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100 Best Schnauzer Names For Your New Dog

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Are you wondering whether to adopt a male or female miniature schnauzer breed for your home?

Well, both male and female miniature schnauzer are hardy, affectionate, alert, and courageous. But a male miniature schnauzer is a calmer, less moody, exuberant, and more attention-seeking dog than a female miniature schnauzer.

Schnauzer dog is a hybrid of two dog breeds namely German poodle 'Wolf Spitz' and 'Wirehaired Pinscher stock'. The female miniature schnauzer is a comparatively easier dog for dog training. The giant schnauzer owing to its long hair require specific schnauzer grooming at least a month! Here is a list of coolest top 100 dog names for your free-spirited schnauzer dogs.

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Male Schnauzer Dogs Names

Standard schnauzer puppy sits on the meadow

Are you looking for some cool and unique boy schnauzer names? A male miniature schnauzer is more greedy for attention than female schnauzer dogs. So, this series has an amazing male schnauzer name for your attention-seeking schnauzer puppy.

1. Abel (Hebrew origin) name meaning "a breath". It is the name of Cain's brother in the Bible.

2. Angus (Scottish origin) meaning "one strength".

3. Augustus (Latin origin) meaning "great". It was the name of three kings of Poland.

4. Blitz (German origin) name meaning "lightning".

5. Bruno (German origin) meaning "brown one". Bruno Mars is an American singer. Ideal for a brown dog.

6. Charlie (English origin) meaning "free man". It can be used as a pet name for a dog named Charles.

7. Chester (English origin) meaning "camp". A very cute dogs' name.

8. Conan (Irish origin) meaning "wolf or hound".

9. Draco (Italian origin) meaning "dragon".

10. Eddie (English origin) meaning "a rich guardian". It can be a nickname for dogs called Edward or Edgar.

11. Felix (Latin origin) meaning "to be lucky and happy". One of the perfect dog names for a joyful dog.

12. Jack (English origin) meaning "God is gracious".

13. Julius (Latin origin) meaning "youthful". Julius Caesar was a famous Roman General.

14. Ludwig (German origin) meaning "famous warrior".

15. Max (Latin origin) meaning "greatest". A great name for the "greatest" dog!

16. Maximus (Greek origin) meaning "the greatest".

17. Miles (Latin origin) meaning "soldier". It can be a short form for Michael.

18. Milo (English origin) meaning "soldier". It is a variant of Mylo and makes a super cute dog name.

19. Oliver (English origin) meaning "a descendant of ancestors". It comes from an Old Norse name Alifer.

20. Oscar (Irish origin) meaning "beer lover". Oscar also refers to the Academy Awards in the film industry for artistic and technical skills. One of the popular dog names.

21. Otto (German origin) meaning "wealth".

22. Rocky (English origin) meaning "made of rocks" or "hard as rocks".

23. Samson (Hebrew origin) meaning "like the sun". It comes from the Hebrew name Shimshon.

24. Simon (Hebrew origin) meaning "God has heard". Simon Cowell is a famous music producer.

25. Winston (English origin) meaning "from wine town". Winston Churchill played a major role during World War 2.

Female Schnauzer Dogs Names

Miniature schnauzer puppy lying down outdoors

Females love variety and uniqueness. So demanding are female schnauzer too. What you are must be reflected in your name too; as name brings fame. So, here is a list of female schnauzer name for your new schnauzer puppy. This list contains one of the most charming schnauzer names for girls. This girl schnauzer names series is absolutely for you.

26. Annette (French origin) meaning "gracious" or "beautiful". It is the diminutive form of Anne.

27. Artemis (Greek origin) meaning "butcher". It is the name of the Greek Goddess of the hunt. One of the perfect dog names for a feisty dog.

28. Bella (French origin) meaning "to be beautiful". It can be suffixed to other words to create names such as Annabella, Arabella, and Isabella.

29. Brienne (English origin) meaning "noble". Brienne is a fictional character from the 'Game Of Thrones' series.

30. Cher (French origin) meaning "dear one". So cute for your dear dog.

31. Cherry (American origin) meaning "cherry fruit".

32. Diva (Italian origin) meaning "celebrated singer". One of the dog names with some sass.

33. Emma (Latin origin) meaning "universal". Famous actresses named Emma are Emma Watson, Emma Stone, and Emma Thompson, etc.

34. Frida (German origin) meaning "peace". Frida Kahlo is a Mexican artist.

35. Gracie (Latin origin) meaning "thanks". An ideal dog name for the pup you're thankful for.

36. Izzy (American origin) meaning "God is my oath". Can be a nickname for Isabel, Isabella, and Isadora, etc.

37. Kira (Latin origin) meaning "light".

38. Lucca (Italian origin) meaning "light".

39. Lucy (English origin) meaning "light". Lucy, the name given to the oldest fossil known to humanity.

40. Luna (Latin origin) meaning "moon". One of the more mystical dog names.

41. Magna (Scandinavian origin) meaning "might and strength". Female form of Magnus.

42. Nina (Spanish origin) meaning "little girl".

43. Pandora (Greek origin) meaning "to have all gifts". It is the name of the first woman according to Greek mythology.

44. Pepper (American origin) meaning "hot spice". One of the cute and popular dog names.

45. Penny (English origin) meaning "with a web over her face". Penny is a shorter name for Penelope.

46. Ruby (English origin) meaning "red gemstone".

47. Sabrina (Latin origin) meaning "from the River Severn".

48. Stella (Latin origin) meaning "star". Famous singers names Stella are Stella Maessen, Stella Vander, and Stella Cornelia.

49. Tara (Sanskrit origin) meaning "star" or "queen".

50. Titania (Greek origin) meaning "land of giants". A suitable name for a big dog.

Funny Schnauzer Dogs Names

What compels hoomans to seek out hilarious names for their miniature schnauzer? Of course their waggish and entertaining acts! Not only does a miniature schnauzer needs great names but also some amusing dog names too. So, let's reveal some funny schnauzer names for your mischievous schnauzer puppy.

51. Baloo (M) (Indian origin) meaning "bear". One of the sweet dog names.

52. Dogzilla (M/F) (English origin) meaning "huge dog". Zilla has been suffixed to dog to create an impression like Godzilla.

53. Furby (M) (American origin) meaning "furball".

54. Lizzy (F) (Hebrew origin) meaning "oath of God". It is also used as nicknames for names like Elizabeth.

55. Lobo (M/F) (Spanish origin) meaning "wolf".

56. Lulu (F) (English origin) meaning "famous warrior".

57. Pippo (M) (Spanish origin) meaning "lover of horses". It is a variation of the name Philip.

58. Puffins (M/F) (American origin) meaning "soft and round". It is also the name of a sea bird.

59. Schnapps (M) (German origin) meaning "snap" or "snatch". One of the more amusing sounding dog names.

60. Shaggy (M) (American origin) meaning "messy-haired". Shaggy is a fictional character from the 'Scooby-Doo ' animated series.

Cute Schnauzer Names

A cute dog deserves all the loving dog names due to their cute little acts! A cute dog and his cutesy smile are all enough to make your day. Having a winsome schnauzer dog without a cute name is a Schnauzer crime! Let us have a quick look for some cutest female dog names and Schnauzer names for boys.

61. Archie (F) (German origin) meaning "genuine." Archie Harrison, son of Duke of Sussex, is seventh in the line of succession to the throne of Britain.

62. Beau (M) (French origin) meaning "handsome." One of the elegant dog names.

63. Bolt (M) (English origin) meaning "bat/arrow". Bolt is a white German shepherd dog, an animated character from the Disney movie 'Bolt.'

64. Cooper (M/F) (English origin) meaning "maker/repairer."

65. Edgar (F) (English origin) meaning "wealthy guardian." Another one of the posh sounding dog names.

66. Finn (M) (Irish origin) meaning "white." In Nordic regions, it means a person from Finland.

67. Katie (F) (English origin) meaning "pure".

68. Kiki (F) (French origin) meaning "new beginning".

69. Lily (F) (Greek origin) meaning "pure". Derived from the Greek word Lilium.

70. Moose (M) (Germanic origin) meaning "moss." It also refers to the largest species in the deer family.

71. Nassie (F) (English origin) meaning "long-lived".

72. Peaches (M/F) (German origin) meaning "son of pies".

73. Poppy (F) (Latin origin) meaning "red flower".

74. Quinnie (F) (Scandinavian origin) meaning "royalty".

75. Riley (M/F) (Irish origin) meaning "from the Rye clearing". Variations of the name can be Ryleigh, Ryley, Rileigh.

76. Rosie (F) (Latin origin) meaning "rose".

77. Sawyer (M/F) (English origin) meaning "worker". Sawyer is the hero in the novel 'The Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain.

78. Tobby (M) (Hebrew origin) meaning "God is good."

79. Tucker (M) (English origin) meaning "one that tucks". It derives from an English term which means to torment.

80. Waffles (M) (English origin) meaning "cute and cuddly". It is the name of the dog in the dog in the TV show 'Waffle The Wonder Dog'.

Famous Schnauzer Names

Schnauzer dog breed is quite common to adopt these days. Many popular personalities have adopted the breed and are looking for some great names. Here is the most famous dog names series for the following breed.

81. Astro (M) (Greek origin) meaning "of the stars". The fictional dog character in the cartoon of 'Jetson's family'.

82. Angelo (M) (Italian origin) meaning "angel". It is the companion dog of Reno Heartly in the 'Final Fantasy VIII' video game.

83. Baxter (F) (Scottish origin) meaning "baker". It is the name of a fictional dog character in the movie 'Baxter.'

84. Clifford (M) (English origin) meaning "from the cliff ford". It is a fictional dog character from the TV series 'Clifford the big red dog'.

85. Dino (M) (Italian origin) meaning "little sword". This name is of a fictional pet character in the cartoon 'The Flintstones.'

86. Goofy (M) (English origin). It is a Disney dog character in 'Micky Mouse' cartoon.

87. Kip (M) (English origin) meaning "pointed".  It is a fictional dog character in the book series 'Kipper The Dog.'

88. Kyle (M/F) {Scottish origin) meaning "narrow strait". It is Gru's dog in the 'Despicable Me' movie series.

89. Luis (M) (Spanish origin) meaning "famous warrior". Luiz is the bulldog in the movies 'Rio' and 'Rio 2'.

90. Nana (M) (Indian origin) meaning "different". It is a dog in the 'Peter Pan' animated movie.

91. Pluto (M) (Latin origin) meaning "Roman god of the underworld". It is also a popular fictional character in the cartoon 'Micky Mouse'.

92. Pokky (M) (Japanese origin) meaning "little pocket monsters". It is a fictional dog character in the book 'The Poky Little Puppy.'

93. Rex (M) (Latin) meaning "king". It is a crime-solving dog in the Australian-Italian TV series 'Inspector Rex'.

94. Scooby (M) (English origin) meaning "gift of joy, laughter." This name is inspired by the popular cartoon 'Scooby-Doo.'

95. Spyke (M) (English origin) meaning "spike." It is the name of a fictional dog character in the cartoon 'Tom and Jerry.'

96. Toto (M/F) (Greek origin) meaning "priest".  It is the fictional character dog name in the movie 'The Wizard of Oz'.

97. Walter (M) (Germanic origin) meaning "bright and powerful army." It is a fictional dog character in a popular comedy movie titled 'Walter The Dog'.

98. Winnie (M/F) (Welsh origin) meaning "white and smooth". The name is inspired by a popular American Disney show 'Winnie the Pooh'.

99. Zed (M) (English origin) meaning "God is righteous". Zed is Kevin's dog in the 'Ben 10: Omniverse' animated show.

100. Zeus (M) (Greek origin) meaning "God". It is a fictional dog character in the movie 'Zeus and Roxanne.'

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