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92 Creative Nicknames For Barbara

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Why Nicknames For Barbara?

Barbara is commonly used as a feminine given name. The name is derived from the Greek term ‘bárbaros’, meaning ‘strange’ or ‘foreign’. The name, along with its variants, appears in several languages. Barbara is quite a popular first name for girls, especially in English-speaking countries. Some countries where the name appears frequently are Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Chile, Georgia, Czech Republic, and Russia. Barbara is also an American name for girls, but its popularity seems to be declining since the mid-20th century. One of the earliest mentions of the name is in beliefs of Greek Orthodox and Roman Catholic traditions, where Barbara is a saint and martyr. Thus, Barbara might be a common given name in Christian families. There are also different nicknames for Barbara.

Unique Nicknames For Barbara

1. Abra

2. Arby

3. Bambi 

4. B-girl

5. Bora 

6. Boro

7. Bracie

8. Brae 

9. Bruna

10. Busy B

11. Butter

12. Buzzkill - If Barbara is never excited about anything. 

13. Carla (English origin) - Meaning ‘free’. 

14. Lara (Latin origin) - Meaning ‘to shine’.  

15. Lyra (Greek origin) - Meaning ‘a lyre’ or ‘a lyric’.  

16. Mara (Hebrew origin)

17. Queen B - For someone of high esteem. 

18. Rara 

Funny Nicknames For Barbara

19. Barbariffic

20. Barbasaur

21. Barba-tron  

22. Barbazilla  

23. Bib

24. Bitsy 

25. Bobby

26. Bobo

27. Boss

28. Bubbly

29. Burrito

30. Carbie

31. Carbs

32. Rara 

33. Sahara (Arabic origin) - Meaning ‘desert’. 

Cool Nicknames For Barbara

34. Abby (Hebrew origin) - Derived from the name Abigail, meaning ‘my Father’s joy’ or ‘fountain of joy’.  

35. Abbie - A variation of Abby. 

36. Baela (Icelandic origin) - Meaning ‘to suppress’.

37. Barb  

38. Barbara Adams - She was a historian and Egyptologist based in Britain. Her name can be a perfect nickname for someone interested in studying history. 

39. Barbara Bach - She is a notable American actress and model. Her name can also serve as a nickname for someone who looks alike. 

40. Barbara Bestor - She is a notable American architect. The name can work as a nickname for someone named Barbara, who is passionate about architecture, 

41. Barbara Cartland - She was a famous contemporary and historical romance novel author. The name can also be a fitting pet name for a romantic or a fantastic storyteller. 

42. Barbara Corcoran - She is a successful businesswoman, columnist, and investor. Use her name as a nickname for someone with an aptitude for business.  

43. Barbara Crampton - She is a notable actress and producer. You can consider it a nickname for someone aspiring to a similar career. 

44. Barbara Elisabeth Van Houten - She was a talented Dutch painter. Her name can be adopted as a pet name for an aspiring painter.  

45. Barbara Ercolano - An Italian astrophysicist whose name can be adopted as a nickname for a physics and astronomy student. 

46. Barbara Figueroa - She is a notable professional chef whose name can be a nickname if someone named Barbara loves to cook.  

47. Barbara Gordon - She is a fictional DC Comics superheroine named Batgirl. The name can also be a nickname for an elusive and acrobatic person. 

48. Barbara Holland - She was an American author whose name can be used as a nickname for a talented fiction writer. 

49. Barbara Jordan - She is a former professional tennis player. Her name can be given as a nickname to someone wanting to be a professional in the same sport. 

50. Barbara Palvin - She is a popular model of Hungarian descent. The name can also be used as a nickname if someone named Barbara aspires to become a professional model.  

51. Barbara Streisand - She is an award-winning actress, director, and singer. You can adopt her name as a nickname for a multi-talented and creative woman. 

52. Barbi - A variation of Barbie, as in Barbie doll. 

53. Barbs -

54. Bae - A modern nickname meaning ‘sweetheart’. 

55. Bree

56. Bri  

57. Briana - Meaning ‘noble’ or ‘high’.

58. Bruni (English origin)

59. Bo

60. Bobbie

61. Bucky

62. Miss B

Cute Nicknames For Barbara

63. Aria - Meaning ‘noble one’.

64. Bar - A nickname based on the first syllables of Barbara. 

65. Barbela - A feminine alternative of Barbelo, which refers to an emanation of God in Gnostic beliefs. 

66. Barbie Doll - Implying Barbara is beautiful like a barbie doll. Interestingly, Barbie is a popular fashion doll named Barbara Milicent Roberts.

67. Barbu

68. Barbz

69. Bee

70. Bell

71. Bella (Latin origin) - Meaning ‘beautiful’. 

72. Belle (Latin origin) - It is a French variant of Bella, meaning ‘beautiful’.  

73. Berry

74. Bibi

75. Birdie

76. Bobbity

77. Bobito 

78. Boblie

79. Bonita - This is a Spanish term meaning ‘pretty’. 

80. Bonnie - It is an American nickname meaning ‘beautiful’. 

81. Boo

82. Boop

83. Brook - Meaning ‘a small stream’. 

84. Bub

85. Bubba

86. Bubblegum

87. Bubbles

88. Bumble Bee

89. Bunny

90. Buzbee

91. Bug

92. Bugsy 


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