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150 Best Saint Bernard Names For Your Gentle Giant

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St Bernard is a gigantic breed of working dogs.

They are predominantly found in the Alps, specifically in the western region of Italy and Switzerland. Owing to their huge size and working nature, they are used as helper dogs for people or tourists who get into trouble in the mountains.

St Bernard dogs are reddish in color with brown, black, and white stripes. These dogs have derived their name from the 11th-century Italian monk Bernard of Menthon, who bred these dogs at Bernard pass. These dogs are a good family dog, and they grow at a very fast rate and become cute, gentle giants. If you are looking to name your Saint Bernard doggo, then the names below will be an excellent recommendation.

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Best Names For Your Cute Giant

Saint Bernard dogs are cute giants, and they deserve the best names. Here are some of the best names ever.

1. Alaska (M/F) (Innuit origin) meaning "mainland".

2. Babe (F) refers to a baby.

3. Belle (F) (French origin) means "beautiful".

4. Bonnie (F) (Scottish origin) meaning "pretty".

5. Brownie (M/F) refers to a sweet confectionery.

6. Bubba (M) refers to a loving nickname one calls their brother.

7. Bunny (F) refers to the bunny rabbit.

8. Canyon (M) (Spanish origin) means "a deep gorge". The Grand Canyon in the USA is a popular site for visitors.

9. Chewie (M/F) is someone who loves to chew.

10. Chunky (M) refers to someone who's bulky and thick.

11. Cookie (F) is a type of sweet confectionery or biscuits.

12. Cuddles (M/F) means "to hold closely with one's arms around another as a way of depicting love and affection".

13. Daisy (F) (Old English origin) meaning "day's eye".

14. Dempsey (M) (Irish origin) meaning "proud".

15. Dolly (F) (Greek origin) meaning "gift of God". This is a cute name for a puppy.

16. Elsa (F) (German origin) meaning "pledged to god". Elsa is a Disney Princess from the movie 'Frozen'.

17. Emma (F) (German origin), meaning "universal or whole". Emma Watson is a famous English actress who starred in the 'Harry Potter' movie series.

18. Everest (M) (English origin) means "dweller on the Eure river". Mount Everest is the highest peak on planet Earth.

19. Fergus (M) (Scottish origin) meaning "the angry one".

20. Fluffy (M/F) refers to something that is something covered by fluff. Fluffy falls under the names of famous St. Bernards.

21. Gidget (M/F) (American origin) meaning "small girl".

22. Ginger (M/F) (English origin) meaning "type of color".

23. Hank (M) (American origin) meaning "ruler of the home".

24. Harley (M) (Old English origin) means "wood".

25. Hero (M) refers to "a person admired for noble qualities and courage".

26. Holly (F) (English origin) meaning "hollow-eyed".

27. Jingles (M/F) refers to "a Christmas decoration or a light sound made by bells".

28. Koko (M/F) (Japanese origin) meaning "stork".

29. Kona (F) (Hawaiian origin) meaning "lady".

30. Leo (M) (Greek origin) meaning "a lion".

31. Lily (F) (English origin) meaning "flower".

32. Logan (M/F) (Irish origin) meaning "descendant of the warrior". Logan was the name of Marvel's superhero Wolverine.

33. Lola (F) (Spanish origin) meaning "sorrows".

34. Lucy (F) (Latin origin) meaning "light".

35. Marley (M) (English origin) meaning "pleasant wood". Big dogs' names like Marley are elegant.

36. Maynard (M) (English origin) meaning "brave or strength".

37. Missy (F) (American origin) meaning "bee".

38. Misty (F) was a major character in the 'Pokemon' series.

39. Mittens (F) refers to a kind of glove.

40. Pepper (M/F) refers to a type of spice.

41. Roo (M/F) (English origin) meaning "lover of life".

42. Rover (M) (Middle English origin) meaning "traveler or wanderer".

43. Rusty (M) (American origin) meaning "red-headed".

44. Shamu (M) refers to a giant killer whale who appeared in shows in the 1960s.

45. Snowball (M/F) refers to a handful ball of snow.

46. Sundance (M) (North American origin) meaning "dance in the sun".

47. Teddy (M) (English origin) meaning "divine gift".

48. Velvet (F) refers to a kind of soft woven fabric.

49. Wookiee (M) refers to Humanoid aliens of the 'Star Wars' universe.

50. Yogi (M) refers to a practitioner of Yoga.

Female Saint Bernard Names

Saint Bernard and Poodle Mix running

Enlisted below are the best female names for Saint Bernard that are elegant.

51. Abby (Hebrew origin) meaning "my father is joy".

52. Bella (Italian origin), meaning "beautiful".

53. Bess (English origin) meaning "God is my oath".

54. Dakota (Native American origin) meaning "fuse together". This can be a great Saint Bernard dog name.

55. Delia (Greek origin) meaning "person from Delos".

56. Duchess refers to a woman who holds the same rank as a Duke.

57. Fergie (English origin) meaning "strength of man".

58. Gabby (Hebrew origin) meaning "man of God".

59. Heidi (German origin) meaning "of noble birth".

60. Huntress refers to a woman hunter.

61. Katniss (American origin) means "a type of plant". Saint Bernard girl names like these are fancy.

62. Lady (English origin) meaning "female head of household".

63. Maggie (Greek origin) meaning "pearl". Maggie will be a lovely example of Saint Bernard puppy names.

64. Mama refers to the name by which mothers are addressed by their child.

65. Marge (American origin) meaning "pearl".

66. Phoenix is a mythical bird that symbolizes immortality. It is an excellent option for female Saint Bernard dog names.

67. Precious refers to something of immense value.

68. Princess, daughter of a king or queen.

69. Rousey means "someone who is noisy".

70. Sadie (English origin) meaning "a princess".

71. Sasha (Slavic origin) meaning "defender or helper of mankind".

72. Sheba (Arabic origin) meaning "kingdom". St Bernard dog names like Sheba are cool.

73. Snowflake means "tiny flake of snow".

74. Tasha (English origin) meaning "born on Christmas day".

Male Saint Bernard Names

Close up of a cute teacup morkie puppy

Here are some of the best male dog names.

75. Boss refers to a person who is in charge of a group or organization.

76. Caesar (Latin origin) means "thick-haired"; a great name for a male St. Bernard dog.

77. Chance (English origin) meaning "food fortune".

78. Chief refers to the one who's a leader or ruler.

79. Dozer refers to "one who is drowsy a lot or dozes off".

80. Kaiser (German origin) meaning "emperor". A strong name for a male St. Bernard dog.

81. Kingsley (Old English origin) meaning "king's wood".  Saint Bernard boy names like these are beautiful.

82. Major refers to something significant and important.

83. Meatball refers to a food dish, which is a ball of meat.

84. Moses (Hebrew origin) meaning "to pull out or draw out". Moses can be an outstanding St Bernard puppy name.

85. Mozart refers to the iconic German classical music composer Wolfgang Mozart.

86. Neptune was the Roman God of the freshwater and sea and can be a great male St. Bernard name.

87. Octane refers to an organic compound.

88. Patton (English origin) meaning "son of Patrick".

89. Pharaoh refers to the Egyptian kings and emperors. This is a lovely example of a Saint Bernard's dog name.

90. Roscoe (Norse origin) meaning "dogwood".

91. Sarge (French origin) means "sergeant or officer".

92. Saton (Old English origin) meaning "sea settlement".

93. T-Bone, refers to a large piece of steak which has a T-shaped bone. Strong dogs can be named T-Bone.

94. Tex (American origin) means "from Texas".

95. Thunder refers to "a loud rumbling sound usually heard after a lightning".

96. Vader refers to 'Darth Vader' of the 'Star Wars' series. This can be perfect as dog names for Saint Bernards that are cute.

97. Woodrow (English origin) meaning " a row of houses by a wood".

98. Wrangler means "someone in charge of live-stocks on a farm".

99. Zeus (Greek origin) means "God".

Male Big Dog Names

Enlisted below are some of the best Saint Bernard dog names that are big in size.

100. Blizzard refers to a severe snowstorm. Blizzard is one of the perfect names for Saint Bernard dogs.

101. Bruiser (English origin) means "someone who bruises".

102. Bull refers to a type of animal.

103. Colonel refers to a rank of officer in the Army or Air Force.

104. Grizzly refers to a large animal of brown color. Grizzly bears are prevalent in Canada.

105. Kojak (Slavic origin) meaning "suitcase".

106. Mac (Gaelic origin) means "son", a better option for a male Saint Bernard puppy name.

107. Magnum (Latin origin), meaning "greatest".

108. Magnus (Latin origin) meaning "great"; a perfect name for a male Saint Bernard.

109. Malik (Arabic origin) meaning "owner".

110. Meatloaf is a kind of dish made of ground meat.

111. Moose refers to a large animal with huge antlers.

112. Rocket (Italian origin) means "distaff" and is a character's name in the 'Guardians of the Galaxy' series.

113. Rocky (German origin) means "rest".

114. Roman (Latin origin) meaning " a man of Rome".

115. Samson (Hebrew origin) means "like the sun".

116. Shaq (Islamic origin) means "warrior". This is an excellent name to get for a Saint Bernard puppy.

117. Sumo is a form of Japanese heavyweight wrestling.

118. Tempest refers to a ballast windy storm of the sea.

119. Thor (Norse origin) meaning "God of thunder".

120. Warrior refers to a brave fighter. Saint Bernard names like warrior are elegant.

121. Whopper means "something extremely large".

122. Yukon refers to a place in Canada that is famous for its cold and Gold.

Powerful Dog Names

Saint Bernard dogs are extremely powerful, so here are some Saint Bernard dog names that befit their nature.

123. Alanis (M/F) (Greek origin) meaning "open space".

124. Anise (M/F) (English origin) meaning "spice". It usually refers to the spice Star anise.

125. Bane is the name of a supervillain in the 'Batman' comics.

126. Barney (M) (English origin) meaning "son of comfort". Names like Barney are strong dog names.

127. Basha (M) (Yiddish origin) meaning "foreign woman".

128. Beethoven (M) (German origin) means " beetroot farms". Beethoven was one of the greatest music composers of all time. St Bernard names like Beethoven are special.

129. Bernard (M) (German origin) meaning "brave as a bear".

130. Bertha (F) (German origin) meaning "bright one".

131. Bruno (M) (German origin) meaning "brown".

132. Cardi (F) is named after Cardi B, who is a famous singer. This can be a perfect name for Saint Bernards that are cute.

133. Cassie (F) (English origin) meaning "unheeded prophetess". 

134. Dahlia (F) (Latin origin) meaning "a flower".

135. Drakkar (M) is named after the movie of the same name.

136. Fanta (M/F) is the name of a brand of a soft drink company.

137. Indy (M/F) (English origin) meaning "land of Indians".

138. Jagger (M) is inspired by the iconic musician Mick Jagger.

139. Kaine (M) (Hebrew origin) meaning "spear of little battler".

140. Katty (F) (English origin) meaning "pure or holy".

141. Miko (M/F) (Japanese origin) meaning "child of God".

142. Rugby (M) refers to a kind of sport.

143. Shiva (M) refers to the Hindu god of destruction.

144. Tess (F) (English origin) meaning "to harvest".

145. Tramp (M) means "someone who walks very heavily or noisily".

146. Trapper (M) refers to a poacher who traps wild animals for their fur.

147. Trojan (M) refers to something relating to Troy. 

148. Watson (M) (Scottish origin) meaning "son of Walter". This will be a lovely name for a strong Saint Bernard puppy.

149. Zander (M) (Greek origin) meaning "defender of the people".

150. Zuma (M/F) (Aztec origin) meaning "Lord frowns in anger".

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