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NGOs take up and execute undertakings to advance government assistance of the local area they work with.

They work to address different worries and issues roaming around inside the general public. NGOs are not-revenue driven bodies which implies that they do not have any business interest. Most NGOs still run on donations made by people, corporations, and establishments.

They participate in gathering pledges exercises to fund-raise for doing the work they do. A nonprofit foundation is integral in giving a guide to the upset, and hoisting the financial status of millions of poor in the country.

There is no need to use a name generator to create some creative name ideas for your NGO. Some of the interesting ideas that you can refer to are Feed the Hunger, Active Love, Charity Water, Gracious Givers, Smile Charities, Save the Children, and several others.

Read on for some interesting charity name ideas for your charitable foundation. Afterward, also check production company names and chocolate names.

Education NGO Names

Looking for some charity name ideas for a nonprofit foundation? Here are some of the interesting charity name ideas.

A To Life Time Achievement means from learning the alphabet to achieving lifetime goals. This must be one of the educational names for an NGO.

Community Welfare can be referred to as the gathering of help programs intended to guarantee the prosperity of a country's residents—one of the unique name ideas.

Fortunate Future can be considered as an educational name for an NGO, which is working to save children from illiteracy. one of the unique charity name ideas.

Good CauseSmile Charities can be an educational name for an NGO since it carries the meaning that whatever charity is being done is for a noble cause, the betterment of society.

Gracious Givers, meaning, ‘people who donate’; Gracious Givers is one of the unique name ideas to promote active love for children.

Match The Math is again an educational name for an NGO, that is concerned about one’s education. One of the exciting names for an NGO.

Room To Read refers to a room where one can conduct a session of reading. This name can be considered an educational name for the NGO.

Save Water: Save Life is considered an educational name for an NGO since it describes and explains the value of saving water in life.

Shiksha, meaning, ‘learning’, in the Sanskrit language can be used as an educational name for an NGO.

Time to Educate can be served as one of the educational names for NGOs since the very name of it means to be educated.

Vidya and Child, meaning, ‘education and student’, can be considered a meaningful name for an NGO.

Worthy Work refers to the work done for the betterment and development that is well worthy of being praised. Thus, this can be considered an educational name for an NGO.

Meaningful Names For NGO

Are you looking to generate a word that reflects the motto of your NGO? Listed below are some of the meaningful names for NGOs.

Active Love is a really interesting NGO name.

Charity For Literacy, simply as the name sounds, is for the welfare of education. It is a charity for education.

Charity Water is amongst the best NGO names for an NGO focused on saving water.

Child Aware is a meaningful name that makes society aware of child protection and car awareness.

Development for All, just by the name, means the development of a child or anyone in need.

Donation Centre, just by the name means a center for donation and can be considered a meaningful name for charities.

DoNation, in a substitute form for the word ‘donation’, but in the other way around, it also implies a nation to work for charitable duties, to help the ones in need.

Feed the Homeless is one of the interesting NGO names that encourages feeding the homeless.

For Betterment, just by the name, clearly means the betterment of society. It is indeed a meaningful name for charitable and nonprofit organizations.

Gracious Givers is a meaningful NGO name.

Know Your Rights indicates to all those underprivileged and privileged who are in need. It is an exciting name for health charities.

Only For The Best can be considered a meaningful name for an NGO since it signifies those charities whose efforts did not go in vain.

Our Responsibility can be considered a meaningful name for a charitable NGO.

Smile Charities is a fantastic NGO name.

Smiles To Build refers to all the smiles that are yet to be built by an NGO.

Space To Share can be considered as a meaningful name for an NGO; it signifies the meaning to share with others.

The Right Cause is a distinct name for a nonprofitable charitable relief fund working towards better health.

Women Welfare Centre, refers to the welfare of the women, to create a secure society for them.

Worthy Cause is considered a meaningful name for an NGO as it represents that the charities are made for a ‘worthy cause’. One of the unique name ideas for a nonprofitable charitable relief fund.

Christian NGO Names

Are you looking to generate Biblical names for NGOs? Here are some of the memorable Christian names for NGOs. 

Angelica can be considered as a Christian NGO name that could be a children’s orphanage with better facilities and education.

Blessed Be The Lord, Thy God, is a Christian phrase from the bible which signifies, 'Blessed are you, our God.' This can serve as one of the Christian name ideas for NGOs.

Bright Kids are referring to the children, the underprivileged, who are filled with talent but ill fated against reality. One of the exciting ideas for naming a nonprofit organization.

Catholic Union can be used as a proper Christian name for an NGO.

Helpers for Children signifies a particular community that is always present for the underprivileged ones or the ones in need.

Path of Sunshine, meaning, ‘a pathway leading to good fortune and times’, can also be considered a Christian name for NGOs.

Ray Of Hope, meaning, ‘something that holds the promise of hope’, can serve as a Christian name for NGOs that believe in hope.

Save More refers to the people working in an organization to create a sustainable environment for the upcoming generations.

Spread The Joy, refers to a belief in the Christian sector that by spreading joy, one gains more joy. Thus, this name can be good for a Christian NGO name.

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Famous NGO Names

Habitat For Humanity, Human Rights Watch, and Feed The Children are some of the nonprofit organizations working across the world. Here are the names of some of the famous NGOs: -

ABILITY Awareness is as well a famous and non-profit organization, working for the betterment and development of society.

CARE International is a famous worldwide confederation, involving a group of associations cooperating to end destitution.

Centre for Disability in Development establishes an organization to foster a more comprehensive society for people with incapacity for their betterment.

CRY (Child Rights and You) is one of the famous and India’s most trusted NGOs, it works on the development of one’s better education.

Doctors Without Borders is one of the most respected NGO names.

Empowerment Through Integration is as well a famous and non-profitable organization committed to the betterment and development of society.

Habitat For Humanity is a renowned global non-profit organization.

International Right to Life Federation is a famous organization that is dedicated to the assurance of honest human rights existence across the globe.

Partners In Health is a worldwide wellbeing and civil rights association that reacts to the ethical basis to give great medical care internationally.

Passionists International is a famous NGO, dedicated to social betterment and awareness.

Polio Plus – Movement Against Disability, is again a famous NGO that works for the development of society.

Sammaan Foundation is one of the famous not-for-profit organizations. It works in the field of monetary incorporation, occupation, and small business venture.

Save the Children is a multi-national NGO dedicated to children.

Self-Employed Women's Association (SEWA) is a famous and global organization for the empowerment of women in a global society.

Smile Foundation is a famous Indian social improvement association, which is now straightforwardly benefiting youngsters and their families consistently.

The Association of People with Disability (APD) is a nonprofit organization, that conducts extensive programs in urban and rural Karnataka, Inida, to equip, enable, and empower individuals with a range of disabilities.

World Blind Union is a worldwide association addressing the assessed 253 million visually impaired people located around the world. It is a famous name for an NGO.

Cool Names For NGO

Here are some of the cool names for NGOs to help you generate a memorable name that showcases your vision, be it feeding the homeless or eradicating hunger and poverty from the world. Read on for cool names for NGOs offering a variety of services: -


Grateful Giving refers to the amount of donation one is making for the betterment of society.

Humanitarian, meaning, ‘the concern to promote the welfare of humans’, can be considered a cool name for an NGOpromotings human rights.

Joy to Give refers to the organization’s joys that are to be shared with others.

Life To See can be considered a cool name for an NGO that means moving forward in life, removing all the obstacles.

Master Mission sounds like a cool name for an NGO, it is for the NGOs which are about to achieve their mission, their goal for the betterment of society.

Nature Warriors can be considered one of the cool names for NGOs, which signifies fighters for nature.

Only For Clever Cause refers to the one making the donation, which is always generous and always makes donations for a clever and worthy cause.

Our Friends refers to the members and the people of the organization who are in need of close acquaintances or friends. This can be a cool name for an NGO.

Raise Fun is a cool name for its substitute, ‘raise fund’. It can be used as a cool name for an NGO.

Reachers signifies that 'we' are the ones who should be helping the underprivileged, we must reach out to them before they reach out to us for help.

Serenity, meaning, ‘state of being calm, peaceful and untroubled’, can be a pretty cool name for an NGO.

TeaTree can be considered a cool name for an NGO, this name is for the organizations that are against deforestation and support afforestation.

Tree Hugs is a name for an environment campaigner, while being one of the cool names, it also supports afforestation and advises the world to save trees.

Well Worthy, meaning, ‘certainly worth’, sounds like a cool name for an NGO.

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