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69 Cool Band Names And Ideas For Budding Musicians

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You have come to the right place if you want to get started with your band's name!

Whatever the genre of your music or the instruments you play, guitars or drums or even the ukulele, we have some of the best ideas that you can use for inspiration to name your rock band. We have exciting options for names of bands to get you started composing some impressive rock songs.

Do you need something unique? A little funny? Or for a specific genre? We have it all for you. Some of the cool band names that aren't taken include Surreal For You, Artist Façades, Fruity Lumps and Juno to Jupiter. This list of more interesting names for bands will act as both the perfect list and perfect guidebook to coming up with your own band name. Whether it be girls or guys, a cool rock band name is something that is liked by all. A random good name can help you make your career, after all. So, let us get started! And, if you need more great names for your musical aspirations, check out country band names and funny album names.

Cool Band Names

Having a good name attached to your punk music is very much necessary. It brings you the attention and helps you be memorable! So, here are a few cool band name ideas that you can keep in mind when you go naming your own band. Remember short and to the point names are always much better. A good band name is a free publicity source and a good way to hint at your chosen song genre. Do not dismiss it easily!

The idea is to find what defines you and use it to name what you want to be. These names will help you have an idea of how to be mysterious or ethereal or just that little bit eccentric!

Soul Dream - a softer and more whimsical tone for your songwriter's soul!

Nexus - one word that just sounds so cool and refreshing.

Divinity - own that dramatic streak with this free name!

Hyperbole - a comic name to poke fun at the drama of your music!

Middle-Class - this could work as a fantastic punk band name!

Lost in Space - a little whimsy, a little soul. Perhaps a little pop?

Random Blue - a pop band name that could not be more pop.

Deep Green River - random enough and just on the side of loopy, throw off your audience!

History’s Drums - this is a great free name for a folk music band name, no?

Eat The Rich - a good punk band name with calls to internet culture.

The Queen’s Laughter - a great name for a dramatic band! 

Lost on Saturn - the perfect name for unreal music that is literally out of this world.

Cool Rock Band Names

A good rock band name would fall on the side of interesting and edgy. A little sarcastic, a little revolutionary, a typical staple of this genre, something you and your group members should keep in mind. Here are some ideas to help you identify the band name you would like to be called.

Deep Star - this name is extremely interesting and engaging.

Rotten Luck - making fun of yourself goes really well in the rock world.

Famous Last Words - does more need to be said? Appropriately dramatic and extremely sassy.

City Fall - revolution? City Fall, providing you the OST for your apocalypse.

Last Light - a little hopeless, a little sad. Excellent working material really.

Dark Matters - you know like dark matter? Space is cool ok.

Songs of the World - this name speaks of an experience rooted in diversity!

Call of Drums - a little mysterious, a little we are in a medieval adventure game. That is the vibe.

Surreal For You - cheerfully hilarious and engaging. Perfect really.

Green Revolutions - climate change and impending environmental collapse are always relevant topics!

Rains of Neptune - unreal and dramatic name for your band. 

Just My Cosmos - your music is an expression of you and your world. This is a great way to express that!

Cool Girl Band Names

Now, what do you need in this category? Something that encapsulates you and your group members! Not necessarily a genre. So, keep your mind open, and here are a few ideas for your girl group. Instruments are also a great way to get your vibe! Are guitars or drums your staple? What is your sound? Here are some engaging teen girl band names for you.

Just That Famous - drama and pop go really well together. You may call it a staple of that genre!

The July Sound - a summer sound that is perfect for the hot months of the year!

Words Re-Called - whimsy and nostalgia are a staple of your band.

March to the End - apocalypses and determination!

Call the Symphony - is it a nonsense combination? Or is it a commentary on the industry? You decide!

Post-School Friends - just a group of friends making music and chilling.

River Smiles - a little folksy, a little whimsy.

Artist Façades - avant Garde? Absolument! A true artist.

Genre Mirages - befuddle your audiences! Take that genre and make it confusing.

Sunrise on Venus - utterly gorgeous and completely lethal! The best combination.

The Soft Kiss - appropriately mysterious and just that little bit edgy.

Carter Beauford playing Yamaha instruments

Cool Boy Band Names

When you are choosing a band name for you and your boys you should be thinking of your message. What is that you and your group members stand for? Here are a few options to choose from.

July Friends - the summer music, and the fleeting romances.

Simply Friends - a good name for your pop music group!

Locked Hearts - a great pop music or alternative group name.

Music on The Moon - fun, quirky, and absolutely anachronistic. 

Fruity Lumps - vibrant yet incomplete! The perfect oxymoron.

Welly Boots - a fun short name from rain boots! It sounds just a little silly and a little mischievous. 

Lost in History - a nice floaty name for music which is more ballads and very folksy.

World Stories - good for a group whose music is based on storytelling!

The Dream Diaries - perfect for your dreamy and ethereal sounds.

Melancholic Clowns - oxymorons and very catchy. A truly memorable group name.

The Orbits - a great metaphor for the different interactions that make up your music.

Cool Metal Band Names

A little like rock bands but edgier! Who does not like poetic violence? The answer is no one.

Post-Apocalypse - for all your dystopian needs.

Hot Base Drums - this announces your intent to be very very loud.

Voyage to The Edge - vaguely ominous and very intriguing.

Beards on Fire - a very cool graphic! Fire makes things fun.

Bloom Bath - yeah, there is not much to this one but it does sound nice.

Iron Lightning - strong and electrifying, what else do you need from a metal band?

Soldiers of Soul - very metal and very in-touch with the real you.

War Art - whoever told you the music industry is not competitive is wrong. Announce your intention to take names and kick butts.

Blood and Sweat- your music is created from your blood and sweat. Let the world know that.

Volcano Lightning - have you ever seen a volcano erupt in a way that creates lightning? It is epic.

Cool Christian Band Names

Religion and prayer and a little whimsy. A mixture of metaphor and theology. The name you choose helps you to set the tone of your music. Is it hopeful? A little nostalgic perhaps? Or is it a little despairing?

Another tactic is to use Biblical terms to name yourself! There are a ton of names you can use there!

Blue Angels - pretty imagery, of a cold faith or a faith hard to reconcile.

Of the Divine - your words are divine and you can call them so.

Drenched Prayer - unanswered prayers but significantly cooler.

Biblical Proportions - because your music is so big! Get it?

Exodus - well religion is not exactly always happy and exodus is a great reminder of that.

The Abomination of Desolation - oh I am sensing a trend here. But hey you can also totally be sarcastic about it!

Pathfinders - religion and music are great ways to keep you grounded and hopeful.

Cool Funny Band Names

Now keep in mind that not everyone’s sense of humor is the same. But, a good pun goes a long way! Absurdist names are also a great addition to this category, along with dumb jokes that refer to a particular community. The latter can help you gain an audience to start with, but if it is vague enough it won’t stop you from gaining an audience outside that community.

Black Widows - announcing your intent just makes it funny.

Guitar Losers - guitar Hero but funnier.

Pizza Break - just chill and put on this vibing music.

Merlin’s Pants - even if you are not a Harry Potter fan, underwear allusions are always hilarious.

Juno to Jupiter - intellectual humor! NASA space missions and Roman mythology. If you know, you know.

I Can’t Swim - it is so random you cannot help but laugh!


Article image credit: Marc Pagani Photography / Shutterstock.com

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