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25 Best Kpop Fandom Names With Meanings

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Every K-pop fandom name has a different meaning.

Almost all K-pop fandom names have a special meaning related to the artists. These names aim to make the fans feel connected with the artist.

Almost every K-pop group has a fan club made up of K-pop fans who are generally called Kpoppers or Kpop stans. These fandom's names are not merely words thrown together at the last minute; they carry a special meaning and some K-pop fandoms have become as popular as the artists it is dedicated to.

There are loads of Kpop fandoms out there, though the exact number is not known but we do know that there are more than 99 million Kpop fans making up these numerous fandoms! It is widely believed that BTS's fandom, called ARMY, is the best K-pop fandom but there are many other famous fandoms too.

These Kpop  groups' fandom names are sometimes based on the most popular songs sung by the group, or sometimes they are based on values that the group and their fans hold in high esteem. There are many K-pop groups and singers worldwide, and each of them have a fanbase and fandom of their own. Fans use the fandom as a way to get to know each other through hosted events. This helps fans to feel part of a group and they enjoy supporting their favorite bands and artists with other like minded individuals. If you want to join a K-pop fandom or want to start one of your own, whatever the reason, this list will be a great introduction to the K-pop community. Here is a list of the best K-pop fandom names with their underlying meanings explained.

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Popular K-Pop Fandom Names

Here we have listed the most popular fandom names, followed by the name of the band they support and then information about the meaning of the name.

1. ARMY (BTS) ARMY stands for "Adorable Representative M.C. for Youth". However, it has another meaning: it represents how the fans will always stand with one another and by BTS.

2. Carat (SEVENTEEN) The band calls its fans "shining diamonds", hence the fandom name is Carat.

3. ELF (Super Junior) Stands for "Everlasting Friend", representing Super Junior and their fans' special bond.

4. iGOT7 (GOT7) The name refers to being lucky, with seven being their lucky number.

5. iKONIC (iKON)  A play on the word "iconic", it means that the fans are a part of iKON.

6. Monbebe (MONSTA X) In French, Monbebe means "my baby" and is an endearing name given by the band members to their fans.

7. My Day (Day6) This name represents how their fans make their day and are a source of energy for the band.

8. STAY (Stray Kids) Implies that they will always be on the band's side. We think this is a wonderful fandom name.

9. The B (The Boyz) referencing vitamin B as The Boyz' fans give them energy.

10. VIP (BIGBANG) VIP, is the short form of "Very Important People", it reflects how the band considers their fans as their family.

11. Inner Circle (WINNER) WINNER are trying to convey that their fans are their closest friends by calling them their Inner Circle.

12. WIZ*ONE (IZ*ONE) Pronounced "we is one", this name implies that the fans are one with the band.

Cute Kpop Fandom Names

Two girls making a heart with their fingers which is a popular hand sign amongst kpop fans

Here is a list of some cute and famous K-pop fandom names with their meanings.

13. BLINK (BlackPink) is a combination of the two words: "black" and "pink".

14. Buddies (GFRIEND) This is what the GFRIEND calls their fans because, to them, they are like friends.

15. EXO-L (EXO) The L stands for "love".

16. Forever (EVERGLOW) Signifies that fans will always be together.

17. Hottest (2PM) It refers to the hottest time of the day, which is 2PM (and is also the name of the band).

18. MIDZY (ITZY) Rhyming with ITZY, the name is a Korean word for "trust".

19. MooMoo (MAMAMOO) An adorable fandom name, it is a play on the band's name.

20. Neverland ((G)I-DLE) Implies that the fans of (G)I-DLE will be together forever.

21. ONCE (Twice) Represents what the group said about their fans: "if you love us even once, we will repay your love with twice our love."

22. Pink Panda (Apink) A cute combination of the Korean word 'paen' for "fan" and the band's name.

23. ReVeluv (Red Velvet) This name a cute combination of "red velvet" and "love", because the fans love the band.

24. SONE (Girls' Generation) Pronounced as "so one" as they believe their fans will be together (as one) forever.

25. Universe (PENTAGON) This name is taken from the group's song, implying that the fans are the group's universe.

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