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100 Best Summer Camp Names You'll Love

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Nothing says relaxation more than some time out with friends and acquaintances than a camp visit.

Camps are a great way to build and encourage sustainable relationships among the participants. Whether it's for children, teenagers, or adults, the getaway experience does good for everyone.

So, in every camp, there are leaders put in charge of the participants. They are sometimes members of the group or external workers or volunteers for the campsite. Usually, they are called counsellors or sometimes cabin leaders. When interacting with these camp counsellors you might find out later that they didn't make use of their real names. Doing so isn't to deceive campers, but to protect their real identity. This is not the case in all campsites though, as in others the counsellors make use of their real names. Camps are a great way to re-enforce the relationship between people and also foster new ones. Now you can name your potential camp by having back look at some really great camp name ideas.

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Popular Camp Names

Camping is a great way to bond

For some potential camp owners, inspiration is drawn from the names of already existing ventures that are popular. However, it should purely be to get an idea of what camp names can be and should not be copied verbatim, as this could lead to legal action taken against you. That being said, here are popular camp names you can check out.

1. Airborne (English origin) something that is carried in the air.

2. Ajax (Greek origin0 means “of the earth”.

3. Apollo (Greek origin) means ‘destroyer” and is the Greek god of the sun.

4. Aspen (English origin) refers to the place.

5. Atlantis (Greek origin) meaning “island of Atlas”.

6. Banjo (English origin) a musical instrument.

7. Banzai (Japanese origin) means “ten thousand years,” a form of exclamation.

8. Broadway (Dutch origin) meaning “gentleman’s way”.

9. Burt and Ernie (English origin) meaning “bright”.

10. Buzz (American origin) means “village in the woods”.

11. Casper (Chaldean origin) meaning “treasurer”.

12. Cedar (Greek origin) refers to a coniferous tree.

13. Chipmunk (Odawa origin) means “red squirrel”.

14. Condor (English origin) refers to a big bird.

15. Cowboy (Spanish origin) used for someone who managed cattle.

16. Dakota (Siouan origin) is a place in the US.

17. Deja vu (French origin) meaning "already seen".

18. Diamondback (English origin) a combination of diamond and back.

19. Dragonfly (Roman origin) means "devil's fly" or "devil's horse".

20. Dreamer (English origin) given to someone who has many dreams or hopes.

21. Echo (Greek origin) meaning "reverberation".

22. Einstein (German origin) meaning "stoneworker".

23. Eagle Nest (English origin) refers to a place where the eagle keeps its eggs or young one.

24. Fresh Air Farms (English origin) get some fresh air in this open space and farm.

25. Fun Forest (English origin) a place for fun in the forest.

Funny Camp Names

Funny camp names draw the attention of campers

The camping experience is meant to be fun and this can also be seen in the name it's given. From the names of some calls you instantly know what it is they do. You can be creative by thinking of hilarious names that will be unique to you. If you aren't having much luck on your own, then this list will guide you.

26. Bestie Base Camp (English origin) a place to make a new best friend, serves as a great camping name.

27. Bill Rice Ranch (English origin) a ranch used as a camp for that farm setting.

28. Cool of the Wind (English origin) a cool relaxation camp, one of the coolest summer camp names.

29. Falcon Camp (Spanish origin) a youthful and energetic summer camp.

30. Falling Creek Camp (English origin) a funny name for a summer camp in the creeks.

31. Glamping (English origin) a combination of glamorous and camping, a style of camping.

32. Hammock Camping (Spanish origin) means “stretch of cloth”. A great name for a free day camp.

33. Lost River (English origin) an ironic name for a summer lake camp.

34. Camp Marcella (Italian origin) a privately organized summer day camp.

35. Medowmak Family Camp (English origin) a family-owned camp near the Medowmak river.

36. Mountain Woodside (English origin) a fun camp by the woodside up on the mountains.

37. New Beginnings (English origin) one of the easy-going camp names for summer.

38. Northway (English origin) refers to the northward direction.

39. Olympia (Greek origin) meaning “mountain of the gods”. Could serve as names for camps that are organized along mountains.

40. Outdoorsy Kids (English origin) for kids who love the outdoors and summer camp.

41. Pathfinder (English origin) to help you find your path during the summer.

42. Phantom Lake (Greek origin) something that ha been seen or heard but with no physical reality.

43. Pleasant Valley for Girls (English origin) a nice summer camp for girls.

44. Point X (English origin) when X marks the spot.

45. Posh Pines (English origin) a summer camp for the posh kids.

46. Rolling Thunder (English origin) a place that can get quite loud with fun.

47. Summer Flame (English origin) reminds you of your youthful days.

48. Whispering Pines (English origin) a cool and serene place for fun.

49. Wild & Free (English origin) for you to let loose and be free.

50. Winding Woods (English origin) a funny lake camp name for camps by a lake in the woods.

Summer Camp Names

Summer camps are a nice way to catch up with friends when school is out. There are lots of activities that are fun and educative at the same time. For cool summer camp names check the list below.

51. Academy by the Sea (English origin) a school by the sea, a creative lake camp name for a summer camp.

52. Alexa Cafe (Greek origin) means “to defend”.

53. Barnabas (English origin) a personal name.

54. Bever Falls (Dutch origin) a place of hard work and relaxation.

55. Best Bunks (English origin) you are sure to leave with a new best friend.

56. Bloomfield (English origin) a place of Yiddish bloom flowers.

57. Blue Triangle Nature (English origin) a name inspired by nature.

58. Brant Lake (Anglos-Saxon origin) a name for a notable family.

59. By the Lake (English origin) a good option for a lake camp in a forest.

60. Calvin Crest (English origin) a family crest.

61. Cardinal Cabins (English origin) a camp most likely run by a church.

62. Care (English origin) if you want to organize a camp that encourages a caring nature.

63. Caribou (French origin) means “snow shoveler,” a type of deer.

64. Rawhide Ranch (English origin) for a raw camping experience.

65. Red Arrow (English origin) refers to a red arrow.

66. Rising Sun (English origin) a place to enjoy the beautiful sunrise.

67. River Valley Ranch (English origin) a cool catchy name if you want to set up a day lake camp.

68. Roanoke (English origin) the name of a river around the Roanoke island.

69. Rock Creek (English origin) a camp by the creek.

70. The Campers Collection (English origin) a collection of campers.

71. The Campground (English origin) the ideal spot and a sacred place for camping.

72. The Outdoor Explorer (English origin) for people who love to explore the outdoors.

73. The Quest (English origin) go on a quest in this summer camp.

74. Travel In Tents (English origin) travel the world and camp at the same time.

75. Traven (Scottish origin) meaning "meeting of the streams".

Hunting Camp Names

Hunting is a great activity to keep your campers occupied, as they can hunt for anything and not necessarily animals. Have a look at some hunting campsite names on this list.

76. Activity Hill (English origin) full of activity for the campers.

77. Army Gals (English origin) a hunting camp for girls.

78. Basecamp & Carnival (English origin) a base for fun and carnivals.

79. Body Trek (English origin) a place where your body is put to the test.

80. Campish (English origin) somewhat like a camp.

81. Camp Wilder (English origin) for truly exploring the wild.

82. Comfy Bunk (English origin) a comfortable place.

83. Easy Street Camp (English origin) easy to get things done.

84. Fuel Camp (English origin) a place that motivates you.

85. Gulf Cliff (English origin) a campsite near the cliff.

86. Habitats (English origin) being in your natural habitat.

87. Happy Campout (English origin) for happy campers.

88. Into the Woods (English origin) going into the woods for a total experience.

89. Kamp Woody (English origin) being surrounded by woods.

90. Kennolyn Camps (English origin) a well-known camp.

91. Park Country (English origin) camping in the park.

92. Patagonia Camps (English origin) a unique camp.

93. Recreation Matrix (English origin) a place for recreation as well.

94. Silver Lake (English origin) a camp by a lake.

95. Sky Blue Camp (English origin) inspired by the blue skies.

96. Solitude & Scouts (English origin) for scouts.

97. Squad Hive (English origin) a place for you and your squad.

98. Sunny Smiles (English origin) a good place to always leave you smiling.

99. The Bee Hive (English origin) a close group of people like the hive of bees.

100. Troop Ville (English origin) for the camping troops.

Kidadl is a huge resource for every kind of name. For something different why not check out of our list of flower names for dogs and names that mean forest.

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