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150 Best Mastiff Names For Your Dog

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Mastiffs are one of the most ancient dog breeds.

Mastiffs are mainly known for their enormous size. Yet they are a very calm and sensitive breed.

Here is our list of the perfect names for these lovely giants that you may find helpful and even get a good name for your furry prince or princess.

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Unisex Mastiff Names Inspired By Size

Mastiffs are usually huge, with muscles, but there are still many differences in size between the breeds. Here's a list of name ideas to help you search for all male-female mastiff dog names, especially if you are looking for names according to their size.

1. Attila (M) (Hungarian origin) means "father". Atilla the Hun was the leader of the Huns from 434 AD to 453 AD.

2. Bear (M) refers to the animal bear.

3. Beethoven (M) (German origin) means "beetroot farms". Beethoven is also a dog character and a fine name idea for a canine.

4. Brawny (M) refers to someone who is muscular and has considerable strength. You may love this word, you can find it fitting for an adolescent canine.  

5. Bruiser (M) (English origin) refers to a fighter.

6. Brutus (M) (Latin origin) means "heavy or muscular".

7. Bull (M) refers to the animal bull.

8. Burly (M) means "heavily built". This is a popular and cute puppy name.

9. Clifford (M) (English origin) means "ford by a cliff". A good name for big-size mastiffs.

10. Colossus (M) means "huge". For their fit muscles as well as their happy attitude, this name can be quite fitting for your titan.  

11. Everest (M) (English origin) means "Eure river dweller".

12. Giant (M) means "superhuman size". A good name for a fit and big mastiff.

13. Goliath (M)(Biblical origin) means "passage or heap". Goliath was a titan defeated by a shepherd boy, David. Famous in Biblical history.

14. Hercules (M) (Greek origin) means "glory of Hera". Hercules is a famous Greek mythological character.

15. Hulk (M) is a famous Marvel character with incredible power. Hulk is one of the popular names which you may love for your furry love.

16. Jumbo (M/F) refers to something "large in size". This is one of the cutest puppy names for your new mastiff.

17. Kong (M/F) (Chinese origin) means "bright". It is associated with King Kong.

18. Mammoth (M/F) refers to an extinct gigantic species of elephants with huge tasks, famous in pre-history. A good name for big family dogs.

19. Marmaduke (M) (Gaelic origin) means "follower of Saint Maedoc".

20. Maximus (M) (Latin origin) means "the greatest".

21. Moose (M) refers to a large animal with huge antlers.

22. Rocky (M) (German origin) means "rest". You may find this as a good name for a puppy or big family dog.

23. Sarge (M) (French origin) means "officer".

24. Shamu (M/F) refers to a killer whale who appeared in shows in the 1960s.

25. Shrek (M)refers to a fictional character- a friendly ogre.

26. Squat (M/F) means "to crush". This is a cute puppy name.

27. Storm (M/F) refers to a famous character of the X-Men series.

28. Sumo (M) is a Japanese form of wrestling.

29. Tank (M) (Indian origin) meaning "reservoir". Tank also refers to a battle vehicle.

30. Whale (M/F) refers to a large sea mammal.

31. Whopper (M) means "something large". A happy and fun name for your mastiff.

32. Wolf (M) refers to a wild animal. A nice title if you are looking for a ferocious name for your canine.

Strong Male Mastiff Dog Names

Pitbull Mastiff mix dog

These are some of the strong male mastiff dog names.

33. Admiral refers to the senior-most commander of a navy fleet.

34. Archer (Latin origin) means "bowman".

35. Augustus (Greek origin) means "majestic".

36. Avalanche refers to a phenomenon when a mass of snow and rocks falls at a significant pace from mountain slopes.

37. Axel (Scandinavian origin) means "father of peace". Axel Tuanzebe is a soccer player who plays for Manchester United.

38. Bandit refers to a bunch of robbers, thieves, or outlaws.  This is a popular and perfect pup name.

39. Bane (English origin) means "cause of distress or annoyance".  

40. Beast refers to a large and dangerous animal.

41. Blaze (English origin) means "flame". A right and happy name for your mastiff.

42. Blitz refers to a sudden military attack.

43. Bolt (English origin) means "thunderbolt".

44. Boss refers to a person who is in charge of an organization.

45. Buck (English origin) means "a male deer". A fascinating find as new naming ideas.

46. Bullet refers to a metal projectile that is fired from a rifle or pistol.

47. Butch refers to a masculine person. A common title if you are looking for a good name.

48. Buzz (Onomatopoeic) referring to the sound of bees. A major character in the 'Toy Story' series.

49. Caesar (Latin origin) means "short-haired".

50. Captain refers to the leader or skipper of a ship, craft, or team.

51. Champ is suitable for mastiff puppy dog names.

52. Chief refers to the one who's a leader or ruler.

53. Chopper refers to a short axe or a helicopter.

54. Crash means "collide violently with a thing". This is a popular and perfect pup name.

55. Czar (Russian origin) means "ruler". Czar Nicholas II was the last emperor of Russia.

56. Danger (Middle English origin) means "the possibility of harm". One of the good and new naming ideas.

57. Diesel refers to a petroleum fuel.  A new puppy can have this name.

58. Duke (English origin) means "a man holding the highest hereditary title".

59. Echo (Greek origin) meaning "reverberation".  

60. Gunner (Scandinavian origin) means "warrior".

61. Hawkeye is a famous character and the first true Marvel hero.

62. Hooch is a type of whiskey. One of the unique names for your dogs that people would love.

63. Hugh (English origin) means "mind or spirit". Hugh Grant is a famous "actor". This is a unique English mastiff name.

64. Hunter means "someone who hunts".

65. Ice refers to frozen water.

66. Justice (English origin) means "doing right by the law".

67. King refers to "a male ruler of an independent place".  This is a right and royal pet name.

68. Kodiak (Russian origin) means "Island".

69. Macho refers to someone who is excessively masculine.

70. Mack (Gaelic origin) means "son".

71. Magnum (Latin origin) means "big".

72. Maverick (American origin) means "wildly Independent".

73. Pistol refers to a small firearm.

74. Ranger means "a keeper of a forest, park".

75. Rebel a person who opposes a person in the establishment.

76. Remington (Old English origin) means "Raven's town".

77. Rex (Latin origin) means "king". A right choice for mastiff puppy dog names.

78. Samson (Hebrew origin) means "like the sun".

79. Spike (American origin), meaning "long, heavy nail". This is a popular and perfect pup name.

80. T-Bone refers to a large choice piece of steak that has a T-shaped bone.

81. Tex (American origin) means "from Texas".

82. Texas refers to a state of the US.

83. Tracker refers to a person who tracks someone by following their trail.

84. Trooper means "a private soldier in a cavalry or army unit"—one of the good male dog names.

85. Yukon is derived from the Gwich'in word Yu-Kun-Ah meaning "great river". Yukon is a Canadian river.

86. Zeus (Greek origin) means "God".

Strong Female Mastiff Dog Names

Here's the list of some of the best strong female mastiff dog names that would be amazing for new ideas for creating names for your dog or puppy.

87. Alaska (Aleut origin) means "mainland". Such female Mastiff names are cute.

88. Amazon is the name of a forest.

89. Andromeda (Greek origin) means "ruler of Man".

90. Athena (Greek origin) means "Goddess of wisdom and war".

91. Barkley (English origin) means "birch valley".

92. Beastie is derived from Beast. This is a great pet name for a baby female dog.

93. Callisto (Greek origin) means "most beautiful".

94. Cinder (English origin) means "ash left by fire".

95. Courage refers to someone brave.

96. Diva (Italian origin) meaning "female deity". One of the great name ideas for female mastiff dog names.

97. Duchess (Latin origin) meaning "commander".

98. Elektra (Greek origin) means "bright".

99. Harley (Old English origin) means "wood". From Harley Quinn.

100. Huntress refers to a woman hunter. A new kind of naming ideas if you like or find strong dog names alluring.

101. Jinx means "someone who brings bad luck".

102. Jojo (African origin) meaning "Monday born".

103. Joy (Latin origin) means "happiness".

104. Kathy (English origin) means "pure". This is a lovely pet name.

105. Katniss (American origin) refers to a plant.

106. Leia (Hebrew origin) means "weary". Princess Leah is a central character in the 'Star Wars' series.

107. Liberty (American origin) means "freedom".

108. Maxi (Latin origin) means "greatest".

109. Medusa (Greek origin) means "cunning".

110. Mercy (English origin) means "compassion".

111. Mystique (French origin) means "mystery". This is a popular and fun pup name.

112. Nyx (Greek origin) means "Night Goddess".

113. Olga (Norse origin) means "blessed".

114. Onyx refers to a gemstone. This is a cute and unique puppy name.

115. Punky refers to someone who enjoys punk rock music.

116. Pyro (Latin origin) means "fire".

117. Queenie is derived from a lady or a woman ruler.

118. Raven refers to a bird. This is a unique Mastiff dog name.

119. Reah (Greek origin) means "to flow". Female Mastiff names like these are cute.

120. Ripley is something that follows in ripples.

121. Rogue refers to a dishonest man.

122. Rousey means "someone noisy".

123. Roxy (Persian origin) means "bright and dawn".

124. Sable (English origin) means "black".

125. Sassy refers to someone who is "lively and bold".

126. Sheba (Arabic origin) means "kingdom".

127. Sophie (Greek origin), meaning "wisdom".

128. Ursula (Latin origin) means "a little bear".

129. Vixen refers to a female fox.

130. Xena (Greek origin) means "stranger".

Funny Male Mastiff Names

English Mastiff dog in a ground

Have a look at some of the fun mastiff names for your male mastiff.

131. Beowulf refers to a protagonist of the same name in the Old English epic poem.

132. Big Mac is a type of burger.

133. Bigfoot refers to a mysterious folklore creature.

134. Biggie refers to someone large. This is a lovely name for an elegant dog.

135. Bubba means "a passionate brother".

136. Chewie refers to a dog that likes chewing.

137. Chubbs refers to someone chubby.

138. Chuck Norris is a famous American actor and martial artist.

139. Chunk is a thick solid piece of something.

140. Cujo refers to the 1983 classic dog movie 'Cujo'.

141. Darth refers to 'Star Wars' character Darth Vader.

142. Godzilla refers to a giant monster of the movie series.

143. Hefty means "heavy and large".

144. Jabba refers to 'Jabba the Hutt' from 'Star Wars'.

145. Kona (Hawaiian origin) meaning "lady". This is a cute and unique puppy name.

146. Meatball refers to a food dish.

147. Monster meaning a beast, can be a fun name for your mastiff puppy.

148. Nacho refers to a Mexican food item. A fun naming idea that would be great for a fun dog.

149. Paul Bunyan is a giant lumberjack in the tales of American folklore.

150. Peewee refers to "a small child". This is a unique Mastiff dog name.

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