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50 Charr Names With Meanings For Your Characters

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Charrs are a feline alien species that are found in Eastern Tyria. They are a heavily militarized society that is very irreligious and views all mystery and magic as a tool to more and more wins in battle. Everyone in society is raised as a warrior from birth.

Their entire society and its leadership are organized along a regimented line of command that everyone in the society accepts. Cubs are raised societally even though Charrs mate for life.

They are incredibly flexible and agile. They also possess claws and ferocious teeth with which they can attack and both male and female members of the society live equally. If you're looking for more fantasy names, check out our list of wizard names or Draenei names for more inspiration.

Charr Names For Boys

Charr society is very militaristic. And because of this, their naming system almost always reflects military or fighting ability, style, or physical strength. It can be hard to pinpoint the perfect name for your character especially since each name refers to something very specific.

We have compiled a list of more than a dozen boy Charr names that are without a doubt going to help you select the right name for your characters.  Whether you are looking for a feared warrior name, a name that means flame, or a  character name that denotes integrity, there are many options you can choose from.

1. Asakturruz: This character name is for the Charr who studies religions or is interested in them. It is one of the rarer names.

2. Chainclash: This character is really proficient at using weapons and technology in battle and is well respected.

3. Coinstrike: This is a character name for Charr boys with extra special physical strength and a knack for fights.

4. Corvus: This is another derivative form of the name ‘Chainclash’ and denotes characters who are really adept at using weapons in wars.

5. Doktarorm: This name is for that obscure character who actually enjoys wars. It is a common Charr name.

6. Dragonsmoke: This character name represents strength and agility.

7. Draketooth: A name that denotes a character that is reckless and rushed into fights or wars.

8. Flavinius: This means “one who is made ready for battle” or “natural fighter”.

9. Forgeshield: This is for a top fighter. It fit the characters that are the leaders of wars or destined to be so.

10. Gutstorm: This is for the character that rarely fights and instead does other things in the community.

11. Kurturrum: A character name that characterizes pride and uncompromising rigidity.

12. Lars: This is a name that refers to a twin whose twin is powerful. Such perfect human first names are suitable for the Arctic charr race.

13. Mactator: This name depicts a character who is doggedly loyal, especially in wars. It means flame.

14. Messor: Among popular names, is especially ferocious in battle. For a charr who is strong as iron.

15. Orientalis: This name is for a character that is kind, even in war. It means “compassionate warrior”.

16. Pedius: This last name means “Cheetah skin” and describes a specific type of fur pattern.

17. Porterweld: This name is for the character who is funny and always trying to make jokes or cheer others up, which you always need in wars.

18. Sennius This is for a character who walks upright. This is because Charrs normally walk with their backs hunched.

19. Shadowdancer: This character is stealthy and is given to quiet Charrs.

20. Sharptooth: This is a boy Charr name for a character with very long teeth.

21. Slapsaw: This name means “battle claw” and refers to one who is good with his claws.

22. Sorrowseeker: This character name refers to those who are especially vicious fighters and have no restraint in wars.

23. Swiftcatcher: This character name refers to a character who never leaves others behind in war.

24. Wgurk: This is a character name that means intelligence, rationality, and the ability to patiently plan.

25. Wukudur: A character name for Charr boys with fur color that deviates from the normal. It signifies extra vigor.

Charr Names For Girls

The female people of Charr are also not left out. Just like the males, they also have feline agility and ferocity and a very war focused population. They join in wars, invasions, and conquering, sometimes rising to the highest ranks. There really isn't that much of a difference in the roles of male Charrs and female Charrs and the major reason for this is their warrior nature that causes the society to raise every child in the society to be a fighter in their endless wars irrespective of gender.

To help you, we have completed a list of the best girl Charr names with their meanings.

26. Aloraddoga: This name is for the character who is always the first to charge into a battle.

27. Bladebearer: This name is for the character that is especially good with weapons or technology.

28. Blightmind: This name of the character who is known to be very intelligent and discerning.

29. Blightstep: Among popular names, this is for a female Charr who leads her fighters to victory.

30. Camelia: This character name is for a character that is ferocious in battle and is feared by all. It will make a perfect first name for an Arctic Char character form guild wars 2 games.  

31. Catum: This character name is for someone who is dogmatic in their loyalty and never abandons their allies, even in awful wars.

32. Cemuk: Among popular names, is for a female Charr character who is funny and always trying to make jokes or cheer others up.

33. Durio: This is a name that characterized docility, patience, and mutual prowess. It can be used as a first name or a last name for Charr characters from Guild Wars 2.

34. Fiercerazor: A character that is very logical and calculating, sometimes to a fault.

35. Graccha: This name doesn't egg notes a character that is extremely agile.

36. Gutclash: This name depicts a character that is adept at making crafts or weapons or improvising. Such names are perfect for iron worker. You need weapons for wars, after all.

37. Headsinger: A character that has a noble spirit and is respected by everyone else.

38. Keenshot: This name refers to a character that is beautiful and strong.

39. Quirinalis: This character name means “she who is feared by all” or “she who instills fear in the enemy”. One of the best names.

40. Ragebearer: A character who is faced with extreme circumstances but always prevails, especially in wars.

41. Ragereave: This character is one who is wary of wars or can always tell when something will go wrong.

42. Roanheart: This character, like the name suggests, is very hard heated, stubborn, and determined. A perfect name for warband name for a flame-bearing charr from the guild wars 2.  

43. Scapula: This is a last name for female Charr characters that lead battles and are highly respected.

44. Scaro: This name denotes a character that is excessively forceful in battle.

45. Slapmauler: This character name is for characters that possess immense physical strength.

46. Swiftreave: This is a character name that symbolizes nobility and integrity for the bearer.

47. Syuddaga: This is for a character who walks upright. This is because Charrs normally walk with their backs hunched.

48. Titia: is a character known for her flexibility, agility, and speed. A cute human last name for human-like charr from Guild Wars 2.  

49. Wildsmoke: Refers to characters known for their stealth, quietness, and careful planning.

50. Znuk: A character that is good with peoples of other races and is very skilled in the language.

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