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Norway is known not only for its beauty but also for the thick furry dogs that Norway has brought forth on our planet.

Norwegian dog names can be unique and trendy at the same time. Naming your dog one of these Norwegian names is a great idea to stand out from the crowd.

Norway is a popular Scandinavian country. Norwegian dog names are mostly associated with mythology and are Norse mythology dog names. However, these Norwegian dog names have more significant meanings and stories linked to them. Norwegian names for girls also make for amazing Norwegian dog names for your little furry ones. Scroll down and dive into the list below to find some extraordinary Norwegian dog names from Old Norse origin that you can use as Norwegian boy names or Norwegian girl names for your dog.

There are names like Astrid and Freya which are great Viking names, popular in Norway and other Scandinavian countries. Norwegian dog breeds are known to be tough, and deserve names that do justice to their personalities. The fascinating list below gives you an insight into a few such names.

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Names From Norse Mythology

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Here are some Norse mythology names for dogs.

1. Angrboda (F) was the mistress of the trickster Loki. She is the mother of Loki's hideous three children.

2. Astrilde (F) is the Norse Goddess of love. It is the Norse version of Amor or Cupid.

3. Eisa (F) is the daughter of Loki. Eisa is also the sister of Eimirya, who was the popular daughter of Loki and Glod in Old Norse mythology.

4. Embla (F) meaning "elm". Embla is known to be the first female on the planet, while Ask is the male counterpart.

5. Frey (M) meaning "man". Frey is often associated with sacred kingship of Norway, virility, peace and prosperity, with sunshine and extremely fair weather.

6. Freki (M) is one of Odin's wolves. Odin is Thor's father who is believed to have been accompanied by wolves at all times.

7. Freya (F) meaning "lady". Freya was believed to be an important member of a Norse tribe called Vanir.

8. Geri (M) is one of Odin's wolves. Odin is Thor's father who is believed to have been accompanied by wolves at all times.

9. Harald (M) is the name of a famous Norwegian King. Harold is the founding father of not one, but two nations: Iceland and Norway. The name is often linked to Harald Zwart, a Norwegian director and producer, known for the movie, The 12th Man.

10. Huda (M) was the name of a sorcerer in Norse mythology. It is one of the popular Nordic dog names. Today, the name is also popular because of Huda Beauty, a premium makeup brand.

11. Hildr (M) meaning "a legend in the Valkyrie". Hildr could revive the dead in battlefields.

12. Larson (M) meaning "son of Lars".

13. Loki (M) meaning "trickster". Loki is a shape-shifting trickster in Norse myths.

14. Nanna (F) is derived from an Old Norse word 'nanp'. Nanp which means 'daring and brave'. In Norse mythology, Nanna was believed to have died after her husband was killed. This is one of the more unique Norse baby girl names.

15. Odin (M) is Thor's father and known to be the chief god. He is accompanied by two wolves at all times.

16. Ran (F) is the Norse Goddess of the sea. Ran is one of the most popular mentioned giants in Norse mythology.

17. Siv (F) meaning "bride". Siv is also the wife of Thor in Norse mythology. Another popular politician often associated with this name is Siv Jensen in modern Norway.

18. Sleipner (M) is Odin's famous eight-legged steed. Sleipner is actually the God Loki's child and an eight-legged horse ridden by Odin, father of Thor.

19. Skadi (M) was the mountain giant in Norse mythology. Goddess Skadi is linked to winter and hunting.

20. Tyr (M) is the God of war and justice. Tyr is a Norse god with a plethora of mythological stories. He stands as a symbol for justice till today.

21. Thor (M) is the Norse God for war. The name is often linked to Thor Heyerdahl, a Norwegian director, and writer, known for his movie Aku Aku. in Norway.

22. Urd (F) was one of the three Norns in Norse mythology. The Norns are female beings in control of the destiny of gods and men in Norse myth.

23. Verdandi (F) was one of the Norns in Norse mythology.

24. Wyrd (F), a name for a Norn.

Boy Dog Names From Norway

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If you are looking for names for dogs that are actually Nordic names for dogs, here is a list of Norwegian names for dogs.

25. Aros meaning "from the mouth of the river". Åros is a popular village in the country of Norway. This is an awesome name for a dog.

26. Aksel meaning "the father is peace". Aksel Hennie is a Norwegian actor and director.

27. Amund meaning "protector". Amund Skiri is a well known Norwegian footballer.

28. Alvis meaning "all wise". Alvis was a dwarf who married Thor's daughter initially but was tricked out of it later.

29. Ake meaning "ancestors". It is a popular name for Norwegian dog breeds like Halden Hound.

30. Audun meaning "deserted". Audun Iversen is the name of a famous musician best known for his opera performances.

31. Birget meaning "protecting".

32. Bodolf meaning "wolf pack leader". Bodolf Hareide is a Norwegian politician .

33. Balder meaning "prince". Balder is considered as the Norse God of light and purity. Balder is also praised by all Gods and Goddesses for his beauty.

34. Bodil meaning "remedy". It is a popular dog name.

35. Bjorn meaning "bear". Bjørn Kjos is a famous Norwegian aviator.

36. Dagny meaning "joy". Dagny Juel-Przybyszewska was a popular Norwegian writer.

37. Davin meaning "highly intelligent". Davin is one of the most popular Norwegian male dog names because it perfectly describes them.

38. Eirik meaning "King forever" is a Norwegian variant of Eric. Popular with Scandinavian royalty.

39. Egil meaning "frightening". Egill Skallagrímsson was a popular Viking age poet, warrior and farmer.

40. Einar meaning "one warrior". Einar Kvitrafn Selvik is a famous Norwegian singer.

41. Elin meaning "shining".

42. Enok meaning "dedicated".

43. Fenrir meaning "monster wolf".

44. Garm meaning "hound of the underworld". Garmr or Garm is the name of a wolf or dog who is described as a blood-stained guardian of Hel's gate in Old Norse mythology.

45. Gunnar meaning "fighter". It is a common Norwegian name. Ole Gunnar Solskjær is a celebrated footballer.

46. Gunnolf meaning "fighting wolf".

47. Gunther meaning "warrior".

48. Halvor meaning "guardian rock". The name is associated with Halvor Bakke who is a famous Norwegian interior stylist.

49. Hrolf meaning "wolf". Names that mean wolf are common in Norwegian culture.

50. Inge meaning "of the Germanic fertility God".

51. Jon meaning "God is gracious". Jon Fosse is a popular Norwegian writer, known for Television Theatre.

52. Jarle meaning "nobleman". The name is linked to Jarle Andhoy who is an explorer. He is well known for his expeditions to Russia and Norway and to the South Pole.

53. Leif meaning "heir". Leif Ericson was a popular historic Norse explorer.

54. Lilje meaning "lily flower".

55. Mani meaning "the dog of the moon". It is a common Norwegian name.

56. Magnus meaning "great". The name is often associated with Magnus Carlsen, a Norwegian actor, known for The Simpsons. Magnus Carlsen is also the name of the Norwegian Chess Champion.

57. Olaf meaning "ancestor's heir". Olaf is a common name in Norway. Olaf II Haraldsson, who was later known as St. Olaf, was King of Norway. Olaf is also a character in the popular Disney movie, 'Frozen'.

58. Stein meaning "stone". Stein Eriksen is a Norwegian former professional alpine skier and Olympic gold medalist.

59. Sol meaning "bright as the sun".

60. Sune meaning "son".

61. Svend meaning "young man". This is one of the Viking names for dogs. Svend Foyn was a sailor and hunter. He was one of the richest men when he was alive.

62. Valkyrie meaning "brave warrior". Valkyries are deadly angels in Norse mythology.

63. Vor meaning "careful one".

Girl Dog Names From Norway

Here are some Norwegian names for dogs that are mostly girl dog names.

64. Alva meaning "elf". It is one of the more common Norwegian names.

65. Anja meaning "grace of God".

66. Arne meaning "eagle". Arne is a popular female dog name.

67. Atla meaning "water".

68. Agnar meaning "sharp".

69. Alfdis meaning "Goddess".

70. Astrid meaning "beautiful". Astrid Smeplass is a popular Norwegian singer.

71. Aska meaning "ashes".

72. Dagmar meaning "maiden of the day".

73. Erling meaning "heir".

74. Edda meaning "book of Oddi".

75. Else meaning "diminutive of Elizabeth". This is one of the popular Norwegian female dog names.

76. Frode meaning "learned". Frode Rinnan was a Norwegian architect and politician for the Labour Party.

77. Frida meaning "peace". Frida Aasen is a famous model from Norway.

78. Frigg meaning "beloved". Frigg is the name of a popular Norse Goddess. She was the wife of Odin, and hence the Queen.

79. Garth meaning "garden". Garth is a popular Norwegian.

80. Hakan meaning "of the chosen". Hakan was one of the most famous kings of Norway. He was the only king who successfully consolidated the power of the monarchy and then established Norway's sovereignty over some other Scandinavian countries.

81. Ingrid meaning "Ing's beauty". The name is often linked to Ingrid Bolso Berdal, a popular Norwegian actress.

82. Idunn meaning "to love". Idunn is also the name of the Norse Goddess of youth. She is said to have been the supplier of sacred apples which made Gods and Goddesses live forever.

83. Kari meaning "pure".

84. Kelby meaning "a farm near the spring". It is a popular name for Norwegian dog breeds like Buhund.

85. Keldan meaning "from the spring".

86. Karita meaning "generous love".

87. Maja meaning "sea".

88. Olava meaning "to shine". Ingrid Olava Brænd Eriksen is a well known Norwegian singer and musician, best known for her debut single "Only Just Begun".

89. Pia meaning "respectful". Pia Tjelta is a Norwegian actress who is known for her role in the romantic comedy Mars of Venus.

90. Quimby meaning "from the woman's estate".

91. Rane meaning "queen".

92. Revna meaning "raven". An awesome name for a female dog.

93. Rania meaning "delightful".

94. Saga meaning "fairy tale". It is a popular name for Norwegian dog breeds like Norwegian Elkhound.

95. Sigrid meaning "beautiful woman who leads to victory". Sigrid Undset was a Nobel Prize-winning writer.

96. Signy meaning "new victory". Signy is the name of a mythological character from Norse mythology.

97. Skadi meaning "damage". Skadi is a famous giantess in Norse mythology who was worshipped as a Goddess and was even Goddess-by-marriage after one point.

98. Sjor meaning "seas".

99. Sindri meaning "sparkling".

100. Tove meaning "beautiful like the sky". A probable shortening of Thorfrithr.

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