiful generation".

98. Miyo meaning "beautiful child".

99. Mizuho meaning "harvest".

100. Momoka meaning "peach fragrance".

Cool Japanese Names That Begin With M

The Japanese language is replete with cool and trendy Japanese names. Some cool Japanese names are Masa, Mikio, Misora, and Meriru. Here is a list of cool Japanese names beginning with M.

101. Machiko (F) meaning "wisdom child". Machiko Hasegawa was a Japanese manga artist born in the early 20th century.

102. Mamio (F) meaning "true, beauty". Mamio is a trendy Japanese name that has multiple meanings.

103. Maren (M/F) meaning "true love".

104. Maru (M/F) meaning "circle". The Japanese name gained popularity after a cat in Japan named 'Maru' went viral on the internet.

105. Masa (M/F) meaning "good and straightforward". Although the Japanese name Masa is occasionally used for boys, it is primarily a Japanese name that is used for the female gender.

106. Masae (F) meaning "blessed with elegance". Masae is a classy Japanese name that conveys multiple meanings.

107. Masayo (F) meaning "elegant generation". Masayo Takahashi is a celebrated Japanese stem cell researcher, medical physician, and ophthalmologist.

108. Mayoku (F) meaning "genuine child". Mayoku is an excellent Japanese name for your baby girl.

109. Mayue (M) meaning "reason to rely on". Mayue is a vibrant Japanese name that holds multiple meanings.

110. Meriru (F) meaning "favorite".  Meriru is a great name for your baby girl.

111. Michiyo (F) meaning "era of beauty and wisdom". Michiyo is a fashionable Japanese name for girls.

112. Mie (F) meaning "glory". Mie is a sophisticated Japanese name for a girl.

113. Mikio (M) meaning "three trees together". Mikio is a really cool name for a Japanese male.

114. Minami (M/F) meaning "south". The Japanese name Minami can be used for both the male and female gender.

115. Misaki (F) meaning "beautiful bloom".  The Japanese name Misaki holds no copyright, so it can easily be used by any parents who are looking for a Japanese name for their baby girl.

116. Misao (F) meaning "fidelity". It is a glamorous Japanese name meant for your girl.

117. Misora (F) meaning "beautiful sky". The name Misora is predominantly used by parents who are looking for a Japanese name for a baby girl.

118. Mito (F) meaning "beautiful person".  Mito is a cute Japanese name that can be used for a baby girl.

119. Mitsuhide (M) meaning "excellent light". Mitsuhide Iwaki is a Japanese politician who belongs to the Liberal Democratic Party, and currently works in the Ministry of Justice.

120. Miya (F) meaning "increasingly beautiful".

121. Mokichi (M) meaning "sprout". Mokichi is an appealing Japanese name for boys.

122. Momiji (M/F) meaning "maple tree". Momiji is a stylish Japanese name that you can use for both the male and female gender.

123. Momo (F) meaning "peaches".  Momo is a cute Japanese name for a baby girl born in the spring.

124. Mon (F) meaning "gate". Mon is a trendy Japanese name for a girl.

125. Morio (M) meaning "forest boy".  The Japanese name is primarily used to represent the male gender.

126. Motoko (M/F) meaning "resourceful child". Motoko is a suave Japanese name for both girls and boys.

127. Munetaka (M) meaning "towering ancestor". Munetaka Higuchi was a Japanese record producer and musician who rose to fame as a member of 'Loudness', a Japanese heavy metal band.

128. Mura (F) meaning "village". Mura is not a common Japanese name for a girl.

129. Mutsuki (F) meaning "month of affection".  Mutsuki is an attractive Japanese name starting with M, for a baby girl.

130. Mutsumi (M/F) meaning "harmonious".

Strong Japanese Names That Start With M

Every Japanese name is created with Kanji letters, which can often hold several different interpretations.

Here is a list of strong Japanese names beginning with M.

131. Machio (M) meaning "man on a journey". This name is better suited for a Japanese boy, rather than a  Japanese girl.

132. Makari (F) meaning "true". Makari is a strong Japanese name for girls.

133. Makuri (M/F) meaning "doing something too much". You can use the Japanese name Makuri to represent either gender.

134. Mamoru (M) meaning "defend". If you're looking for a fierce name for a male child, Mamoru is a good option for a first name.

135. Mano (F) meaning "reality". Mano is a solid option for a girl who is looking for a first name starting with M.

136. Manon (F) meaning "ten thousand". Manon is a classy name for any Japanese girl.

137. Marei (F) meaning "crystal". Crystals make up some of the strongest objects on earth, therefore, naming your baby girl Marei is a good option.

138. Mari (F) meaning  "rebellion".  Mari is a powerful Japanese name for girls.

139. Maria (F) meaning "sea of bitterness".

140. Mariko (F) meaning "real".  Mariko is an authoritative Japanese name for girls.

141. Marise (M) meaning "endless".

142. Masaaki (M) meaning "a wise man". If you're looking for a name for a male child, Masaaki is a good choice for a first name.

143. Masahiro (M) meaning "govern widely".

144. Masanori (F) meaning "correct principals". The name holds an autocratic essence, which makes it a good option for parents who are looking for male names that exude a sense of authority.

145. Masanori (M) meaning "model of justice".

146. Masao (M) meaning "righteous".

147. Masaru (M) meaning "victory". Masaru is a great selection for those searching for male baby names.

148. Masasto (M) meaning "brave". If you want a brave name for a male child, you can use Masasto.

149. Masayoshi (M) meaning "justice".

150. Masuyo (F) meaning "profit". Masuyo is a hip Japanese name for a baby girl.

151. Matoya (M/F) meaning "arrow and justice". The name Matoya is a strong choice for babies belonging to any gender.

152. Megumi (F) meaning "grace".  If you use a powerful surname alongside Megumi, the name gets an added intensity.

153. Mei (F) meaning "dark". The use of dark themes in your naming strategy is surely going to make it easy to find a fierce name for your baby girl.

154. Michio (M) meaning "strength of three thousand".  Michio is a strong choice for a first name.

155. Miho (M)  meaning "future". If you want a futuristic name for your girl, you can use Miho.

156. Mine (F) meaning "peak".  

157. Miyah (F) meaning "sacred temple". Miyah is a gorgeous name for any female baby.

158. Morie (F) meaning "bay". Morie is a common Japanese name that would make for an excellent name for your baby girl.

159. Moriko (F) meaning "forest child". Moriko is a powerful name for Japanese girls.

160. Mosu (M) meaning "fire".

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